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Season 2

Episode 67

(Grand Launch( 1)

Once she entered the bathroom, she practically changed her clothes at the quickest speed.

He had prepared rather sufficiently. Even the shoes and accessories were paired and it did save her quite some time. She swiftly put on the clothes and accessories, and casually tied her hair into a beautiful bun, holding it up with the chosen hairpin. Then, she put on simple and light makeup.

She was very quick, and without any elaborate adornment either. Everything was settled within the blink of an eye.

When she looked at herself in the mirror, Xi Xiaye was a little shocked. With this dress on her, she almost could not recognize herself. The gown was very suitable and with such delicate accessories that matched it well, she looked gorgeous.

She was dazed for a while, then she snapped back after a moment. When she saw the wound that was vaguely exposed on her shoulder, she instantly frowned again.

Mu Yuchen had chosen a dress that covered her chest. However, even though the left side of it had been specially adjusted and it came with a shawl of the same color, it did not seem to completely cover up her wound.

Just as her beautiful brows were knotted in her dilemma, the bathroom door suddenly swung open. She followed the source of the sound and noticed Mu Yuchen already walking in with huge strides.

He examined her slightly and could not hide how she took his breath away. However, he very quickly returned to his senses, looked down, and quietly studied the wound on her left shoulder that could not be entirely hidden.

There was some dimness in her eyes; it seemed to be a sadness that was hard to hold back. She fell silent for a while and then said sorrowfully, I think its best I just wear my work suit. Im afraid I wont be able to wear a dress like this for the rest of my life

It was not a bad thing to be working so hard. The doctor had already told her very clearly then that the wound would leave a scar. Even though she did not pick at the healing pad, she knew that it must be just as the doctor said.

When he saw her fatigued expression instantly go pale, it made his heart sink. His eyes held pity for her. He reached out with his arm and could not help but pull her into a hug into his embrace as he scolded softly, Thats enough. How big of an issue is this? Isnt it just a little wound? Therell be a way to make it fade.

Even though he was scolding her, his tone did not soundreprimanding at all.

As he said this, she suddenly saw him lift a hand. A cool and almost flirtatious sapphire blue rose entered her sight. It was a blossoming sapphire blue rose.

He lowered his head and bent over slightly. Very carefully and earnestly, he put the blossoming blue rose in his hand to her chest, the blossoming and flirtatiously beautiful petals instantly covering the wound that showed.

He meticulously arranged it for a while and fixed her shawl before straightening up and watching her in satisfaction. He chuckled. Just like that. Isnt it all good now?

Xi Xiaye lowered her head slightly took and looked towards her left shoulder. The wound had been completely hidden whilst the cold and beautiful petals blended into the dress on her, appearing very compatible.

Her twinkling eyes suddenly became distracted as she quietly looked on and on

Then, her eyes suddenly heated up and she felt something in her throat. Faint flickering sparkles appeared in her vision and she could not help but turn her head away to blink hard.

She did not say anything for quite a while.

He thought she was still upset about the wound, so he went over to hold her by the shoulder and said calmly, Enough now. Moderation is key. If therell be a scar, then let there be a scar especially since you just let me look while you strip when I didnt even say anything. So, what are you worried for?

Initially, she felt somewhat upset and moved, yet when he said this, she suddenly felt embarrassed and forgot all about being upset. She immediately turned her head and blinked her eyes with flickering sparkles of droplets in them. Glaring at him, she said angrily as she felt shameful, How vulgar!

Mu Yuchens eyes twinkled. He returned her glare with an objection, his expression extremely calm and distant as he answered disapprovingly, Im just telling the truth. Dont you think it is?

Xi Xiaye looked a little speechless and then she rolled her eyes.

This man is really able to completely turn my emotions upside down. Initially, I shouldve been

She could not be bothered with him. Unable to stand his sly and unfathomable gaze, she turned around and walked out of the door. Its about time. If we dont go now, well be late.

When he saw her walk out the door in a huff, he chuckled without a word. He stared at her slender figure for quite a while then slowly followed after.

Master, Missus!

Once the door was opened, Ah Mo who was outside immediately walked up. When he saw Xi Xiaye walk out while holding the hem of her dress up, his eyes lit up. He subconsciously turned to look at Li Si who looked stunned as well. He turned blank.

Lets go. Mu Yuchens voice sounded, his eyes sweeping across Ah Mo and Li Si who could not help but feel a sudden chill down their backs. They then quietly lowered their heads

While at this moment, the International Exhibition Centre was already filled with guests, it was bustling all over the place.

Soothing and gentle music filled the venue while experienced waiters shuttled back and forth serving tea and finger food. The host up front was testing the microphone and on both sides of the super huge screens, they were playing a promotional video of the different departments in Glory World Corporation.

Congratulatory greetings went around the room.

The several VIP tables up front were slowly filling with people. However, the one most important had yet to arrive though just like how big shot celebrities who were invited usually appeared last. The crowd did not forget that this launch was meant to announce Glory World Corporations determination in advancing into the showbiz industry as well.

In the guest seats up front, there were many well-known directors and people-in-charge of movie and television companies. The reporters had also gone through strict screening, and only several media houses earned the right to enter.

A competition among those in show business might happen right there really soon.

As the time closed in, the atmosphere suddenly became exciting and everyone was looking forward to it. Even the venue music changed to slightly more upbeat Latin music.

Outside the venue, many fans of movie stars and singers also knew about this launch, so they rushed over and gathered outside. Unfortunately, they were stopped outside the protective fence next to the stairs by the security staff.

Both sides of the carpark were filled with cars. There was a vast crowd on both sides of the staircase as many had gone over just to catch the excitement too.

A silver luxury limousine sped in, slowly stopping in front of the stairs.

The car door quickly opened.

Its CEO Zhou. Hes finally here!

Zhang Lan personally walked down the stairs to greet him respectfully.

The person who came was Zhou Zimo, their Masters good friend. He was the young one in power of Zhou Corporation and he was very well-known in the business circle too.


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