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Season 11

Episode 66

(Xiaowei’s Wedding (7)

“What?” Zhu Lingling thought she was hallucinating, so she asked him again.

This made Gao Ran feel defeated…

“What did you just say?” Zhu Lingling asked again.

“Nothing.” Gao Ran was slightly disappointed.

“Seriously, I’m not kidding… what did you just say?” Zhu Lingling was curious.

“Good things cannot be repeated,” Gao Ran said stubbornly, and Zhu Lingling angrily turned her head away from Gao Ran, “Fine… I don’t want to hear it either.”

Gao Ran suddenly remembered a joke and said, “I read a joke on a book that goes like this: a prince was cursed by a witch, and he could only say one word every year. One day, he fell in love with a princess, and in order to confess his feelings for her, he didn’t utter a word for 4 whole years, and on the fifth year, he said, “princess, I love you.” However, the princess’s reply almost killed the prince. Do you know what she said?”

“She said, ‘I don’t love you’, right?” Zhu Lingling turned back and looked at Gao Ran, but he shook his head.

“What did the princess say then?” curious, Zhu Lingling asked.

Gao Ran helplessly glanced at her and said, “the princess only said four words.”

“Which four words?”

“She asked the prince, ‘what did you say?'”

Zhu Lingling immediately understood the joke upon hearing it and broke into crazy laughter…

“Hahaha… the princess is so stupid, why would she ask the prince what he said? He didn’t speak for 4 whole years and she ruined everything! I would die of anger too if I were the prince.” Zhu Lingling laughed without a care in the world, while Gao Ran snuck secret glances at the side of her face…

He felt the urge to lay another wet kiss on her… but he didn’t have the guts to, because he wasn’t sure if Zhu Lingling felt the same way.

If he acted without thinking and Zhu Lingling rejected him, they might not even be able to be friends anymore, and it might become awkward when they saw each other in the future.

Therefore, Gao Ran swallowed his thoughts and buried them deep within his heart…

He drove Zhu Lingling to the entrance of her residential district. “Let me walk you in,” he said.

“No, it’s okay… this area is really safe, you can head home,” Zhu Lingling replied.

“Ahem… aren’t you going to invite me upstairs for some coffee?” Gao Ran laughed.

Zhu Lingling thought he was having fun with her, so she immediately refuted, “If I invited you upstairs to take a bath, would you come up?”

“Um…” Gao Ran was immediately speechless.

“I’m heading up now, bye!” Zhu Lingling turned around to go into her residential district, while Gao Ran turned around, a little disappointed…

As soon as he turned around, Zhu Lingling suddenly called out, “Stupid cop!”

He instinctively turned around to see her standing less than 5 meters away from him…

“Did you mean what you said when we were playing truth or dare tonight?” Zhu Lingling shouted.

“I did!” Gao Ran’s heartbeat sped up as he said that as if he had just confessed his feelings towards her.

“Okay then, I got it. Bye!”

“What the hell, Zhu Lingling, stop right there, I promise I won’t beat you to death!” Gao Ran was furious; he walked up to Zhu Lingling quickly and grabbed her from behind, by the waist.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me!” Zhu Lingling kept struggling.

“Are you playing with me?”

“I’m not,” Zhu Lingling pretended to be innocent.

“Then why did you call out to me just now?” Gao Ran wasn’t an idiot so naturally, he didn’t believe what she said.

Zhu Lingling suddenly turned around. She reached out to put her arms around Gao Ran’s neck and looked at him lovingly, “Stupid cop, if you’re okay with my vicious tongue… should we make do with each other?”

“What did you say?” Gao Ran pretended to not understand what she was talking about and asked her.


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