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Season 2

Episode 78

(His master couldn't be horny, could he?!)


Liu Ying crossed his arms and leaned against the door to the courtyard. He was still mad but after he heard familiar footsteps behind him, he turned around, surprised, " Ms Ruo Xi? Weren't you speaking to the master? You're already done?"

Qin Ruo Xi's expression was hard to decipher and she shook her head, "Not yet. Ye Han's busy so he asked me to head back first."

"The master's busy? Did something happen?" Liu Ying probed anxiously. If it was more important than the issue at Shen City, then it must be something big.

Qin Ruo Xi hurriedly replied, "No, don't worry."

"Then what's the master busy with? We exterminated all the remaining forces in Shen City, everything's a mess and we're all awaiting his instructions..."

Seeing that Qin Ruo Xi was hesitant in replying, Liu Ying could guess what happened and he bellowed furiously, "Was it that vixen again?! Ms Ruo Xi! You understand now? The master pushed aside such an important thing just for her!

Also, in the car today, while the master was having a video conference, this woman shamelessly seduced him right in front of Xu Yi and me. Most importantly, the master didn't scold her and even stopped the meeting for her..."

The image of Si Ye Han tutoring that woman appeared in her head and a darkness flashed across Qin Ruo Xi's eyes, "Ye Han's a guy and this Ms Ye's young and beautiful--it's normal for him to be captivated by her. Anyway, it doesn't matter now. Nobody's able to influence him when it comes to the big issues."

"Ms Ruo Xi, the master's already been influenced, alright? At a time like this, you're still speaking up for him?!" Liu Ying was furious.

Even if Qin Ruo Xi's words make sense, they only apply to normal men--how could master be as horny as those ordinary people?!

This is impossible!

Qin Ruo Xi looked at the teenager next to her helplessly, "You get aggravated too easily; you can't be like that from now on. You should be wary that she might come between you and Si Ye Han. For now, don't be so bothered by her."

Liu Ying was indignant, "I can't take it much longer. Other than a pretty face, that woman's useless, extremely stupid and doesn't even have the strength to handle a chicken. If this keeps up, even if she doesn't cause any trouble, she'll drag the master down sooner or later. She's not comparable to you at all, Ms Ruo Xi..."

Qin Ruo Xi furrowed her brows and warned him sternly, "Liu Ying, don't say these things in the future. She's one of Ye Han's people after all."

Liu Ying's face darkened, "She's not fit to be one of the master's people; this kind of person isn't even qualified to be on par with you!"



After Ye Wanwan finally grasped Si Ye Han's methods, it was as if she found a treasure cove. Unknowingly, she had listened to Si Ye Han's explanations for an entire night.

Then, Jiang Yan Ran called.

It's nearly midnight, Jiang Yan Ran should be asleep by now. Why would she call at this hour?

Ye Wanwan anxiously answered the call.

Jiang Yan Ran's cries came through the receiver.

Ye Wanwan's face changed, "Yan Ran? Are you crying? What happened?"

"Wanwan... What should I do... I suddenly realised... I'm so useless... why... why after seeing what kind of person he is... I'm still suffering... It's too hard to bear..." Jiang Yan Ran sobbed intermittently and she sounded drunk as well.

Ye Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief, "You've been drinking?"

She thought that Scumbag Song had caused trouble again.

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