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Season 2

Episode 78

( Going To Work Together (1)

The night did not seem as indefinitely long as before. It was changing quietly and became shorter than before.

Dawn came. People woke up as the gentle sunlight shone upon them and they started their day full of energy, facing new challenges and working hard.

Xi Xiaye opened her eyes and things still seemed blurry for her. Rubbing her eyes with one hand, the other touched the empty side of the bed to find that the man was not there anymore, but some of his warmth remained.

As she grabbed her phone on the bedside drawer, she switched it on and took a look at the time. When she realized it was already half past eight, she jolted with shock!

Oh no!

She needed to go to work today!

She remembered that she had set the alarm clock at eight last night. How did she oversleep?

She left the bed as quickly as possible and put on an outfit. Then, she speedily went into the bathroom

After she was done and went downstairs with two black briefcases, Mu Yuchen was already reading the newspaper on the sofa. There was also some breakfast on the table, and it seemed like he already had his.

Why didnt you wake me up? Xi Xiaye complained when she saw him. It was already nearly nine, and they would probably be late for work.

He raised his head and looked at her when he heard her footsteps coming down.

Dressed in her usual black formal outfit, her waist-long black hair was left untied and she still seemed skinny as ever, but she looked rather well-rested.

He folded the papers and sipped some tea before saying, I saw that you were sleeping so soundly, so I gave you some extra time. Have your breakfast.

She held the two briefcases with just one hand as she went towards the table and grabbed a slice of bread. Then, she quickly drank from the glass of milk and left it aside. She rushed outside and urged him anxiously, Were not going to make it. Its almost 9 soon! Hurry!

She had already disappeared outside before Mu Yuchen could reply.

This woman was very dedicated to her work. Even he was impressed by her passion. Leaving his mug aside, he made a trip to the kitchen when he saw the half-drunk milk on the table.

When he drove to the entrance, she was already waiting for him. She opened the door to the front passenger seat when the car stopped. Then, she put the briefcases aside before continuing to munch on her bread.

He handed her a bottle of warm milk before starting the car.

Xi Xiaye took it from him and gulped it with the bread still inside her mouth. While he was focused on driving at the moment, she informed him, Ive put in the documents for Ah Mo inside your briefcase. Its the one in blue. There are also some digital documents too. Give me his email address and Ill send it to him directly.

She grabbed another morsel from the bread.

Ill ask him to go to your office after meeting later. Just copy it to him then, he replied quietly before speeding up.

Xi Xiaye nodded and swiftly finished the bread in her hand. She cleaned the crumbs up with a tissue paper before turning on the music player. Then, she started flipping through the papers she had just picked up at the villa entrance.

The moment she glanced at the first page, she saw that it was filled with news about the opening ceremony of Glory Worlds Imperial Sky Entertainment City. There was also mentions about her conflict with Xi Xinyi last night with a blown-up picture of Xi Xiaye extending her arm the second Xi Xinyi dropped the glass. However, there were no pictures of Mu Yuchen and her last night anywhere

She suddenly remembered his phone call the night before. It must be about this.

She did not say anything about it, but she lost interest in reading after she saw the news. Instead, she started looking at the scenery outside the car window.

Right, I forgot to tell you one thing. After some time, she suddenly remembered that Su Nan and Ruan Hengs wedding was on the fifteenth. Today was the eighth, so it was not very far away from now.

He slowed the car downas the traffic light in front turned red before replying briefly,Mmm.

Nan Nan and Ruan Hengs wedding is on the fifteenth. I asked them about the venue yesterday and it seems that they havent decided on it yet. Imperial Sky Hotel is just in the city and its convenient, so can we let them organize their wedding in Imperial Sky Hotel? She asked him.

You can decide on small matters like this. Just show them the card I gave you and theyll understand.

He took a pause after replying, and then continued, These two friends of yours are really great people. Youre really lucky to have friends like them. Get out more in the future and get to know more people, then youll start to improve on your pitiful EQ. Dont always just let your life revolve around work. Shouldnt you women always hang out at places like beauty shops or spas? Why do I have no recollection of you ever mentioning these places?

He continued driving.

Xi Xiaye was stunned when she heard him.

Women would be really sensitive towards terms like beauty and spa, but her first reaction was a frown on her face. She then touched her attractive face and looked at her hands. Do I look old lately? Am I looking that bad? Is my skin getting worse?

As expected, it was a typical reaction from a woman. Even Zhuang Shurong would behave similarly whenever Mu Tangchuan mentioned something like that. She would immediately take some time off to visit a spa.

And now his woman was the same too!

He glanced at her and noticed she was frowning like she was thinking hard about something. After a while, she turned to him. Im going to a spa this weekend. Why dont you come with me too? The masseuse there are pretty good and I know some of them well. We didnt really get to rest during the holidays anyway. Its not a bad idea to relax for a bit.

Masseuse? Man or woman? He suddenly demanded.

Xi Xiaye was a little taken aback and looked at him doubtfully. She then replied, There are a few pretty good-looking guys

Ill bring you somewhere else. You can go there in the future. His tone sounded firm and determined.

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