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Season 11

Episode 67

(Xiaowei’s Wedding (8)

“F*ck… screw you, Gao Ran, are you toying around with me?” This time, it was Zhu Lingling’s turn to be furious.

“Hahahahahaha…” Gao Ran laughed arrogantly, proud of himself, as she punched his muscular chest with her fists…

Gao Ran wasn’t angry; he hugged her and spun her around in circles, as excited as could be.

Zhu Lingling’s words weren’t thinly veiled, but it was obvious that by ‘make do’, she meant that she wanted to date him.

They met in high school and had known each other for 7 years… Finally, after a long journey, they made it back to each other. Qin Chu and Huo Mian weren’t the only ones who wasted 7 years of their lives. The same went for Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling –’time was the best trial for the human heart’ was true for anyone.

After everything they had experienced together, they finally saw through their own hearts…

At 3:30 AM, while the icy wind howled and snowflakes fell, Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling embraced and kissed each other… so passionately that it was enough to melt all the snow around them…

Huo Mian lied in their bed as she mumbled to herself, “Why do I have a feeling that Snow White’s evil stepmother will end up with her magic mirror tonight?”

“They’re bound to get together, sooner or later.” Qin Chu supported his wife’s standpoint.

Just then, Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s phones received notifications at the same time. They opened their WeChat group to see that Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling had sent them a midnight selfie.

“They finally got together!” Huo Mian laughed on her bed.

“It seems like… alcohol makes them do stuff. It’s all thanks to my two cases of red wine,” Qin Chu laughed as well.

The Qin couple knew from a long time ago that Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran had feelings for each other, but the people-in-question were always in denial. Now that they were finally together, Qin Chu and Huo Mian were wholeheartedly happy for them.

“Congratulations!” Huo Mian sent, while Mr. Qin wrote, “I hope you guys have children soon, so your children can give you a bunch of grandchildren.”

Gao Ran laughed as he replied to them, “Don’t worry, if we have a son and you guys have a daughter, we’ll make them sworn siblings.”

“Right, and if we have a son and you guys have a son too, they can get married,” Zhu Lingling added.

“Perfect,” Gao Ran complimented Zhu Lingling.

Qin Chu replied, “Lol”, while Huo Mian said goodnight; she knew to give them personal space since they finally ended their lives as two single people and were now torturing her and Qin Chu by being all perverted.

– The next morning –

Although it was Christmas Day, Huo Mian still went to work, since she had been busy ever since she was promoted. After Chief Li was transferred over to the First Hospital, Huo Mian had been in charge of South Side’s Neurology Department.

Including Huo Mian, there were 4 doctors in her department. One of them was Han Chao, a graduate student who had been working at South Side for 2 years. Another was Wang Caixia, a female doctor in her thirties. The last was a female intern doctor. The truth was, Huo Mian wasn’t satisfied with any of their skills and didn’t think they worked hard enough.

In comparison, the most outstanding person in her department was Chen Jie, her assistant nurse. She was very hardworking and rarely complained. She also finished all the tasks that Huo Mian gave her and even took the initiative to work overtime. Huo Mian liked her state of mind.

Chen Jie graduated with an advanced nursing degree from a community college. She was originally from the mountains, and her family was quite poor. Therefore, she worked extremely hard but still, working at South Side wasn’t easy, since a lot of intern nurses came to South Side every year, and less than 10 of them would be given permanent positions. Overall, being a nurse at South Side was extremely competitive.

That morning, when Huo Mian arrived outside her department, she overheard the intern doctor talking to Chen Jie, “Jie, are you stupid? It’s easy to receive a permanent position here. You’re Chief Huo’s right hand, so if you beg her and tell you about your family situation, I’m sure she’ll feel bad for you and ask the hospital to promote you. Not only is Dr. Huo our department chief, but she’s also a board member of the Huo Corporation. She wields so much power that even Director Wu respects her.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian sucked in her breath and listened intently – she was curious to hear Chen Jie’s answer. Was Huo Mian right about this young assistant of hers?


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