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Season 2

Episode 71

(Grand Launch (5)

Xi Xiaye went up on stage calmly escorted by the applause and cheering from the crowd. She did not seem flustered at all. Instead, the crowd quieted down when she went up on stage.

Xi Xiaye looked at everyone with a calm expression as her sapphire blue figure packed a strong power within her. She seemed so flawless and confident.

She opened the draft of the speech and spoke, her calm voice reaching everyone.

Thank you, everyone, for attending the opening night of Glory Worlds Imperial Sky Entertainment City. I hereby welcome all our guests on behalf of our employees.

The crowd applauded again as everybody stared straight at the little sapphire figure. There was no doubt that Xi Xiaye had now become a beautiful view on stage.

Su Nan kept on waving her hands at Xi Xiaye onstage. Ruan Heng was helpless as she was unable to hold her enthusiasm in and shouted loudly.

Xiaye, all the best! Xiaye!

Director Xi is so beautiful!

Imperial Sky Entertainment City was proposed on XX year XX month. We started developing it on XX year XX month, and we were done on XX year XX month. Weve received satisfactory results from our trial business run which spanned a total of four years. Long before I took over, Director Chu from the sales department had been working tirelessly on this project. I only took over after Director Chu was transferred away. Many employees have worked hard to achieve the great results today, and Id like to thank all of them for their hard work

Xi Xiayes confident speech made all the Glory Worlds employees feel proud of their work and they were really grateful.

Everyone who had worked with Director Xi before would know that even though she seemed notably cold, she was actually very easygoing once you got to know her. They found that she was an amicable person to chat with as well.

It was common to spot her at the canteen, eating the same food as the other employees. At the work site, she would not just stand there and order people around. Instead, she worked with the others, and during emergencies, she would give her all to help as well.

Many people in the company admired this young female director in their company. A large number of male colleagues even thought of her as their goddess, and the female colleagues thought of her as their role model.

Of course, they all cheered passionately as their goddess was giving a speech on stage. The Planning Department and the working group for Imperial Sky Entertainment City were clapping their hardest,s so much so that their faces went red. Director Xi had become their representative as she reported their progress.

Xi Xiaye took a pause as she looked at the crowd below. Instinctively, she shot the working group a smile with the applause still going on. She continued, Imperial Sky Entertainment City was built with Imperial Sky Hotel, Imperial Sky Fashion City, and also Imperial Sky Jewelry City, as well as Imperial Sky VIP Club. Imperial Sky Hotel started running over a year ago, and its now a five-star hotel under Glory World. Imperial Sky Fashion City started running several years back with a total of

Calm, elegant, and professional

Xi Xiaye left such a positive impression on everyone, unlike the female celebrities who liked to fight for the spotlight onstage. She did not seem like she would lose to them at all.

There was a saying that a man was the most attractive when he was focused on work. At this very moment, to the crowd in the hall, a woman that was focused on reporting her work, more specifically, Xi Xiaye who was focused on her reports was truly shining. Everyone was attracted to her.

Mu Yuchen raised his head and looked at the little figure onstage with a warm smile. It was the first time he had ever listened to a report so carefully and a rare gentleness appeared in his eyes.

Zhou Zimo leaned over slightly with a wine glass in his hand as he spoke to Mu Yuchen quietly, Your wife seems to suit you a lot. I think you guys look more and more perfect together. I see its not a bad idea to hunt your own employees. Now, I get why the rabbit would eat the grass near its burrow.

A teasing tone lay in his calm voice. While he was talking, he glanced between Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye onstage with an ambiguous gaze.

You can imitate me as well. Go and look for a female employee in your company, Mu Yuchen took a sip and replied.

Zhou Zimo shrugged as he chuckled. If theres someone like your woman in my company, I dont mind, really. But most of the women in my company look like women out here. They gaze at you like a predator every time you walk past them as if theyre going to swallow you whole. Look there, just like that woman! She seems to be interested in you

Zhou Zimo signaled Mu Yuchen, who turned towards the direction he was indicating, onlyto see Huang Shanshan making eyes at him with a flirtatious look. Her eyes brightened slightly when she was looking at Mu Yuchen, then she smiled shyly when she saw him returning her gaze. After she raised her wine glass slightly and gave him a toast from afar, she averted her sight.

Mu Yuchen frowned the moment he saw her, unable to hide the coldness in his eyes. He thought that this woman was a little familiar, then he remembered that she had tried to slap Xi Xiaye at Han Yifengs engagement party.

How could they let people like her come in?

Mu Yuchen stared at her coldly and deflected his gaze. The coldness in his eyes was obvious.

The gentle and refined Zhou Zimo actually teased Mu Yuchen as he looked at him oddly,Although youre low-profile, it seems that youre still pretty popular now, but youre too anti-social. I wonder how many women would be heartbroken if they found out that youre married.

Why dont you take the hit for me? Mu Yuchen glanced back at him and said.

Im not blessed enough to enjoy these. However, it seems that your woman is in trouble. Look there, and there

He glanced around when he heard Zhou Zimo. He saw several predatory gazes glowering at Xi Xiaye, including Huang Shanshan just now, who was throwing her an unfriendly stare.

His frown deepened as he raised his head slightly and looked at the petite woman who was still in the midst of her speech. Soon, his eyes darkened.


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