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Season 11

Episode 37

(Flaunting Their Love (8)

“Uh… Honey, did I hear wrong?” Huo Mian immediately lost her sleepiness, turned around, and hugged Qin Chu.

She leaned her face against his firm chest…


“Are you sure you won’t be jealous?”

“Of course.” The corners of Qin Chu’s mouth lifted into a smile.

“But why would you suddenly have such a thought?” Huo Mian thought that Qin Chu and Su Yu were obvious rivals.

Be it their work or private feelings, they would never be friends. So he really wouldn’t be bothered having Su Yu over?

“You invited so many people, like Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling, our best friends. But, Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei are friends with Su Yu. So why don’t we invite him as well?”

“But… won’t you be unhappy?” Huo Mian was still a little worried.

After all, Su Yu never hid his feelings, and Qin Chu knew them from the beginning.

Was it really a good idea to invite his romantic rival?

The grasp Qin Chu had on Huo Mian’s waist tightened…

He intimately rubbed his lips against her forehead, kissing her. “Your husband isn’t that jealous, he still knows right from wrong… During my coma, Su Yu helped us a lot. No matter what his intentions were, be it you or something else, he still did a lot for us. I am not a heartless person, I won’t pretend to not acknowledge his help. I think Su Yu is a true gentleman, seeing that he didn’t take the opportunity to get close with you, advance his own company, or use any other method to push me down and take his revenge.”

Qin Chu voiced his opinions towards Su Yu…

“Su Yu is indeed a righteous gentleman.” Huo Mian admitted that as well.

Su Yu was a little like Liu Siying from years ago; yes, he was Qin Chu’s enemy, but at least he was honest about it.

He didn’t try to hide his feelings, as the scariest enemies were the backstabbers. So, Su Yu’s personality was commendable.

“Seeing that Song Yishi is allowed to come, why can’t Su Yu… It’s an open event, so it’s fine. We should invite him,” Qin Chu suggested.

“But I don’t think he’ll come,” Huo Mian slowly said. She thought back to the day where Su Yu came to the hospital but didn’t come say hi like he was trying to avoid her.

After Qin Chu recovered, she never saw Su Yu, nor did they interact on Weibo.

Maybe Su Yu finally saw it through and decided to stop intervening in their relationship.

So, Huo Mian didn’t think Su Yu would come, even if they invited him.

“It’s his own choice to come, but our choice to invite him. I’m not a narrow-minded person. Though Su Yu is my rival, he’s a respectable opponent.”

“Tolerance to diversity is a virtue… Honey, I admire your open heart.” Huo Mian admiringly looked at Qin Chu, suddenly realizing how magnanimous her husband was.

He was almost a perfect man…

There were many types of men, but those who carried themselves with confidence and generosity as Qin Chu did were rare.

“You admire me? Really? You’re not just trying to make me feel good?” Qin Chu looked at her and smiled with doubt.

“Of course not, I swear.”

“Okay, I believe you. Since you worship me so much, I’ll give you a chance.”

“What chance?” Huo Mian was taken back.

“I’ll give you a chance to be on top, let’s go again.”

After speaking, Qin Chu suddenly picked Huo Mian up and placed her on him…

She sat on his body, in a very dirty position…

“Ah, again? No, I’m out of energy.”

“It’s fine, you just sit. I’ll do the moving.”

Huo Mian immediately covered her face with her hands, feeling as if she was on fire… Mr. Qin was being indecent again.


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