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Season 3

Episode 1

( Scandal Crisis (3)

As he listened to Xi Xinyi, the light in Han Yifeng’s eyes darkened and he stared at Xi Xinyi. “That means youdidplan to use the engagement gift I gave you to force Xiaye to hand over that document! Is that so?”

“No! No! I initially wanted to give it to her. If she could hand the shares over, that would’ve been great, but if she didn’t, I really didn’t plan to force her to. I just wanted to use this opportunity to let Grandmother have a proper chat with her to see if there’s a way… Yifeng, you have to believe me…” Xi Xinyi quickly explained, her pale face hinting at her vulnerability.

“Those children are so pitiful. There’s no way I could’ve done such a thing. Initially, I already planned to purchase that land to give it to Sister, but I thought that maybe it’d be better if you did it. After all, it’s us who wronged her… You know Yueying’s current situation as well. I was so worried that she would really sell those shares off. If that happens, Grandmother and Mother… So, as long as she’s willing to yield, everything can be discussed, Yifeng… I really didn’t think of…”

She sounded guilty in between her sobs. Soon, she could not help but reach out to hold onto Han Yifeng’s arm as tears started running down her cheeks. She looked up at Han Yifeng, her pale and weak little face drawing sympathy from anyone who saw her.

“Now that Sister has just called the media, she’s planning to make this thing huge. Yifeng, you know I’m having a precarious time right now. No matter what, I wouldn’t dare use my reputation to risk it again, and you know that there’s nothing I hate more than seeing you troubled.”

Xi Xinyi’s words made Han Yifeng’s grave expression ease a little. He stared at her for quite a while, then said in a lowered voice, “Whether or not you intended for it to, the matter’s already at this stage. It’s a little sticky. I’ll go upstairs and see if there’s any way of suppressing the rumors.”

Han Yifeng still did not look happy as he lifted a hand to massage the fatigue between his brows, and gently pulled away from Xi Xinyi hand before making his way to the stairs. “I’ve told you that you can stop messing around about things with Xiaye. Whatever your intentions are, she has already cut off all ties with us, so why do you have to be so untactful?”

“Well, now she’s… Times are different…” Xi Xinyi said bleakly before his tall and lean figure vanished at the top of the stairs.

As she watched Han Yifeng’s figure disappear, Xi Xinyi unconsciously clenched both her fists with all her might. Amidst her thoughts, there was a hazy pain on her palms.

When they exited the center, it was already evening. The husband and wife made a trip to the supermarket to buy quite a few ingredients and then made their way straight back to Maple Residence. When they reached the door, Li Si was coincidentally sending a document over.

Soon, the sky had darkened and Maple Residence was engulfed in splendid lights.

Xi Xiaye arranged the flowers carefully in the vase and briefly tidied up the living room. She could not help but feel herstomach rumble in hunger.

When she reached the entrance of the kitchen, she looked through the glass door and meant to ask him when they could eat. Then, she saw that he was still casually testing the ingredients, seeming very relaxed.

She instantly looked like she was about to break down. Pushing the door to enter, she could not help but ask, “Mr. Mu, I’d like to know when willthis meal be ready? You’ve been attending to it from evening till now and it has already been close to three hours.”

When he heard her voice, Mu Yuchen turned over slightly to look at her and smiled indifferently. “Hungry?”

Xi Xiaye frowned and did not answer.

“It’ll be done soon,” he answered, then handed over a plate of food. “Bring this out first. I’ll have a look at whether it’s done yet.”

Xi Xiaye then took the plate and shot a side look at the pot that was stewing with a slow fire on the stove. Catching a tempting aroma, the hunger in her was further ignited.

Cooking seemed to have become an art when it came to him. He would always work on it unhurriedly with leisure and tranquility. Sometimes, she really had to admire his patience.

Finally, a sumptuous dinner was ready. There were her favorite honey sauce steak and wine, but it was not a candlelight dinner.

She picked up her knife and fork and was about to begin eating when she suddenly thought of something and could not help but look up to him.“Next time, we should eat mainly vegetables.”

Mu Yuchen was leisurely serving the both of them some wine. He handed her a glass and calmly studied her, his dark eyes flickering with a bright light. “How much did you gain?”

Earlier, when he had seen her standing before the weighing scale, looking all dispirited and upset, he could not help but want to laugh.

When she heard him, Xiaye’s little face instantly flushed with scarlet. She took the wine he handed her and took a sip before she mumbled, “The point is it didn’t go past three digits…”

He chuckled, and then his long arms reached over to help her slice her steak. “Personally, I don’t advocate that being thin is beautiful. You’re not a model or a dancer or an actress. Isn’t it enough that you’re healthy?”

As he said this, he picked up a piece of sliced meat and put it to her mouth. She was stumped for a moment, then she opened her mouth to eat it. She watched as he begun continuing to slice her steak. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Mmm… Don’t give me that nonsense. Actually, most people judge others by their looks just like us. If our first impression hadn’t been positive, we definitely wouldn’t have the chance to be where we are right now…”

“Based on what you’re saying, are you hinting to me that the first time you saw me, you already thought I was pretty good? That I met the standards of your ideal Prince Charming and was husband material?”

The man was far from humble as he glanced up at her. His eyes flowered with a faint tenderness and he stuffed a piece of steak into her mouth again as his smile flashed gently.

She rolled her eyes at him, chewing with gusto, and then washing it down with some wine. She said disapprovingly, “My ideal Prince Charming should be cultured, speak humorously and be knowledgeable, low-profile and reserved, mature and steady,knows everything in the heavens above and the earth underneath our feet, tall and dashing, valiant in presence, always appearing when I need him the most, forever thinks that I’m the most beautiful goddess to him, treats me better than he treats himself, and apart from me, he definitely wouldn’t take a second look at another woman… Do you think you can do all of these, Mr. Mu?”

It was almost as if every woman who asked such a question would have such yearnings and hopes. At this moment, Xiaye’s delicate face flashed with a faint vibrance.

“But you’re already great, Mr. Mu. I’m quite satisfied with the life I have right now.” She sincerely lifted her drink, and offered a toast to him.

He smiled and gladly reciprocated the toast. He thought about it, then said, “Missus, even though your Mr. Mu isn’t perfect, he’s really a good person. Prince Charmings aren’t real, but he’s the real dea.
You definitely won’t lose out by going with him.”


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