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Season 2

Episode 73

(Grand Launch( 7)

Mu Yuchen just looked back at her calmly as if he was enjoying a movie.

Xi Xiaye went silent for a moment before she averted her gaze back to the card in her hand. Her cold and calm voice reached everyone through the microphone

“I hereby announce the annual ambassador for Glory World: Ms. Caitlyn! Congratulations, Ms. Caitlyn!”

Xi Xiaye turned to Caitlyn’s direction with smiling eyes. Caitlyn stood up in disbelief, covering her mouth in surprise.

The crowd gave her a big round of applause while cries of approval and words of congratulations went around everywhere.

After a while, Caitlyn came back to her senses and went up onstage amidst the crowd cheering. She soon arrived beside Xi Xiaye.

“Congratulations! I hope we’ll work well with each other.” Xi Xiaye smiled as she congratulated Caitlyn, her eyes brightening up a little. She extended her hand towards Caitlyn.

“Thank you, Director Xi! I’m really honored!”

Although Caitlyn was already contracted with Glory World, she actually had the lowest chance of winning this race for the main ambassador role. It was a known fact within the industry, the news of a celebrity getting married at the peak of her career would lower her popularity. However, Caitlyn still gave it a try.

Xi Xiaye’s smile gave Caitlyn a sense of peace. “You deserve it. I hope we can work well in the future. I heard about you and your husband. I really admire you and am impressed by your courage. I wish you all the best!”

“Thank you! I’m really thankful! This is surprising. I… I’m a little”

Caitlyn looked at Xi Xiaye gratefully. Having seen her speaking with Chairman Mu quietly earlier, she realized that for her to be able to get this role, Xi Xiaye might have put in a great deal of help.

Caitlyn suddenly started sobbing. Just how many people understood the hardships on the pathway to becoming a star?

For some reason, she felt at ease when she was with Xi Xiaye. She thought that maybe this elegant lady before her understood her.

From the very first time she saw Xi Xiaye, Caitlyn was comfortable with her and felt that she might be someone that she could trust and be friends with.

Suddenly, she could not help herself but engulf Xi Xiaye in a hug.

Of course, Xi Xiaye had no idea what Caitlyn was thinking about, so she was stunned for a moment when she hugged her. Nevertheless, she smiled when she noticed the glitter in Caitlyn’s eyes, and she embraced her back gracefully.

And yet, this scene shocked everyone!

While Caitlyn seemed very friendly and elegant, she was known for being prideful in the industry. No one had ever seen her being particularly close with anyone, but now

On the other hand, Director Xi Xiaye from Glory World seemed to have a cold personality. Upon witnessing these two ladies hugging each other, it became a beautiful scene that touched many people who saw this heartwarming incident.

Xi Xiaye patted Caitlyn’s back lightly. “All the best!” She then let go of Caitlyn and walked off the stage slowly.

Caitlyn wiped the tears on the verge of her eyes away. Then, she gave a gratitude speech before singing a classic old song, “Applause”.

The atmosphere in the hall had reached its very peak. Many people were on the verge of tearing when they heard Caitlyn’s gentle crooning.

As Xi Xiaye went back to her seat, she was reminded of all the struggles she had faced along the way. She related to them deeply, but felt a little sour inside as she turned towards the man beside her

His expression seemed indifferent and he was calm as usual. However, he put his hand on hers and rested them on her knee as if he was comforting her.

She felt his warmth coming from his palm. It was slowly reaching towards her core and she could feel her cold body temperature slowly rising.

However, while such a scene could make someone happy, it caused a certain person to get infuriated as well!

Several tables away, Huang Shanshan’s face darkened. She almost could not suppress the anger within her as she glared coldly at Caitlyn signing on stage. Switching her gaze to Xi Xiaye, she clenched her fists when she saw Xi Xiaye looking at Mu Yuchen.

Beside her,Xi Xinyi looked pale, her eyes appearing frail and disappointed as if she was hurt. She bit her red lips and was trying her best to hide her pain.

“It must have been Xi Xiaye. She must have done something! It’s her! Xinyi, did you see that? That woman is just wicked! Just who is Caitlyn? How dare she take away what belongs to you? It must be Xi Xiaye who pulled some strings from behind!” Huang Shanshan was enraged and she clenched her teeth hard.

“Did you see that, Yifeng? This is Xi Xiaye’s doing. She’s the supervisor for this project, so it was as easy as a snap of her finger to change the name. Xinyi should be the one to win this! And now Caitlyn has grabbed it away from her! Is this what she gets for treating Xi Xiaye like her sweet sister? That’s great, Xinyi! Did you see that?”

Huang Shanshan was oddly worked up about it. Furthermore, she felt terrible when she saw Xi Xinyi’s pale and injured expression. In her state of anger and unhappiness, she could not help but burst out in rage when she saw Xi Xiaye still appearing calm.

“Sis… Yifeng… I”

Xi Xinyi seemed disappointed and hurt as she looked at Han Yifeng beside her and sniffed.

Han Yifeng remained silent, his expression cold and his lips pursed. He looked at Caitlyn onstage quietly. Undoubtedly, her singing touched him slightly. He averted his gaze and looked towards Xi Xiaye’s direction.


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