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Season 3

Episode 6

(Jealousy (1)
She left him with that and then stopped bothering about Han Yifeng behind her, continuing to walk ahead along the handrail.

Han Yifeng felt his heart suffocate. Amidst this dazed feeling, he suddenly felt a mix of feelings welling up in his heart. It made him clutch his chest tightly as he felt upset.

He could tell from her tone that she seemed to be quite satisfied with Mu Yuchen. As he listened to her, he suddenly felt stifled and wretched.

He did not continue chasing after her, and just watched her figure gradually move further away.

When she was about done handling the matters, Xi Xiaye felt slightly starving. She had been in the cold wind for so long that she felt chilly all over. Taking a look at the time, she noticed that it was already past 1 p.m. in the afternoon. She needed to rush back to the office.

She hastily returned to her car and warmed herself up. When she felt that her hands and legs were not that numb from the cold anymore, she started the car.

However, she had only driven a short distance when from afar, she saw that a Rolls-Royce had blockedthe road ahead it was Han Yifeng’s car!

She thought that he had already left a while ago.

Xi Xiaye frowned and waited for quite a while. When she saw that the car in front did not seem to be moving, she honked.

At the din, the car door in front suddenly opened and Han Yifeng walked out of the car. She did not see the assistant that had come with him earlier.

Xi Xiaye honked again, making Han Yifeng turn around and look to her.

From the looks of his expression and movement, Xi Xiaye could already guess that his car had probably broken down.

She looked at the time on her phone again. Hesitating for a moment, she frowned and alighted from the car.

Han Yifeng saw that she looked quite anxious, so he explained, “The car engine has died. I’ve already gotten people to come over. You…”

Xi Xiaye looked up at the gloomy weather. The drizzle had not stopped since earlier. In fact, it felt like it was getting heavier. Her brows furrowed into a tight knot as she looked at her car behind them, and then gloomily lowered her eyes. Without even glancing at him, she just walked right to the driver’s seat of his car, immediately fiddling with something below.

A while after that, her cold voice came through. “Do you have a toolbox in your car?”

When she asked that, Han Yifeng was stunned for a while. He reacted after seconds. “Yes!”

Then, he walked towards the car boot and very quickly took out a toolbox, handing it to her.

Xi Xiaye put on a pair of gloves and skillfully opened the car bonnet, starting to examine and sort things out…

Watching her busy figure, Han Yifeng’s heart beat fast for an instant. His eyes held shock and a mix of emotions.

This incredibly adept and confident action seems… But when did she learn all of these?

With a practiced hand, she unscrewed a screw using a wrench and then cut off a wire. She seemed to be extremely familiar with these problems. Increasingly heavy rain started to fall, intertwining her figure into the haziness. He found it surreal watching her. As keen as his sight could be, he could not see through the engulfing rain to get a clearer look of her.

He struggled for a while before he finally returned to his senses. With mixed feelings, he took out an umbrella from his car and walked towards her, shielding her from the falling rain.

When she sensed that the wet coldness falling on her face had faded away and the splattering rain was cut off, Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She turned to look up at him, thought about it, and her twinkling eyes dimmed. Then, she lifted a hand to brush away the umbrella in his hand.

She swiftly fastened the screw back on and said calmly, “No need. It’ll be done soon. Get into the car to try. I’m in a rush.”

Han Yifeng quietly watched the umbrella that fell aside after being brushed away by her. His eyes darkened. He saw her turn away to keep the tools without even looking at him, and he immediately looked dejected. A while after that, he snapped out of it.

He did not say anything though and just turned around to get into his car.

The car did manage to start!

Xi Xiaye quickly returned to her car, and after his car moved slightly aside for her to overtake his car without a moment of hesitation. Soon, her car was quickly engulfed by the rain ahead.

While Han Yifeng just stayed in his car and watched quietly in the direction where her car had vanished, the stifled disappointment in his chest and the feelings that he could not fathom started to interweave disorderly in his mind again…

She returned to the company and worked for the whole afternoon. When she finished work at night, Xi Xiaye left the company alone. Mu Yuchen was not in the office, but when she reached home, he was almost done with preparing dinner.

After dinner, when the husband and wife duo sat on the sofa watching television, Xi Xiaye suddenly thought of something and suggested, “Today, I went to South River for a look. I’ve compared the rough details on-site. Since it’s a recreational venue by the river, maybewe could bring in some more distinguishing things. For instance, I think that if we want to attract the public’s attention, we could think about collaborating with the government to build a large-scale musical fountain on the water. The scenery there is pretty, plus the government’s just released their five-year plan and the key focus is to develop that place. If we can make a breakthrough in newconstructive ideas, we’d have large odds of success.”

“Don’t think about work at this time. Can’t we talk about something else, hmm?” He handed some tea to her and looked at her indifferently.

Xi Xiaye frowned. She remembered that he did not seem to like talking about work matters during moments of rare leisure, so she breathed in and sighed. After some thought about it, she then added, “I also bumped into Han Yifeng at the South River. In fact, he seemed quite interested in the South River project too…”

When she said this, Mu Yuchen was startled by how she took the initiative to explain. He lifted his lowered gaze and looked at her thoughtfully. “What did you guys talk about?”

“Nothing much. It’s just about the orphanage issue and Xi Xinyi…” Xi Xiaye lowered her head to sip her tea, then she continued, “He also asked me if I hated him…”

“Mmm, only such a boring man would ask such a question. In fact, it demonstrates such low IQ and EQ. The next time you see him, you shouldn’t say a single word to him. Just turn around and leave! I’ve finally raised your EQ. Don’t be wrecked by a few words from him again. If you do, then all my hard work from before would be wasted!”

He nodded and responded casually as the corner of his lips curved into a weird smile. His honorable and handsome face did not look pleased while his dark eyes reflected the dim light.

Xi Xiaye stole a secret glance at him. She could faintly hear in his tone that there seemed to be jealousy, so she immediately raised her brows, and then lowered her head to sip the tea again while she continued watching him secretly.

She was about to say something when he seemed to have noticed her staring at him too. He instantly shot her a side look and said in a lowered voice, “What’s with that look of yours? I’m just telling the truth…”

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