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Season 3

Episode 2

(His Wedding Gift To Her)

She calmly looked at the gorgeous curve of light that swayed in his wine glass. His bright and smiling handsome face that entered her eyes looked a little bedazzling.

Quite a while after, she nodded with a peaceful and light tone, unlike her usual hostile self. “I will.”


Then, she closed in with the glass in her hand.

He picked up the wine bottle and poured her more as he asked, “How are you planning to resolve the issue with the orphanage?”

Xi Xiaye drank a spoonful of soup, her starry eyes twinkling for a moment. Then, she answered calmly, “Just set it aside for now. I’ll see how Xi Xinyi’s end responds. I quite understand Xi Xinyi’s tricks. For the storm this time, if she can’t hold on till the end, she’ll definitely just toss away that land and pretend to do it in the name of charity. I don’t want this storm to just subside like that. That would be too easy on her. In the end, all I’ll be doing is let her win with a good reputation instead.”

Then, she could not help but look up at him. “Do you have a way of making hersuffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy? Make me feel good too?”

He was always so low-profile and reserved. The way he looked so calm and undisturbed made it hard for her to see through him. She just felt like he was an unfathomable mystery. In fact, he seemed to have his own issues but he had never mentioned it to her.

“If I can let you ruthlessly take revenge, what’s in it for me?”

Hearing her question, he suddenly looked up at her with interest, yet he soon allowed his silent eyes to settle on the super huge television screen in the living room. It seemed to be reporting some news on Xi Xinyi and the rest joining some sort of charity event.

Today’s news had yet to be reported and she wondered how the situation was.

Indeed, he did not change his inherent quality of a profiteer!

Xi Xiaye ignored him and shot him an annoyed look. Then, she lowered her head and continued to quietly eat the steak that he had helped her slice up.

After dinner, she felt lazy, so she pushed the cleanly picked plates to Mu Yuchen for him to wash, then she went upstairs.

She did not deliberately pay attention to the situation on Xi Xinyi’s end and went straight to take a bath after going upstairs. Coincidentally, Su Nan called, then she started chatting with her.

When Mu Yuchen went upstairs, she was still in the bathroom chatting happily away with Su Nan, so he did not disturb her and went straight to the study room.

He had just sat down before the desk when Ah Mo’s call came through.

“Hello?” He answered with a lowered voice.

“Master, I found out that Xi Xinyi did get someone to investigate the Missus many times. It’s an international number. Xi Xinyi and Wang Zilou met on a plane to Bali last year. After that, they kept in touch. Xi Xinyi’s friend, Huang Shanshan, has always liked Wang Ziluo. Last autumn, Huang Shanshan had specially flown over to visit Wang Ziluo, but he seemed to fancy Missus. Previously, he tried to find out news about the Missus…”

Mu Yuchen listened to Ah Mo report as his long fingers habitually propped up his forehead. After he contemplated for a moment, he answered with a gentle but muffled voice, “Anonymously e-mail the complete details of Xi Xinyi investigating your sis-in-law to Han Yifeng. Get someone to tell Huang Shanshan. Just say that not too long ago, Wang Ziluo and Xi Xinyi had a great time together in Bali.”

“Got it, Master! Right, Master, earlier I got news that Yue Lingsi’s returned to the Yue residence. I think it must be because of Xi Xinyi’s scandal. The government’s process of signing the documents have yet to be completed. Thankfully, they just want to retract and straight up deny that it ever happened.”

“We can’t let the scandal subside just like that. Think of a way to let that document get through tomorrow itself, and let the media have a trace to follow,” Mu Yuchen said before hanging up. At this moment, coincidentally, the study room door was pushed open. Xi Xiaye walked in with a glass of water in her hand.

“You go bathe too. I’ve prepared the water for you.”

She put the glass of water beside his hand, then bent over to pull open a drawer and take out a USB from inside. It had the South River project documents on it.

“Don’t look at them now. Rest well these next two days.”

He reached over to take the USB from her and tossed it back into the drawer as he slowly got her to get up with his arms around her.

“I wanted to finish the few graphs…” Xi Xiaye hesitated for a moment and protested.

“It’s the same if you do it during working hours. I have something for you.” His deep voice brushed past her ears. He held her by her slender shoulders and his hand reached over to the tall bookshelf behind. Then, he took a folder downand casually handed it to her.

“What is it?” She looked up in puzzlement at him and asked softly.

His handsome brows raised and he grinned. “Won’t you know once you open it?”

“How mysterious!” Xi Xiaye softly nagged before opening the folder. When she pulled the document out, she saw the details ofYueying Culture Media Company!

Her eyes lit up and she quickly flipped through the document and roughly examined it. A while after that, her beautiful face flashed with a radiant smile. She could not help but look at him with admiration. “How did you get it so quickly?”

He smiled without a word. Obviously, he would not tell her that actually since last year, he had already begun attending to this matter.

“37%? With this, you can already become Yueying’s second-largest shareholder! But why is this 17% assigned to my name?”

Xi Xiaye looked a little shocked as she waved the document in her hand. She could not hide the pleasant surprise in her eyes.

He smiled calmly and lowered his eyes. Gesturing at the document in her hand, his gaze fell onto her delicate little face. “It’s my wedding gift to you. Do you like it?”

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye was stunned. She quietly looked at the document in her hand and peeked at that familiar bold and flowy signature at the bottom of the page. A warmth suddenly flashed across her heart and she started to turn misty-eyed.

Quite a while after that, she looked up at him and happily nodded. She said in a slightly raspy voice, “I like it. I… I thought that it would never return to me ever again…”

“Even without that, I could obviously help you fight for it. How would it have never returned to you?”

His sentimental and tender voice spoke, bringing a hint of consolation with it, yet it made her choke up for some reason. Her chest suddenly felt stifled and upset.

Finally, she could not hold back and reached out to gently surround his waist with her arms, submitting into his embrace. She clenched the document tightly in her hand and said in a hoarse voice, “I won’t thank you now…”

“I’ve never wanted to hear those two words from you.” He gently patted her head and consoled her, “Next Wednesday is Yueying’sgeneral shareholders’ meeting. It’s best if you attend as Glory World’s executive director. I’ll get VP Liu to accompany you, hmm?”

Xi Xiaye nodded as she softly answered, “Okay, I’ll go.”

He smiled gladly and then suddenly squeezed her tightly.

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