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Season 11

Episode 59

(The Goddess’s Tactics have Failed Her (10)

Before Qin Chu had the chance to refuse, Huo Mian walked out from the bathroom. “My husband won’t play with you. If you want to have some fun, I’m happy to entertain…”

“Sure,” Song Yishi looked provokingly at Huo Mian.

“She’s really not going to turn back unless she hits a wall. Huo Mian just won, and now she’s looking for trouble all over again. She’s such a bitch – there are three types of assholes: big, medium, and small. Why does she have to hog the biggest hole? Gosh.” Zhu Lingling was good at verbal confrontations. As soon as Gao Ran heard what she said, he burst out in laughter, and quietly asked her, “So, she’s the biggest asshole of all types?”

Zhu Lingling ignored Gao Ran; she was still a little angry at his French kiss just now.

After a round of rock, paper, scissors, Huo Mian won. She was basically a pro in this game and could guess what her opponent wanted to play just by looking at their expressions.

Both Song Yishi and Gao Ran played paper; they lost because they thought they could outsmart her.

“Truth or dare?” Huo Mian asked Song Yishi, to which the latter answered, “Truth.” She wanted Huo Mian to ask her who she liked because that way, she would be able to confess her feelings towards Qin Chu.

She believed that Huo Mian would erupt like a volcano if she told Qin Chu how she felt about him in front of all these people…

“Do you know the point of truth? You have to tell the truth. So, swear that you won’t lie first, and then I’ll ask you a question.”

“What do you want me to swear?” Song Yishi asked, her expression grim.

“Something like if you lie, you will be punished or something like that,” Huo Mian replied.

“Okay. I, Song Yishi swear that I will tell the truth. If I lie, my entire family will die.”

She wanted to confess her feelings for Qin Chu so badly that she was willing to say anything at this point…

“B*tch Song is screwed, Huo Mian dug a hole, and she immediately crawled in… hahaha.” Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t control her laughter. She knew Huo Mian well and was certain that the latter was going to play dirty…

However, Song Yishi didn’t realize what was happening and jumped right into Huo Mian’s hole.

She couldn’t lie anymore since her entire family would die if she did.

“Happy? Ask me now,” Song Yishi said, proud of herself.

“When did you lose your virginity?” Huo Mian asked calmly.

Song Yishi’s face almost turned green upon hearing this question… she never anticipated that Huo Mian would ask a question as poignant as this.

She kept pretending to be a goddess, but the truth was, she lost her virginity in Italy years ago; it was a one-night-stand with a middle-aged man…

Her first time wasn’t even with that Italian boyfriend of hers, so how could she tell these people in front of her when it happened?

Huo Mian asked ‘when’; she lost her virginity 10 years ago when she was 16 years old. Because she spent the better half of her life in Italy, she matured at a young age and never thought of sex as a big deal.

But the thing was, she wasn’t willing to tell Qin Chu that because his impression of her might falter.

Therefore, she continued to hesitate until Huo Mian put her arms around her chest and asked calmly, “Miss Song… are you answering or not?”

“Can I choose dare?” Song Yishi decided that she would rather do a dare than answer that question, because, like Su Yu, she didn’t want the others, especially Qin Chu, to know the truth.

“Are you sure?” Huo Mian smiled as she asked.

“Yes.” Song Yishi was ready to jump out of the chute.

During this back-and-forth, Qin Chu didn’t even lay eyes on Song Yishi because to him, she was not even a bystander.

Why did she work so hard to keep up that goddess image of hers for such a long time in front of Qin Chu? In his life, Mr. Qin only cared about one woman, whom he treated like a goddess, and that woman’s name was Huo Mian.

“Hahaha, see? I told you, B*tch Song is screwed.” Jiang Xiaowei felt awesome and tugged at Wei Liao’s sleeve as she mumbled quietly.

Wei Liao kept trying to calm his wife down, “Don’t get too excited, honey, you’re pregnant. You need to stay calm.”

“Mian, hurry up and tell her what you want her to do. Miss Song chose dare,” Zhu Lingling reminded her, reveling in Song Yishi’s situation.

Everyone was looking forward to Huo Mian’s dare; they all wanted to see Bitch Song fall on her face.


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