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Season 2

Episode 79

( Going To Work Together (2)

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought and after hearing the firm tone in his voice, she mumbled, But I just upgraded to super VIP. Its pretty expensive

He could not be bothered to give her a reply. Instead, he just stared at her, the pressure scaring her. She took a deep breath and then took out her phone. Ill give it to Nan Nan then, and Ill tell her about the hotel too.

Swiftly, she dialed Su Nans number.

The call was on hold for some time and no one picked up. Just when she thought that she was probably still asleep, the call connected before she was about to hang up.

Hello? Xia Xiaye, whats up? This is super early in the morning Su Nan was pantingas if she was exhausted by something.

Xi Xiaye frowned, noticing that this was not normal. Whats wrong? Why did it take you so long to answer?

She then heard some rustling and the voice of Ruan Heng before Su Nans voice reached her again, Xiaye Were in the midst of something. Ruan Heng, be more gentle Xiaye Ruan Heng, you bastard! Whats up, Xiaye?

The intimate sounds came through the phone. In addition to Su Nans gasping, Xi Xiaye would really be an idiot if she still could not figure out what in the midst of something meant!

Her face blushed as she coughed lightly and replied, Never mind. Its about the hotel for your wedding. Give me a call later after youre done or you can call me at night too.

She quickly hung up.

Her face was bright red. Although it was not the first time she had encountered something like this when calling Su Nan and she had always been able to react calmly, things were different now because Mu Yuchen was right beside her. With Su Nans loud voice, he must have heard everything they said.

She turned towards him and saw that his expression was calm as usual, so she felt relieved because she thought he must have missed it because he was focused on driving. Suddenly, he said, Your friends are pretty intimate with each other.

Xi Xiayes face turned even redder he had heard it after all!

She went quiet for a moment before replying, Of course, theyve always been close, especially now that theyre in their honeymoon period, so they

Before she could finish, Mu Yuchen thought of something as he glanced at her tomato-like face and he said gently, You dont have to be envious of them. Ill satisfy you tonight.

Xi Xiaye was stunned by his words. She only got what he meant after a moment and she stared at him. It was such a perverted phrase, yet coming out from his mouth, it did not seem too flirty at all. In fact, it was almost natural.

She did not respond to him and turned to face outside the window as his laughter reached her ears.

The car was arriving in Glory Worlds parking lot. Mu Yuchen parked his car at his designated spot. Without hesitating, the woman beside him speedily got out of the car with her briefcase.

Ill go in first. Take your own briefcase.

She looked around and noticed that there were not many people, so she calmed down and walked into the building.

Employees crowded the office elevators early in the morning since working hours had started. She took a glance at the time and decided to walk straight up to themeeting.

Xi Xiaye felt a little helpless upon being late on the first work day after the New Year. For the first time, she had broken her year-long streak of being on time for work

Morning, Director Xi!

Hello, Director Xi!

Happy New Year, Director Xi!

Everyone seemed to be merry and many of them greeted Xi Xiaye along the way.

Most of the employees remember this director now after she stood on stage last night. Moreover, she had attended the event as Mu Yuchen partner which was intriguing to some of them.

Xi Xiaye arrived at the elevators and waited with everyone else.

There were several elevators for theemployees as well as one for the chairman exclusively. She was waiting in front of an employee lift.

After waiting for a while, waves of greetings came from behind her.

Hello, Chairman Mu!

Good morning, Chairman Mu!

Morning, Chairman Mu!

Xi Xiaye did not turn around when she heard the greetings to Mu Yuchen. Instead, his exclusive scent reached up to her, announcing the arrival of a certain someone beside her. He handed a phone to her and said calmly without looking at her, You left your phone in the car.

Xi Xiaye was stunned again. After a while, she came back to her senses after a while and quickly took the phone back before he stepped into his own exclusive lift.

At this moment, Xi Xiaye noticed everyone looking at her oddly.

They were doubtful, shocked, envious, and even ambiguous!

It was obvious that everyone was speculating about her relationship with Mu Yuchen, especially after what happened recently. There were rumors in the company that they were secret lovers, but of course, Xi Xiaye was totally unaware of this. She underestimated the gossip level of her subordinates.

When she arrived at her office, she noticed that Xiao Mei had cleaned up her table and was watering the plants next to the window at the moment.

Xiao Mei turned around to Xi Xiaye and greeted in excitement, Morning, Director! The PR Department has sent over red packets for the New Year!

She then pointed at the red packets on the table.

Xi Xiaye nodded before placing her briefcase aside. Checking out where Xiao Mei pointed, she saw an exceptionally large red packet.

Director, that red packet has the highest amount compared to all the previous years! Chairman Mu is really generous! Xiao Mei beamed happily.

Really? Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows with a grin. She opened the red packet and saw several pieces of red notes inside!

She smiled as she kept the red packet, then sheasked, Did you guys go back very late last night?

Not really. Most of us reached home before midnight. Last night was such a blast! We got to hang out with those big shot celebrities. Now, I kind of feel like they are as normal as weare, just that weve headed into different career pathways, Xiao Mei said straightforwardly with a wide smile on her face.


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