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Season 2

Episode 76

(Suffocating Emptiness)

She saw Mu Yuchen waiting at the staircase the moment she stepped out of the corridor.

He turned around when he heard the sound of footsteps, glancing at her as he extended his arm towards her.

She looked down as she went down the staircase, going straight towards him without any hesitation. He put his arms over her shoulders as she went near him. Lets go back. Its late.

She nodded, but after a while, she added, I dont think you ate anything. Arent you hungry?

Ill go back and cook something, he replied quietly.

Actually, I wanted to say that Im not exactly full as well

When Yifeng chased after her, he saw Mu Yuchen walking along with her under the dim street lights. Ah Mo had already opened the car door without them needing to tell him.

The car started moving through the night while the banquet still went on inside. The lights by the entrance shone in his eyes and the night breeze not only messed up his collar, but it also rifled his emotions as well.


After some time, suddenly Xi Xinyis voice reached him from behind, Han Yifeng turned around and realized that she was standing right behind him without him noticing.

Why are you here? Its cold outside

Xi Xinyi was concerned about Han Yifeng, her pretty little face still appearing a little sickly.

Han Yifeng glanced at her with a complicated gaze. After a while, he went down the stairs. Get into the car. Ill send you back.

Yifeng, can you stay with me tonight? Xi Xinyi caught up with him and grabbed his hand. Im a little sad

Naturally, he knew that it was about Xi Xiaye and what happened just now. Many people must have seen that and some people even started discussing it, especially after Mu Yuchen said something like that. Most of them had thrown odd glances at Xi Xinyi and she only managed to get out by giving an excuse of going to the washroom.

I want some quiet time alone. Let me send you back to West Park, Han Yifeng replied quietly. Xi Xinyis face turned even paler as her whole body shivered in shock at Han Yifengs reply.

It was the first time he had ever declined for her to stay over at his place.

Yifeng, whats wrong? She confronted him in shock.

Han Yifeng took a deep breath as he looked at Xi Xinyi before him, Xi Xiayes voice echoing in his ear.

He could not bear to see Xi Xinyis morose face as she tried to hide her pain. He then said, Im a little tired. I

Before he could finish his sentence, Xi Xinyi went forward and hugged him tightly. Her gentle voice was filled with unease. Yifeng, dont reject me You know, I really need you right now. Im really sad

Han Yifeng looked downwards at the sallow Xi Xinyi quietly. He could not bear to reject her and he nodded, dragging her away and taking his car keys out from his pocket as he walked towards the car.

Xi Xinyi smiled and went along with him, gently holding onto Han Yifengs hand

It was around 9 p.m. when they arrived at home.

Han Yifeng took off his coat and tie as he walked into the bathroom in his bedroom. Xi Xinyi sat on the bedside, about to make a call back to West Park. However, her phone rang when she just took it out. Her eyes turned cold when she saw the number and she went out onto the balcony.

She picked up the call swiftly. Hello? Hows that matter?

Ive sent the documents to your private email. Take a look at it. The cold voice hung up on her after a short reply.

Xi Xinyi frowned and stared at her phone. After a short silence, she deleted the number and went back into the room.

She was tired after a long day. She left her phone on the bedside drawer and just as she was about to look for some clothes, she accidentally saw a glass jar full of stars in a corner

She was bewildered for a moment as memories flashed back in her mind.

If she was not mistaken, this was Xi Xiayes birthday present to Han Yifeng back then!

This was supposed to be on the bookshelf. Han Yifeng had placed it on the table when he was rearranging the bookshelf, so why did it change places? And was the jar different now?

Countless possibilities flashed through her mind, each one of them giving her a grave sense of unease. Her hands clenched up and she just stared at the glass jar without moving an inch.

After some time, she came back to her senses when she heard the sound of the bathroom door opening. She peeped over. Yifeng, are you done already?

Its your turn, Han Yifeng replied her as he sat down on one side of the bed wearily.

Xi Xinyi got up and went into the bathroom.

After she was done, Han Yifeng was already lying down on the bed.

Xi Xinyi uncovered the comforter and went in, snuggling beside Han Yifeng and suggestively touching his waist as she asked him gently,Yifeng, Ive decided on your engagement gift. Do you still want it?

A refreshing aroma reached his nostrils. Han Yifeng opened his eyes and Xi Xinyis pretty little face was right before him. A seductive charm rose from her gentle-looking eyes as she kissed him before he could reply.

For a brief moment, that familiar void came back to him. He was anxious to look for something to fill it up and his eyes started to go blurry when he looked at Xi Xinyi in front of him.

Of course. He grabbed Xi Xinyi and turned her around, reversing their positions. He watched Xi Xinyi below him quietly while a voice came from his mind clearly.

The woman right here was the woman he loved dearly!

He pressed down onto her anxiously and started his plunderlike a tirade of fierce waves. He had zero consideration for Xi Xinyi at all as he took her violently and ferociously.

The suffocating emptiness came in waves. The more he plundered, the worse he felt about the emptiness inside him. In the end, he stopped his movements and got off Xi Xinyi

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