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Season 11

Episode 35

( Flaunting Their Love (6)

“You want to custom-make an outfit?”

“Mhm… I am going to a party for Christmas, and I have to be the most stunning and eye-grabbing person there. I can’t lose to Huo Mian, I have to win this round.”

“That’s easy, I know the best tailors in town. I’ll ask them to come in tomorrow and take your measurements. Just tell them what style you want and you’ll be satisfied.” Madam Song supported her daughter.

She approved of her daughter’s actions, even though it meant that she was going to wreck someone else’s marriage…

The only level-headed person in the Song Family was Mayor Song.

However, Mayor Song was very busy every day and was often on business trips, so he didn’t know what his wife and daughter were up to.

– Inside Tang Chuan’s private mansion –

He was having a small party; countless hot women in bikinis drank by the pool in the middle of winter.

Luckily, the pool could be heated up. Rich people really knew how to enjoy life.

They could do whatever they wanted, regardless of the season.

Tang Chuan was the biggest playboy of all his friends, he always changed women and was never loyal to any of them.

He was an unattached rich heir who never committed.

Tang Chuan’s parents gave birth to many children, and his older brothers and sisters were all famous entrepreneurs.

Therefore, all he needed to do was drink and play to his heart’s desire. He had it easier than Su Yu and Wei Liao.

The Tang Family could afford to give him a few billion yuan to spend. In the past, he invested in some companies and bars out of boredom.

Later, he thought that managing them was too tiring, so he dropped his investments and spent his days drinking and having fun.

He had limitless money to spend, and his funds came from his shares in the Tang family business.

So, he didn’t know what his purpose in life was, because he had no desires.

Slapping the buttcheeks of the girl in his arms, Tang Chuan said, “Be good and go play, I have to talk to Yu.”

“Remember to look for me later?” The beauty unwillingly rose, shooting Tang Chuan a flirtatious gaze before she left, afraid that she would lose his favor.

He watched the girl leave…

Hopeless, Su Yu looked at Tang Chuan and said, “You’ve been a player for so long, aren’t you tired?”

“No, it’s interesting. I’ll never be tired of it,” Tang Chuan laughed.

Su Yu was convinced the number of people Tang Chuan went through was comparable to a human trafficker, seeing that he began dating in his teenage years.

If not a hundred, he at least dated eighty women.

He never corrected his lusty habits. Some of the rich men who hung out with Tang Chuan had already corrected their ways.

Others were tired and changed their sexual orientations. However, Tang Chuan was still the same as he was ten years ago.

One could argue that he was at least dedicated to something…

“I’ve had enough of you,” Su Yu commented.

“Hahaha, technically, I am a single-minded man. Take a look, Yu, is there a girl you like here?”

“No.” Su Yu rejected him without even looking.

“Impossible, look closely. I carefully chose these girls… Their bodies are the golden ratio, their faces are plastic surgery-free, and most importantly, they’re relatively clean… you know.”

After speaking, Tang Chuan winked at Su Yu as if he were hinting him to take action.

“No, save them for yourself. Don’t you worry about me.” Su Yu slowly drank his beer.

“Right… Do you have plans for Christmas?”

“No, not yet. I don’t know if any of our movies are premiering, I haven’t seen the agenda yet,” Su Yu replied.

“Wei Liao and his wife received invitations from Huo Mian… Apparently, Huo Mian’s holding a party at their manor on Christmas Eve. I heard it’s going to be a costume party?” excited, Tang Chuan said.


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