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Season 11

Episode 63

( Xiaowei’s Wedding (4)

Although Mrs. Qin was a little angry at Song Yishi and her mother because of what the latter said during Qin Chu’s surgery, she had known Song Yishi for a long time and even took care of her for a year when she was young. Therefore, Mrs. Qin still liked her.

As soon as she saw that Song Yishi was crying, Mrs. Qin walked up to her and patted her shoulders in consolation. “What happened, Yishi? Who bullied you, tell me.”

“Mrs. Qin… I’m useless… I ruined Qin Chu’s perfectly good party… I know I’m stupid, so I couldn’t beat them when we played games. I kept embarrassing myself, and I know that Huo Mian wasn’t targeting me, and it was all for fun, but I… I’m so thin-skinned and have never been so humiliated in my life, Mrs. Qin, I’m sorry…”

Song Yishi rambled on and on, and even apologized to Mrs. Qin in the end, causing the latter to be more confused than ever.

“Yishi, don’t cry, can you tell me what happened?”

Tears streamed down Song Yishi’s face like a waterfall as she looked at Mrs. Qin and told the latter her own version of what happened tonight, “Mrs. Qin, tonight’s Christmas Eve, so Huo Mian and Qin Chu held a private party at South Hill Manor. They invited me… but, I was too innocent, so I went as a mermaid and angered them all. Huo Mian and her friends bullied me together, but I didn’t care… After all, I went because of Qin Chu. But, I don’t know what they said to Qin Chu and he ignored me the entire night. In the end… they played a perverted game to humiliate me… I just came back to the country, I’m not used to prank games like that.”

“What game?” curious, Mrs. Qin asked.

“Huo Mian kept asking me over-the-top questions, and made me swear that if I lied, my entire family would die.”

“What? That’s preposterous!” Mrs. Qin’s expression darkened.

“Perhaps… Huo Mian didn’t do it on purpose, it was just for fun, right?” Song Yishi continued crying.

“But she can’t use someone else’s parents’ life and death to have fun… I have to ask her,” Mrs. Qin said as she took out her phone… but was stopped by Song Yishi. “Mrs. Qin, don’t do that, I don’t mind what happened. But your relationship with Huo Mian just got a little better, I can’t stand in the way of that, I’d feel so guilty. Don’t call her because of me.”

“Stupid girl… you’re too considerate.” Mrs. Qin was a little heartbroken to see Song Yishi like that.

“You’re my second mother, of course, I have to be considerate. It’s okay, Mrs. Qin… you should go to bed. I only came because I felt really bad and needed someone to talk to, don’t think about it too much, I don’t want you to misunderstand Huo Mian in any way.” Song Yishi brought their conversation around and went back to pretending to be the good girl.

After speaking with Mrs. Qin for a little while longer, Song Yishi left Qin Manor…

Mrs. Qin watched as Song Yishi left; she didn’t immediately call Huo Mian. Rather, she went upstairs and told her husband what happened.

After Qin Chu’s incident this time, Mrs. Qin seemed to have come around. Just a few weeks ago, her only son hovered on the brink of death, and after something as dangerous as that happened to him, Mrs. Qin learned to discuss things with her husband before putting her plans into action.

After retelling what happened to her husband, Mrs. Qin asked, “Yumin, what do you think?”

“Do you believe what she said?” Qin Yumin didn’t answer directly; instead, he replied with a question of his own.



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