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Season 2

Episode 66

(Glamorous Appearance (4)

When she stood beside Ruan Heng, they looked well matched with each other.

In the blink of an eye, Su Nan had already let go of her hand clinging onto Ruan Hengs arm and walked up to Xi Xiaye. When she saw that Xi Xiaye was still in her black formal suit, she immediately frowned. Its already this hour, but youre still dressed like that?

Xi Xiaye laughed out loud and put her phone away on the side. Ruan Heng smiled and nodded at Xi Xiaye before walking over to greet Vice President Zhang.

Are you going to just attend the event like this? Everyone knows tonights practically a competition of who looks the best, and youre dressed like this! What would Master Mu think? Be careful of the beautifully dressed women waiting for their chance to get close to Master Mu. I heard that therell even be a dance floor later!

Su Nan pulled Xi Xiaye aside as she showed her long gown off. Look at me. Even I changed into this. In fact, Xi Xinyi and Han Yifeng are coming over tonight as well, arent they? Arent you going to grab the opportunity to step on them and help me stave this anger off for me?

Xi Xiaye then could not help but be slightly distracted. She fell silent for a moment then helplessly waved the phone in her hand and answered calmly, I was so busy that I forgot. I was just about to call you and ask for you to pick a dress for me, but time flew by pretty quickly. Its almost half past 3, and you and Ruan Heng are already here.

Su Nan was speechless. She could only scratch her head and could not help but be driven slightly mad. Im so done with you. Youre so dense! Fine, fine, Ill accompany you to go take a look now. Isnt Fashion City just nearby? Lets go over to take a look first. Lets go!

As she said this, she pulled Xi Xiaye along with her.

Never mind. Theres no need. Ill just go myself. The banquet is going to start soon. You two go in first. Otherwise, you wont be able to find anyonelater.Ill have to go backstage later on as well. Xiao Mei, please bring Mr. Ruan and Miss Su in.

Xi Xiaye did not wait for Su Nan to say anything further. She just waved for her assistant, Xiao Mei, to bring them in.

Nan Nan, Ruan Heng, you two follow Xiao Mei in and find a good spot first. Ill look for you later.

Mr. Ruan, Miss Su, this way. Xiao Mei smiled as she greeted them.


Su Nan wanted to say something, but Ruan Heng held her back. Xiaye, then well go in first. See you later!

Xi Xiaye nodded. Lets go in!

Ruan Heng dragged Su Nan and followed Xiao Mei in.

As she watched their figures disappear past the door, Xi Xiaye breathed in slightly. She stole a glance at the time on her phone and habitually reached out to cover her forehead with her hand. She was thinking about whether or not to rush out to search for a gown when a voice interrupted her thoughts

Director Xi! It was Li Si.

His sudden voice made Xi Xiaye look up abruptly too. She looked at Li Si who was walking towards and could not help but be slightly shocked.

Since Li Si was here, did that mean that Mu Yuchen had come too?

Secretary Li? Xi Xiaye responded, subconsciously peeking behind him, yet she did not see signs of the man. She could not help but feel puzzled when she turned to Li Si.

Master is still in the hotel. He wants you to go over right away,Li Si said softly to Xi Xiaye.

When she heard him, Xi Xiaye instantly frowned. She did not understand. The opening ceremony is going to start right away. Everything else after that

Masters already called Manager Fang to ask him to take charge of all the matters afterward, Li Si responded.

Director Xi, since thats the case, you should make a trip there. Itll be fine with me here. Besides, you should change your outfit. Vice President Zhang Lan smiled from the side.

Xi Xiaye fell silent for a moment, then she nodded. Then, Ill have to trouble you, VP Zhang. Ill go over for a bit.

Zhang Lan smiled in response.

Lets go. Xi Xiaye picked up her pace and walked to the stairs while Li Si politely nodded to VP Zhang and then followed after her.

She followed Li Si to Emperor Hotel where Mu Yuchen was waiting in his VIP room.

Missus, please go in. Masters right inside.

They had just walked past a long corridor, and when they reached the door, Ah Mo seemed to have been waiting for a long time. He respectfully opened the room door for her, indicating for her to enter.

Youre still here? The opening ceremony is about to start soon! Xi Xiaye raised her brows and took a look at Ah Mo and Li Si.

Ah Mo smiled. We were waiting for you, Missus. Please go in!

Why were they being all mysterious?

If she had known, then she would have called him and the gown problem could have been resolved earlier, but she had forgotten about that too.

Xi Xiaye then picked up her pace and walked in before Ah Mo quickly closed the door.

She had just stepped into the room when his handsome figure entered her sight. Standing there before the French windows with his hand clasped behind his back, when he heard the sound of footsteps, the man instantly turned around and looked at the door.

Just as he thought, he saw that the slender woman was still dressed in the black formal suit. She looked very experienced and steady, yet to him, he felt that this woman was actually very delicate and frail. Furthermore, she was worried about her weight

What is it?

Xi Xiayes beautiful brows raised slightly when she saw that his gaze fell onto her without shifting for quite a while. Then, she looked down to see if there was anything wrong with her.

When he heard her crisp voice, his noble and handsome face appeared comfortable. The hands he set behind him lifted and reached out towards her and his voice was deep yet calm. Come over!

His smile was inviting and his deep voice sounded like there were hints of warmth too. For some reason, it eased her fatigue. She thought about it for quite a while, then she walked over.

She had just walked up to him when her entire being was surrounded by him around the shoulders as he hugged her fiercely.


Hugging her, the two of them stood shoulder to shoulder. He still looked at her from his towering position, seeing that the tag on her chest had already titled to one side, so he reached out to help her straighten it.

Im fine. The opening ceremony is starting soon. I

Xi Xiaye wanted to tell him that she had to rush to get a gown now, yet before she could say anything, Mu Yuchen continued, Oh, so you know its going to start soon too. Her beautiful brows furrowed even further as she looked up at him, her starry eyes flickering with puzzlement.

He shot her a glance and patted her head like a punishment. Then, he pointed to the bag on the sofa. Quickly go in and change into it.

When he said this, Xi Xiaye was stunned. She followed his line of sight and saw that there was indeed something on the sofa. She looked at him suspiciously as if realizing something. She then walked over

Indeed, it was a gorgeous gown in the bag.

It turned out that he really did listen to her last night, yet he had not answered her. How annoying!

Xi Xiaye glared at him, not saying anything though. Then, she picked the gown upand walked to the bathroom.

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