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Season 11

Episode 71

(Weiwei’s Wedding (12)

“I…” Before Qin Chu could finish his sentence, Huo Mian interrupted again.

“Tell me the truth, don’t worry about how I feel. I just want to know how you really feel,” Huo Mian emphasized.

“To be honest, I do,” Qin Chu said slowly and clearly.

Huo Mian downcast her eyes as her heart grew heavier.

“But,” Qin Chu added, “compared to a child, I care about you much more. I don’t need to have a child, but I can’t live without you. The only reason why I’d like to have a child is that you would be our child’s mother. Mian, to be honest, sometimes I would imagine us having a baby girl who looks just like you. I would be right by her side as she grows up. I’ll be by her side when she goes to school, and I’ll be there to give her away on her wedding. Thoughts like this make me very emotional, but you should understand that I don’t love you because of her. I only want her because I love you very much. So, matters as such cannot be forced. I believe in fate – To gain is my luck. To lose, well then, it is my destiny. You know, you were right about something, a man whose heart is not content is like a snake that tries to swallow an elephant. I’m content to have you this lifetime, and as for everything else – it will happen when it happens. I’m leaving it up to Lady Fate.”

Huo Mian’s lips gave a slight tremble, she was deeply moved by Qin Chu’s speech.

Qin Chu rarely spoke this much and treasured his words like gold. There was only one reason as to why he suddenly became so talkative, and that was to make Huo Mian feel better.

“Honey, I…” Huo Mian choked slightly with sobs.

“Honey, promise me something. Don’t give yourself so much pressure, just go with the flow, yeah?” Qin Chu’s voice was filled with tenderness. It was the kind of softness and warmness that was only revealed to Huo Mian, much like the first ray of spring sunshine that broke apart the winter blues.

“Thank you, Honey,” Huo Mian finally calmed down and muttered to the phone.

She felt much better after hanging up. What Qin Chu said had touched her deeply.

A wise man once said – You’ll get what you will have, but don’t push yourself for what you’ll have.

A child is not something that you can push for, the only way was just to go with the flow. Just like Qin Chu said.

Huo Mian handed in the application form for Chen Jie and took care of a couple of patients in the afternoon. Soon enough, the day passed by busily.

Later at night, Jiang Xiaowei walked in right when Huo Mian was about to call Qin Chu for dinner plans.

“Oh, hello there! Do I need to get my vision checked? Why are you here?” Huo Mian chuckled as her eyes lit up with delight at the sight of Jiang Xiaowei.

This woman was like a storm that comes and goes in haste. Some notice would have been nice, but what the heck! It was why Huo Mian loved her so much.

“I knew you were almost off work, so I’m here to corner you.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled.

“Well then, Dr. Jiang! What shall we do?” Huo Mian took off her clean white lab coat and changed into a white cotton dress.

“Come shopping with me! I’ve been in wedding prep-mode, and there’s so much stuff to buy. I’m having some serious indecisive moments.”

“That’s not a problem, but do you really trust my taste?” Huo Mian smirked.

In Huo Mian’s opinion, Jiang Xiaowei dressed much better. It would surely be a lot of pressure to be Jiang Xiaowei’s personal shopper.

“Don’t worry about it, I trust you!”

Huo Mian and Jiang Xiaowei then drove to the city’s most luxurious mall. Inside the young female section, Jiang Xiaowei tried on one outfit after another, having difficulty deciding.

Huo Mian sat down on one of the cutely-decorated sofas within the store. She was WeChat messaging Qin Chu as she waited for Jiang Xiaowei, also providing necessary advice whenever Jiang Xiaowei came out of the fitting room.

Suddenly, a woman walked into the young female section.

Huo Mian looked up as she thought she saw a familiar figure in the corner of her eyes. To her surprise, it was Huo Yanyan, whom she had not seen in a long time.

Ever since Shen Jiani’s incident, she seemed to be having a pretty rough time.

Rumor had it that she was interested in Shen Mingxi, but in the end lost to Wei Liao’s little sister, Wei Ying.

“Is that dress on sale?” Huo Yanyan walked over and asked the sales associate awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Huo. That dress is this season’s new arrival, there’s no discount.”

“Oh, I see,” Huo Yanyan sounded a little disappointed.

“It’s actually not that expensive, it’s only thirty-six thousand yuan.”

“Do you guys take credit cards?” Huo Yanyan bit her lip and asked unnaturally.

“Oh! Look who we have here? Isn’t this the Huo Family’s precious daughter? When did you fall so low that you need to ask for a discount when buying clothes? Putting it on a credit card? Where’s your black American Express card? Doesn’t your father love to spoil you? What’s the matter? Did you lose your father’s love?” The young woman ridiculed to another. It seemed like they all knew each other.

Huo Yanyan turned around to leave, but before she could, the woman continued, “No good women ever come out of the Huo Family. You guys all like to steal men. You are stealing from Wei Ying, and that bastard daughter stole from our Yishi. Is GK’s President Qin blind?”

Upon hearing such a remark, Huo Mian didn’t know if she should cry or laugh. She was just there, minding her own business, and somehow, they managed to diss her too…


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