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Season 11

Episode 48

(Truth or Dare (9)

“What’s wrong?” Worried, Qin Chu looked at her.

“Uncle Li, can you please get Xiaowei some water? She can’t drink.”

If Huo Mian didn’t react as fast as she did, Jiang Xiaowei would’ve drunk the entire glass of wine in her hands…

“Um… I’ll just have a tiny sip,” Jiang Xiaowei said coyishly.

“No, you’re pregnant. You have to think about your unborn child,” Huo Mian said with determination.

“Fine, can I at least have some juice?” Jiang Xiaowei pouted.

“No, there are preservatives in juice, you can only drink water.” Huo Mian wasn’t nice at all.

As expected, Jiang Xiaowei was immediately silenced… Uncle Li quickly took away her wine glass and gave her a glass of water.

Wei Liao looked at Huo Mian gratefully. “Thank god she still listens to you. If I said something like that, she would’ve smacked me with a frying pan and made my head bloom like a flower.”

As soon as he finished this sentence, everyone burst into laughter…

Song Yishi wasn’t so close with the others, so she seemed a little out of place.

As they ate, everyone took out their phones to take photos and upload them onto Weibo or their WeChat friend circle.

Huo Mian uploaded a group photo as well as one of her and Qin Chu that looked really cute.

As soon as the photo was uploaded, Huo Mian’s fans went crazy – most of them posted compliments on how good looking the vampire couple was, while a bunch of others asked why a mermaid showed up at a villain-themed costume party. They wondered why she was the only protagonist in the room and cursed at Song Yishi for being a b*tch.

“Dr. Huo, why is your romantic rival at your house? You have to be careful, homewreckers these days are willing to do anything.”

Some even exclaimed, “Wow, Dr. Huo and Young Master Su are in the same photo, how rare!”

Huo Mian was too lazy to reply to these gossipy fans…

Even Song Yishi took a selfie – yes, a selfie, and uploaded it onto Weibo.

Above the photo, she wrote, “I went to a costume party, do you guys like my outfit?”

Then, her brainless fans began commenting like crazy.

“I’ll give you 10 out of 10, you’re so pretty!”

“Goddess, you’re so pretty! You look like an angel!”

“Goddess Song, you’re so pretty as a mermaid, I’m going to make this photo my screensaver.”

“Goddess, you’re always so beautiful and charismatic, I love you.”

“You’re so pretty, I’m crying.”

“I love Goddess Song, please like my comment!”

“Princess, please allow me to kneel down in front of your beauty.”

“Goddess, please make a debut… If you do, the female celebrities in the entertainment circle will look like weed next to you!”

“Yeah, yeah, who cares about Mo Xue’er, Jian Tong and Annie Liang? You’re a thousand times prettier than they are!”

Most of the comments complimented her beauty… while a couple of bystanders began asking questions such as, “Hey, wait, Dr. Huo and Jiang already uploaded photos with you in them, but… they’re all dressed up as villains. Why are you the only protagonist, isn’t it weird?”

Then, Song Yishi’s fans began cursing at them…

“Mind your own business, Goddess Song doesn’t look like a villain. Only evil people can dress up as villains.”

This comment completely pissed off Huo Mian, Jiang Xiaowei, and Su Yu’s fanbase, and they began shooting malicious comments at each other…

Her Weibo comments multiplied quickly, but Song Yishi didn’t care for them. In her eyes, her fans were no more than brainless farts. Moreover, Song Yishi was so delusional that she really thought of herself as a goddess.

Then, Song Yishi put away her phone and looked at Qin Chu with love and tenderness. “Qin Chu, have you been recovering well?”

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