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Season 2

Episode 80

(Tenderness( 1)

Xi Xiaye was glad to hear her reply, so she nodded.

Weve accomplished our target if you realize that. After theyve reached certain heights in their career, they impress people. If you guys are willing to put in the effort, one day youll reach a new height in your life, and youll get closer to them.

Ill keep that in mind, Director! Xiao Mei replied with a smile.

Alright, you can go and work on your stuff after youre done here. I need to go upstairs for a meeting. Xi Xiaye took out her folder and pen from the briefcase. Then, she opened her drawer and put on her badge before going out with her folder.

Each of the top brass was already present when she arrived. Mu Yuchen was flipping through the documents in his seat as he was giving some orders to Vice President Zhang Lan beside him. Ah Mo was sitting in as well.

After taking a look at the time, Vice President Liu Lingyu signaled everyone to be quiet. The whole meeting room went silent as the group all looked at Mu Yuchen who was still reading the documents.

After a while, Mu Yuchen raised his head and glanced at Xi Xiayes direction. She opened her folder with her head facing down with a pen in her hand, ready for taking notes. His lowered eyelids concealed the slight tenderness for her.

A new year of hard work starts today. Everyones arduous effort earned extraordinary results last year and Im really grateful. I hope everyone can keep it up in this new year. Mu Yuchen started talking in his calm voice.

He took a pause and grabbed a document from Li Si, then hecontinued, Our companys mission this year is tougher as the projects are getting bigger. Aside from Car City which is already in progress, we have the South River Project and Movie City on our hands. These are two highly challenging projects

The first meeting of thenew year decided on the companys direction for the entire year. It took quite some time to analyze their portfolio. After talking through several projects and concluding them, it was nearly noon when the meeting was adjourned.

Later, when Xi Xiaye went back to her office on the 51st floor, Xiao Mei came in with a large pile of documents for her to sign.

Director, its lunchtime. Please go and have lunch, reminded Xiao Mei as she left the documents on her table.

Xi Xiaye nodded. Mmm, Ill go later. You can go first.

Xiao Mei left the room and Xi Xiaye sat down in her chair to open her folder and start organizing her meeting notes. Lunch break ended at 2 p.m., so she was not really in a rush.

Usually, she would go to the office canteen at 12.30 p.m. for a quick meal, which left her an hour to rest and relax.

It took her half an hour to finish organizing the notes. Then, Xi Xiaye left her office and went to the canteen. Unexpectedly, she found Li Si at the entrance.

Director Xi! Are you here for lunch too? Li Si greeted her with a smile.

Xi Xiaye nodded. Not seeing Mu Yuchen with him, she asked, Where is he?

Naturally, Li Si understood who she was referring to, so he replied, Chairman Mu said hes not hungry. Hes in the office discussing the project with Ah Mo. Oh, right, Director Xi, Chairman Mu wants you to visit him later. Your USB is still with him.

Xi Xiaye then remembered that she had handed him a USB this morning. She nodded. Mmm, got it.

She went to the counter and ordered two rice sets for takeaway and a pumpkin porridge for herself. Then, she left the canteen immediately.

Mu Yuchen was discussing the details of Movie City with Ah Mo when they heard a knock on the door. He said briefly, Come in.

The door opened swiftly. Ah Mo raised his head to see Xi Xiayes slender figure. He called out to her in surprise, Missus?

Ah Mos voice made the mans eyes avert away from his laptop screen as she went towards the coffee table and put the takeaway there.

I met Li Si at the canteen and found out that you guys are still busy. Have lunch first. I came here for the USB, so Ill copy the files for Ah Mo too, she spoke as she walked towards the office table. Ah Mo who was standing beside Mu Yuchen moved away as she smiled at him by way of greeting.

Wheres my USB? She looked at the man who was still staring at the screen.

Mu Yuchen closed the window on the screen as he opened a drawer beside him and handed her the USB but his eyes were fixed on Ah Mo. Your sister-in-law will copy some digital files for you later. If you have any more issues, go and ask Vice President Liu about it and hell walk you through them. Take these documents and familiarize yourself with them first. Itll take quite some effort. Can you do it?

Ah Mo nodded. Dont worry, Master. I got it. Ill go back down first.

I bought some rice for you too. Have it here before you go, Xi Xiaye said.

Thank you, Missus. Ill just eat it downstairs.

Ah Mo smiled at her. Of course, he would not want to be the third wheel, so he picked up one of the rice boxes and left the office swiftly.

Xi Xiaye frowned as she saw Ah Mo vanish outside the door. After a while, she said, Ill copy the stuff first.

She then inserted the USB into his computer and he was quick to help. Which folder?

This one titled ys. The password is XXXXXX. Take a look at them and then copy it into your computer. Then, give a copy of it to Ah Mo afterward.

He was soon finished with it and closed the window before handing back the USB drive to her. Just as she was about to take it, hesuddenly grabbed her hand and she fell into his arms.

What? Mmm She yelled out of shock, but before she could utter any more, he lowered his head and blocked her speech with a kiss

His refreshing scent filled her. She could not help herself as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder. Tilting her head to one side, she willingly and gracefully embraced him.

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