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Season 11

Episode 58

(The Goddess’s Tactics have Failed Her (9)

Su Yu said, word for word, “I can’t answer your question, so I choose dare.”

As soon as he said that, everyone went into an uproar – but rules had it that when someone didn’t want to answer a truth question, they were allowed to choose dare.

Huo Siqian smiled, pleased with himself. “Drink this entire bottle of red wine in thirty seconds.”

“Aren’t you going a little overboard?” Wei Liao was a little angry; this red wine was really strong, wasn’t it bad enough that he had to drink the entire bottle? Was Huo Siqian kidding, making Su Yu drink the entire thing within 30 seconds?

“What, Young Master Su, are you chickening out?” Huo Siqian smiled as he looked at Su Yu.

“I’ll do it.” Su Yu nodded, accepting Huo Siqian’s dare.

“Yu…” Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei were both worried. Ever since Jiang Xiaowei started dating Wei Liao, she treated him like her friend as well.

Therefore, it was normal for the couple to show concern for him.

“This red wine isn’t like the thousand-yuan ones, it’s really strong. Don’t make him drink the entire bottle,” Huo Mian rarely pleaded on Su Yu’s behalf, but even she thought that this dare was a little too much. Qin Chu didn’t say anything, because he didn’t care about what was happening between Su Yu and Huo Siqian.

Even though they were all worried about him, Su Yu was a man who liked to save face, so he couldn’t tell anyone whose photo he had on his screensaver and had no choice but to accept this dare.

Su Yu picked up the bottle of wine in front of him, tilted it up, and gulped it down as fast as he could. Huo Siqian, on the other hand, looked down on his watch, timing him.

“Time’s up,” as Huo Siqian said this, Su Yu also finished his bottle of wine.

Song Yishi seemed to take pleasure in Su Yu’s agony and smiled as she clapped. “Your tolerance is impressive, Young Master Su.”

Jiang Xiaowei glared at Song Yishi, as if to say, f*ck your mother.

Worried, Huo Mian looked over at Su Yu; if she had known that Huo Siqian would pick on him, she wouldn’t have invited him.

True, Huo Mian didn’t like Su Yu, but she didn’t want to see him in a pickle either since after all, he helped her when she and Qin Chu were on the brink of death. Not many men were as chivalrous as he was these days.

Su Yu was a real man, who lived like an open book…

“I finished,” Su Yu sighed and said quietly. Then, he couldn’t contain himself; he ran into the bathroom and began throwing up.

This red wine was truly a little too strong; even someone with his tolerance felt his head spinning around in circles.

“Is he okay?” a concerned Jiang Xiaowei asked.

Huo Mian stood up and poured him a glass of warm water…

When she handed him the glass, Su Yu thanked her, and then drank the entire thing, seemingly feeling much better afterward.

“You shouldn’t have picked dare, no one would laugh you, even if you picked truth,” Huo Mian looked at Su Yu and said in all seriousness…

Su Yu looked at Huo Mian, his vision a little blurry, with a complicated expression.

Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, but he leaned against the door for a while before slowly replying to her, “I didn’t want them to laugh at you.”

Huo Mian was in total shock by what Su Yu said; she was surprised that an arrogant man like Su Yu would one day put others before himself…

This also proved her assumption – Su Yu’s screensaver was a photo of her.

After a while, Huo Mian finally came back to her senses and began to say, “Su Yu… we are…”

“Hey, please don’t say anything. I know that… nothing will ever happen between us. You have Qin Chu, you love him very much, and you’re willing to die for him. I know, you don’t have to repeat it to me, I know,” Su Yu cut Huo Mian off and basically told Huo Mian what she wanted to tell him. For the first time, Huo Mian was at a loss for words.

“Don’t worry… I won’t interfere with your life… I just want to… secretly like you… no one has to know,” Su Yu said as he smiled bitterly. Then, he stumbled out of the bathroom.

“Next person, I choose… Old Wei.”

Su Yu called out the next person and went back to playing truth or dare with the others. Huo Mian stood outside the bathroom, feeling bad about what Su Yu just said.

Soon, all but Song Yishi was called on. She sat there awkwardly and finally lost her patience. She stood up and said, “Qin Chu, can I play a round of rock, paper, scissors with you?”


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