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Season 11

Episode 73

(Xiaowei’s Wedding (14)

Huo Mian’s motions were slow but graceful. She inserted the card and inputted her password.

Then, when the moment of truth arrived, everyone was dumbstruck as the card balance flashed onto the screen.

Hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million, ten million, a hundred million?

Huo Yanyan’s mouth fell open as well. If she was counting the digits correctly, Huo Mian had a hundred and fifty-eight million yuan in her account.

In all honesty, Huo Mian was surprised too. She hadn’t checked her balance for a while and had no idea there would be so much money in it.

Every month, Qin Chu’s finance department would transfer her a million yuan. Her monthly salary of twenty or so thousand was nothing compared to Qin Chu’s transfers.

Qin Chu had also given her a couple hundred thousand before, so at most, she thought she would have maybe seventy or eighty million.

Who would have thought it was actually a hundred and fifty million – an astronomical number.

Everyone’s jaw was still on the floor, and Huo Mian herself didn’t know what to say either.

“That’s impossible! She’s cheating! It’s impossible to have that much,” the woman said in disbelief.

“Have you got any brains? You can fake a debit card and you can fake a screenshot of your balance, but you can’t fake an ATM! It’s literally the most reputable machine in the country, hello?”

The woman’s eyes were still bulging out of her eye sockets. She seemed like she had swallowed her tongue.

“But how can you have so much money? It’s doesn’t make sense,” the other woman demanded.

Before Huo Mian could answer, Jiang Xiaowei walked out of the fitting room. She answered with a cold smirk on her face, “It’s a miracle that you guys lived to today with those brains of yours. Huo Mian is Qin Chu’s wife, who is the president of GK. Do you know? GK? One of our city’s top corporations? Is it that much of a surprise for her to have a hundred million yuan? Dumbass.”

“Time to pay your debt.” Before the woman that made the bet could respond, Huo Mian walked over and winded up her arm. Her palm kissed the woman’s right cheek, and on the return trip, the back of her hand struck the woman’s left cheek.

The woman stumbled a couple of steps, feeling dizzy and disoriented.

“Let me emphasize two points. First of all, don’t act like a snob. Second of all, regardless of how ugly I, Huo Mian, look, I will always be Qin Chu’s wife. No matter how beautiful someone else is, and no matter how angelic they look, they are merely whores who are trying to steal other peoples’ husbands,” as Huo Mian finished speaking, she turned around and walked towards Jiang Xiaowei. “Oh, I like this outfit!” She said casually as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with her, and she was merely a bystander.

That was how calm and collected Huo Mian was. She would never be a storm in a teacup, and she never overreacted.

“Just wait!” The woman held onto her throbbing face and fled the scene. A bet’s a bet, and she had lost fair and square.

It was rather bad luck for her to speak behind Huo Mian’s back on behalf of Song Yishi. After all, Huo Mian had taken a serious dislike to the latter recently.

Just the way Song Yishi appeared on the night of the party was enough to disgust everyone. So, if the woman had never mentioned Song Yishi’s name, perhaps Huo Mian would have let their remarks slide.

Moral of the story? Don’t strut around like you own everybody and everything.

Huo Yanyan walked over to Huo Mian and stood in front of her for a moment. “Thank you… for that.” Her voice was so low that Huo Mian could barely hear her.

“What are you thanking me for?” Huo Mian looked at her weirdly.

“Thanks for standing up for me and stopping them for giving me a hard time.”

“You’re thinking too much, Miss. Huo. My intention wasn’t to help you, but to help myself. Even though we haven’t been seeing eye to eye, my last name is still ‘Huo’. I won’t take those remarks silently,” Huo Mian explained.

Huo Yanyan looked down, as if she was contemplating. A moment later, she left in a hurry without saying or buying anything.

“I heard Huo Yanyan’s been having a pretty rough time recently. She used to have a lot of party friends, and now she has no one. It’s incredible how people like to kick a person who’s already down.”

“The tide is always changing, and every person has their days. Remember how snobby she was when everything was going fine and dandy? It’s not a complete surprise that things turned out the way they did. However, I don’t kick people when they are down. I’m just not capable of doing so,” Huo Mian said calmly.

“I know. Oh, my little Mian doesn’t fawn upon those who are rich and powerful, and neither will she drop a stone on a man who has fallen into a well.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled.

The two of them were enjoying their little chat. Suddenly, another woman’s voice floated across, “Su Yu, this store has some really nice pieces! Can you wait for me? I want to try some stuff on.”

Jiang Xiaowei and Huo Mian both looked up to see Su Yu walk in with a woman.


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