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Season 2

Episode 65

(Glamorous Appearance (3)

Xi Xinyi looked at the reflection of Huang Shanshans pretty little face in the mirror. She did not miss her blank stare as well. Although she thought of something to tell her, she refrained herself from doing so when she saw Huang Shanshan suddenly grin.

After a while, the makeup artists were done with their makeup.

Xi Xinyi only put on light makeup. As for Huang Shanshan, she put on rather heavy makeup to pair with the bright red dress on her. They looked pretty great.

Xinyi, give Cousin a call. My company CEO will be here soon. Ill meet up with him first. I dont want to leave him waiting. Huang Shanshan lifted her long dress up a little and gazed at herself in the mirror cheerfully as she spoke.

Xi Xinyi nodded. Okay, you can go first. Ill call Yifeng now.

Mmm, see you there later. Im looking forward to you topping all the other ladies there! Get your groove on!

Huang Shanshan grabbed her handbag and walked outside. Suddenly, Xi Xinyi called out to her, Shanshan, wait!

Anything else? Huang Shanshan halted in her steps when Xi Xinyi called her. She looked in Xi Xinyis direction in surprise.

Xi Xinyi swiftly opened her handbag and took out a bright jade bracelet. Then, she went over to Huang Shanshan and grabbed her fair little hand, putting the bracelet on for her. The jade bracelet looked amazing on Huang Shanshans snow-white skin.

Xi Xinyi grabbed Huang Shanshans hand lightly. What do you think? I think it looks great on you!


Huang Shanshan was touched as she looked at the bracelet on her hand before turning to Xi Xinyi gratefully. This bracelet Isnt it a birthday present from Cousin?

Ill give it to you. It suits you more anyway and you look great! Pairing it with your outfit is just perfect!

Xi Xinyi smiled as she zipped her handbag up and gave Huang Shanshan another big smile as the girl did not seem to know what to do. Its really nothing compared to how well you treat me! Go and meet your CEO now and dont let him wait. Go!

She pushed Huang Shanshan out.

Huang Shanshan expressed her gratitude profusely, Mmm, thank you, Xinyi! Youre the bestest friend ever! Ill head out for now, and Ill look for you guys later!

She sniffed as she walked outside.

Xi Xinyi sent Huang Shanshan away happily, then shetook out her phone and swiftly called Han Yifeng.

Han Yifeng was driving over to her when he received her call. He was stunned for a moment when he saw her all dressed up.

She wore a neutral-colored toga evening dress with a V-shaped bareback design. The dress was studded with some silver beads and there were also silver crystals embedded at the waist area with plenty of delicate, twinkling pearls sprinkled all over the side of the dress.

While she just put onlight makeup, she still looked charming as ever with the slight curve of her eyebrows accentuating her beautiful eyes, she was just one in a million.

Her blonde hair was pulled up into a beautiful bun. Everything seemed so beautiful and charming, just as expected of a well-loved goddess.

Even Han Yifeng lost his focus.

Xi Xinyi seemed thrilled when she saw Han Yifeng staring blankly at her. She smiled and spoke in a gentle tone, Youre looking at me, silly! Start the car quickly!

Han Yifeng came back to his senses when he heard her voice. Xi Xinyi went closer to him and left a kiss on his lips. How do I look today? You know I could really use your perception!

Han Yifeng doted on her and replied, Xinyi, you look beautiful

Xi Xinyis soft lips reached him once again before he could finish his sentence. He could not help it anymore and embraced her

Around 3 p.m. in the afternoon, guests flooded the entrance leading to the International Exhibition Center. Xi Xiaye and several other staff from the PR Department were standing by the flower-filled entrance while Vice President Zhang Lan was busy greeting the incoming guests.

The reception table was full of invitation cards that the guests brought back as well as many thick red packets filled with money.

Vice President Zhang Lan did not wear her usual black formal outfit and put on a dark-coloredqipaoinstead, looking very elegant and beautiful. The other staff all changed into dresses as well, and Xi Xiaye still had her black formal outfit on. She did not even have time to put on light makeup.

She had been terribly busy working since the afternoon and did not even get to eat both breakfast and lunch. She only managed to grab a bun when she drove there, so she was barely hanging on now.

She wanted to call Su Nan to get her a dress since Su Nan knew her size anyway, yet she had gotten so caught up in work and forgot all about it.

Congratulations, Vice President Zhang, Director Xi! Glory World is indeed reaching its glory!

Thank you. Were glad that youve always supported us, Chairman Li! Hope that we get to work together again in the future!

Surely, surely!


Thank you, please come in!

Xi Xiaye could feel her legs getting numb, and she was getting tired of smiling.

Director Xi, the banquet is starting soon. Youve been working the whole day and you should probably take a break. You look tired. Vice President Zhang Lan glanced at the worn out Xi Xiaye. She could not help but chuckle. Also, shouldnt you change your outfit too?

Xi Xiaye looked at herself and then replied apologetically, I forgot all about it!

She then quickly took out her phone to give Su Nan a call with the intention of asking her to get her a dress, but Su Nans voice reached her as she just opened her contact list


Xi Xiaye looked over at the voice calling out to her.

Su Nan was walking over with the tall and handsome Ruan Heng.

It was a rare sight of Su Nan wearing something feminine a pink dress with floral patterns lay underneath a coat. She looked amazing tonight.


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