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Season 2

Episode 77

(He Warmed Her Up)

At the same time, in Maple Residence.

Xi Xiaye felt much better after taking a shower. Her exhaustion had melted away and by the time she went downstairs, Mu Yuchen was done cooking supper.

Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered that there was a meeting the next day as she had porridge inside her mouth. She lifted her head and studied the man opposite her drinking his porridge elegantly as she asked,What time is the morning meeting tomorrow?

Mu Yuchen grabbed a napkin and cleaned his mouth before replying, 9.30 in the morning.

Xi Xiaye nodded, then shereplied, Well arrive at the office by 9 a.m. then. Im sure everyone will party late tonight. Ive called Xiao Mei just now. They havent ended yet. Its almost 10 p.m. now and theyre just getting started.

Itll be done by 10.30p.m. Li Si and the others will take care of it. You dont have to worry.

Mu Yuchen suddenly looked at her with his deep and serene eyes. Ill propose the matter about Yueying on the agenda tomorrow. Vice President Liu might pay Yueying a visit in a few days. In addition to your mothers 20% shares, Vice President Liu is confident in gathering 35% of Yueyings shares, making Glory World the second largest stakeholder.

He discussed Yueyings matter with her.

Xi Xiaye went silent for some moments before nodding. Suddenly, she remembered something and quickly asked, 35% shares? Are we going to make high-priced purchases? Qikais group is interested in Yueying as well. Tell Vice President Liu to be wary.

Mu Yuchen did not deny it. Were not the main party developing Movie City, but its not a bad deal to try the showbiz industry now. I want to let Ah Mo handle this project. What do you think?

Ah Mo? In shock, she slowly swallowed the food in her mouth. Isnt Ah Mo your personal assistant?

Mu Yuchen put a hand on his forehead and rubbed it as he said in a tired tone, Ah Mo has been a foster child under my father since we were young. Hes my brother and hes not going to just follow me forever. He should have his own life.

Xi Xiaye went silent again. She then nodded before wiping her mouth with a napkin and replying, Youre right. I have no objections.

Compile a set of documents for Movie City and Yueying. Hand it to Ah Mo at work tomorrow.

Xi Xiaye stopped Mu Yuchen as he was about to do the dishes. Its fine. Ill do it. You go upstairs and take a shower.

She could not bear to see his exhausted expression as her heart softened. She then picked up the bowls quietly.

Upon seeing her picking up the bowls and vanishing into the kitchen,he went upstairs.

After doing the dishes, she prepared the documents for Ah Mo as well as the necessary documents for work the next day. By the time he was done showering, she entered the bedroom to see him calling someone by the bedside with his sleeping robe on. She heard phrases like media in his conversation.

His phone call ended when she reached beside him.

Lets rest early.

He switched his phone offand put it on the bedside drawer. He walked to the other side of the bed and lay down quietly.

She switched off the lights and slipped into the bed too. Swiftly, he went closer to her and she could feel his body warmth. After some silence in the dark, she suddenly turned over and called out to him, Mu Yuchen?

Mmm? He replied quietly, his grip on her waist tightening slightly.

She took a deep breath before continuing, When I came out from the washroom just now, I bumped into Han Yifeng

She had no idea who to tell these things. In the end, she decided to talk to him about it. For some reason, the things that she found frustrating and complicated would all become clear and simple after talking to him about it.

She had to admit that sometimes she just wanted to talk to him without any definite reason at all.

What did he say? He asked as his body warmth seeped into her through his chest, slowly warming her up. She wanted to hold onto that temperature, so she slowly moved her body closer to him and soon found a comfortable position as she lay down on his chest.

He asked if Im married to you She told him quietly.

Then, how did you reply? He asked calmly.

She took another deep breath, and then sighed, I told him were indeed married, so I think the Xi family will find out very soon. I just wanted to let you know. Im afraid they might give you a hard time later on

She was well aware that if they found out about it, excluding Deng Wenwen, Xi Jiyang and Xi Mushan might visit him for a talk, so she wanted to let him know beforehand.

He laughed when he heard the concern in her voice. His slightly hoarse voice reached her ears. Then, how would you like me to coordinate with you?

As if he could see through her easily, just by mentioning it, he could already guess what she was thinking about. Xi Xiaye was not used to him always knowing what she was thinking.

She was quiet in the dark for a long, long time. Soon, she put her hands on his around her waist. I hope they can see that were really in love with each other. Grandfather is worried about me Its fine as long as he knows Im doing well. Also, if they request anything from you, you dont have to entertain any of them

Arent we really in love right now? Just what are you thinking? He asked quietly. Then, he continued as he was reminded of something, Xiaye, no matter what the reason you agreed to marry me back then, I just hope the both of us can nowbe loyal to this marriage. Time has proven that were compatible with each other. Do you understand what Im saying?

She was startled for a moment, then shenodded. I understand.

Good, the things that will come are bound to come. If you cant handle it, Im always here. Remember that, alright?

His words of comfort were working on her. Soon, the uneasiness in her heart disappeared.

She nodded as he grabbed his hand. She could tell from his voice that he was exhausted. Mmm Good Go to sleep then. We have work tomorrow morning.

There was no reply from him. Only the sound of his light breathing answered her...


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