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Season 2

Episode 74

(Why Shouldn't I Marry Him? (1)

As the suave music floated in the air, Glory World’s management team started to toast with the guests. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye got up and walked around too.

They looked just like a couple who were match-made in heaven and became the entire banquet’s center of attention.

“Xiaye, you look splendid tonight! You’ve shocked me!”

When she reached Su Nan’s table, Su Nan could not help but walk up to give Xi Xiaye a hug. Xi Xiaye could only smile in response.

Xi Xiaye’s slightly raspy voice said softly in her ear,“Thank you, Su Nan.”

Su Nan patted her back and let go of her. Then, she looked to Mu Yuchen on the side and smiled. “Thank you, Master Mu!”

Mu Yuchen naturally knew what Su Nan meant. He gazed meaningfully at Xi Xiaye beside him, then turned to lift his glass towards Su Nan in response.

All of a sudden, a commotion broke out up front. A few bright figures entered their sight. When they looked up, they saw that Han Yifeng, Xi Xinyi, and Huang Shanshan had walked over.

Leading the pack was Huang Shanshan who had on a smile on her charming face. Her beautiful eyes twinkled and her steps were light as they walked up to Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. When she stopped, her gentle gaze did not even look at Xi Xiaye once. It stopped right on Mu Yuchen. She smiled and greeted, “We meet again, Master Mu! The last time, I didn’t greet you properly, so I’ve come with my drink to apologize. Cheers!”

Once Huang Shanshan finished, Xi Xiaye was stunned. Naturally, she did not miss Huang Shanshan’s concealed admiration in her eyes which was unexpected to her. Then, she watched the man beside her in amusement, yet the man’s expression remained as usual. His eyes were still as water, his gaze brushing past Huang Shanshan and lookingaheadas if he did not see Huang Shanshan.

Xi Xiaye followed his gaze and saw Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi walking over.

Despite downing her drink, Huang Shanshan, who did not receive a response, saw how Mu Yuchen did not even take as much of a glance at her as if he did not hear her voice. The awkwardness could not be concealed from her beautiful face, especially when a few people shot her odd glances from the side…

Her face could not help but sink. When she saw Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi walk over, she retreated, feeling upset and seeming embarrassed.

Han Yifeng was a gentleman and he acknowledged as he walked up to Mu Yuchen,“Congratulations, Chairman Mu.”

“Sis, you’re really beautiful today! I knew that you were always…” Xi Xinyi still looked very pale, but there was a faint smile on her face. She looked so vulnerable that it made one feel sorry for her.

When Xi Xinyi said this, Huang Shanshan’s glance turned bitter. She was about to reach out to pull Xi Xinyi away, yet the latter had walked right up to Xi Xiaye. She took a glass of wine from the waiter’s tray and handed it to Xi Xiaye. “Sis, I want to make a toast to you to wish you a Happy New Year, and may Glory World take it to the next level!”

Xi Xiaye observed at the wine that was handed to her and raised her brows before exchanging a look with Mu Yuchen beside her. After some thought, she then slowly reached out, yet before she could hold it steadily, there was an outcry

The sloshing of the wine was heard. At the same time, Su Nan’s voice called out, “Xiaye, watch out!”

Xi Xiaye realized something almost at the same time. Her hand reached down at lightning speed and caught the glass that fell by a close shave as the wine that splashed out wet her hand.

A sneer quickly appeared at the corner of her mouth as she looked meaningfully at Xi Xinyi who seemed alarmed and apologetic. Then, she smiled wryly without uttering a word. She only looked at her indifferently, then peered down at the half-empty glass.

“I’m sorry… It wasn’t on purpose,” Xi Xinyi murmured apologetically with her head lowered.

The moment Xi Xinyi said that, Su Nan refuted her,“I think you were doing it on purpose. How repulsive!”

“Watch what you’re saying!” Huang Shanshan immediately rushed over defensively.

Xi Xiaye was calm as usual though. Her smile faintly showed hints of ridicule, yet her twinkling eyes were densewith an indescribable gloominess and even complication. She just inhaled and looked on apathetically at Xi Xinyi who feigned innocence, her cold voice as calm as autumn waters as she lamented, “Apart from using such tricks, can’t you change to something else like ruin my gown? Or did you want the opportunity to tell whoever that I didn’t give you face, intentionally not accepting your glass? To complain before Grandfather and Grandmother about how I crossed the line? Did you forget? You’ve already used this same trick at my 16th birthday banquet. Back then, I didn’t seem to be like this right now. I took the glass you handed, but it shattered all over the floor and even hurt your foot…”

Xi Xiaye paused and watched Xi Xinyi’s face instantly freeze up. She then smiled and continued, “After that, because of this incident, Grandmother punished me by making me face the wall. I knelt in her study room for a whole night. And that other time when the gown was burnt, remember? Xi Xinyi, it seems that every single time, you’d only know how to… mmm, right… just like you are right now, looking very innocent and wronged. Tell us that you didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t you know that an excessive coincidence no longer becomes a coincidence? That’s just ingenuity. Do you think you’re someone who could scheme like this?”

Xi Xinyi’s little face instantly turned pale. She was stumped for words and looked a little stiffly at Xi Xiaye.

The people around could obviously hear Xi Xiaye too. All of them instantly turned around and looked over. Their gaze quickly fixated on Xi Xinyi who was biting her lips slightly while looking weak and at a loss.

“I’m not. I really didn’t do it on purpose. You’re like this every single time! How do I… How do I explain it to you? You don’t even give me a chance to explain properly. When I try to be friendly to you, do you even give me a chance?”

Out of the blue, Xi Xinyi suddenly found the courage to say this to Xi Xiaye while more and more people all around were peering over at the moment.

When Huang Shanshan saw Xi Xinyi reacting like that, she found it difficult to bear. Just as she wanted to walk up to her, Su Nan blocked her and kept her at bay.

Unable to go ahead, Huang Shanshan became exasperated. She glared at Su Nan and snapped coldly,“Su Nan, f*ck off!”

Su Nan smiled in disdain. “I’ve grown to this age, but I still don’t know how to write the words ‘f*ck off’. How about you demonstrate to me how to f*ck off?”

“Su Nan, I’ll advise you that it’s best not to cross the line.”

Su Nan sneered without care. “It’s you guys who’re crossing the line! You’re deliberately trying to pick a fight, aren’t you? Do you see what this launch is? Is it a place for you people to just come and put on a show?”

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