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Season 2

Episode 72

(Grand Launch (6)

At the same time, Han Yifeng was watching Xi Xiaye from below. The moment he saw her standing on the stage so calmly, he knew that the girl he had been familiar with many years ago no longer existed. She had changed a lot

It seemed that she had actually never changed one bit. He just never paid enough attention to her and he did not know her well enough.

“Ms. Xiaye is confirmed to have been married. She got registered last year,” echoed the voice of his assistant, Secretary Wang in his ear. He found out that the man who married Xi Xiaye was actually Mu Yuchen.

As he thought of it, he looked over at Mu Yuchen’s direction who was chatting with people around him with a smile on his face while he glanced over to the stage occasionally

He felt conflicted and suppressed on the inside. In an attempt to hide it, he lowered his head and chugged down the glass of wine.

Xi Xinyi carefully observed Han Yifeng’s reaction as her eyebrows lowered slightly as she tried to hide her emotions under her eyes. She pursed her lip as her facial expression froze up and she glanced up on stage from time to time to study the low-profile yet brightly shining Xi Xiaye

After Xi Xiaye was done with her introductions, next up was the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The people participating in this were the people from the government sector, Mu Yuchen, Zhang Lan, and the others.

Following that, the atmosphere at the venue was really heated up. Waiters started serving dishes to each table, and performances went up one after another on stage. All of them were invited celebrities who marked the true opening of the banquet!

Xi Xiaye sat back into her seat and was looking for something to drink when Mu Yuchen handed her a glass of warm water. “Let’s go back earlier tonight,” he said quietly when he saw the exhaustion in her eyes.

Although she understood what he meant, as the supervisor, she had to wait until everything was finished and packed up before leaving.

“I’ll get Li Si to prepare some extra hands. We can go back after announcing the ambassador for Jewelry City later.”

Only the rave party remained. Both Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were similar as they did not like parties like those.

The world under the flashy lights was not what they wanted; they could only be themselves after removing the fancy spotlights away from them.

Xi Xiaye was deep in thought for a moment before nodding. Since she had not been resting well for the past few days, she felt pretty exhausted herself and wanted to get decent rest before going back to work the next day.

People at the venue were getting more and more excited, especially when popular stars like Caitlyn and Lin Ling started singing. They gavetheir all for their audience, hoping that they could grab the spot as Glory World’s main ambassador.

When the host called Xi Xinyi’s name out, the crowd cheered and she went up on stage like a beautiful and elegant princess. There was no doubt that many people liked her.

Some of the important guests and movie directors were speaking with one another, exchanging their opinions and commenting on the celebrities onstage. At that moment, they were nodding as they looked at Xi Xinyi who was currently singing.

“Who do you think is suitable?”

As Xi Xiaye was sipping some wine, she heard Mu Yuchen’s quiet voice. A little startled, she raised her head and looked at him, then sheglanced over at Xi Xinyi who seemed to be struggling inside as her eyes held conflict. She went silent for a while before giving an objective opinion.

“Caitlyn is a truly talented person in the entertainment industry. She’s pretty popular and has a strong character, plus her image is mature as well, so that’s pretty good. Lin Ling became popular thanks to her unique quiet aura as well as her amazing voice. As for Xi Xinyi… She’s more towards the pure and innocent type, a one-of-a-kind princess. Each of them has their own perks.”

He laughed when she gave him such a serious reply. “If I let you decide, who would you choose?”

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and peered at him. “I get to decide?”

He glanced at her with an odd look as he said in an indifferent tone,“Tell me.”

Xi Xiaye looked over at Caitlyn and the others, then she watched Xi Xinyi. “I’d pick Caitlyn.”

“Caitlyn is pretty fantastic in the entertainment industry. Although she’s now married, her popularity has increased instead. She and her husband are a pair of well-known models as a couple. They’re really in love with each other. Her husband avoided appearing before media for her sake. I followed her in the news some time back. I prefer her because she’s more mature. What do you think?”

Mu Yuchen smiled. “No personal feelings included?”

She shook her head. “Of course not. I’m just telling the truth. But it seems that the PR Department and Vice President Zhang have already decided.”

Seeing how she was just calmly sipping her wine, he smiled without saying anything. He waved his hand and Li Si came over swiftly. Then, he quietly gave some orders to Li Si who nodded and headed straight towards the host on stage.

After Xi Xinyi’s performance ended, there was a short silence. The guests were buzzing with conversation. After some time, the music changed into a cheerful tone as the host spoke into the mic full of energy and excitement.

“Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, we’re now having another exciting event for tonight! Next up, let’s have Director Xi up on stage. She’ll be announcing the annual main ambassador. This lucky person will become the face and representative of Glory World. Please welcome Director Xi!”

Xi Xiaye put her hand on her forehead when she heard the host’s voice. So, this was what a supervisor had to go through! She glanced at the man beside her and said, “Do you wanna go?”

Mu Yuchen ignored her as he was talking to Zhou Zimo.

Damn it!

Xi Xiaye frowned. Inhaling a deep breath, she stood up. Once again, she headed towards the stage.

She grabbed the mic from the host as she arrived at the center of the stage and an assistant swiftly handed her a prepared envelope. Everyone hushed down and the air turned tense all of a sudden.

Xi Xiaye opened the envelope with her fingers and took the card out. Peeking at the name, her eyebrows raised and she glanced over at Mu Yuchen’s direction.

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