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Season 11

Episode 76

( Xiaowei’s Wedding (17)

Never would Zhu Lingling have ever thought that an accident like this would happen on such an important day, not to mention it was in front of Gao Ran as well.

“What is it?” The anticipation was killing Gao Ran, and the silent response from Zhu Lingling was not helping.

Zhu Lingling looked back at Gao Ran, her face flushed with color. She opened her mouth and slowly said, “I… I got my period.”

Gao Ran opened his mouth and then closed it abruptly; he had nothing to say as he looked at Zhu Lingling’s sad expression

“Uhh…” Gao Ran stuttered. Was there anything more frightening than girls having their period?

“So, now what?” Gao Ran asked dumbly.

Zhu Lingling was too embarrassed to think straight. Auntie Flow was supposed to come on the fifth, but somehow it came early for a surprise visit instead.

“Um. Can you go get me some… you know,” Zhu Lingling said as her face became even redder. For a moment, she felt like crawling into a crack on the ground

“Okay, does the supermarket sell it?” Gao Ran asked, still dumbfounded.

Zhu Lingling nodded embarrassingly.

Gao Ran immediately parked the car near a supermarket and stealthily sneaked around the car and went in through the entrance. As a police officer, he had never been afraid when chasing after bandits. But now, somehow, he felt his heart pounding inside his chest.

“What are you buying?” seeing the way Gao Ran sneaked into the store, the cashier asked in an unfriendly manner.

“Do you have the thing…?” Gao Ran asked in a low mummer.

“What thing?” The cashier snapped back impatiently.

“The thing that girls use…” Gao Ran asked in an even lower whisper.

“Last aisle in the back. Take a look at it yourself.”

By the time Gao Ran had completed the mission, Zhu Lingling’s face was growing pale.

“Are you okay?” Gao Ran asked worriedly.

“My cramps are really bad during my period. Huo Mian and I both like to eat cold food, so it’s always the toughest seven days of the month for us. I’m dying in pain.” Zhu Lingling hugged her belly with both her hands, her face in agony.

“What… What should we do?”Gao Ran asked in a panic, not knowing what he could do to help Zhu Lingling.

“Let’s go to the hotel, I have to change out of the gown. This one is probably dirty now,” Zhu Lingling sounded deflated.

Gao Ran nodded and began driving towards the hotel.

Jiang Xiaowei’s wedding ceremony was held at Wanjing International Hotel. It was a five-star hotel that operated under the Wei Family’s parent company, so really, the wedding was complimentary.

The Wei Family had high status within C city. Wei Liao, as one of the younger generation of heirs, ranked among Su Yu and his groupies. He was known as one of the Four Princes within the city, so his wedding was most definitely a sight to see.

Zhu Lingling was ecstatic that Jiang Xiaowei had invited her. She had known Jiang Xiaowei through Huo Mian, and despite not knowing her for very long, they had an instant connection from the moment they met.

Zhu Lingling had especially prepared the bridesmaid dress herself, but now, it was ruined by the surprise visit of Auntie Flow – leaving her in a terrible mood.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Zhu Lingling immediately went to change in the hotel’s washroom.

Gao Ran grew impatient and worried as he noticed Zhu Lingling had been gone for a long time. He was in the midst of bursting into the women’s washroom when Zhu Lingling walked out feebly.

“Is it really bad?” Gao Ran asked, concerned.

“Of course. If you were to bleed this much, it would be really bad too,” Zhu Lingling snapped back.

“What should we do? The ceremony is about to start.” Gao Ran looked at his watch.

“I don’t know. The dress is small, and the skirt is short. My flow is too heavy, what if it leaks! Also, I can’t be the maid of honor anymore, it’s a bad omen for the bride because I got my period. I can’t do that to Xiaowei,” Zhu Lingling said warily.

“Should we… ask Huo Mian to take your place?” Gao Ran asked suddenly.

Zhu Lingling looked up at Gao Ran, her lips pressed together tightly as her expression grew complicated.

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