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Season 2

Episode 64

(Glamorous Appearance( 2)

Happy New Year, Sis Su! Mu Yuchen greeted.

Su Yu shrugged and gave him a smile. Happy New Year! What brings you here? When I went back home, I heard the elders mention you.

His eyes turned away and locked onto the beautiful dresses in the front as he replied,What did they say?

Su Yu was startled when she saw his behavior. She asked in shock, Is the sun rising from the west? Master Mu is here to shop for women dresses? Who are you giving it to?

Mu Yuchen ignored her. He went over and soon locked his gaze onto a long, elegant, sapphire-colored dress decorated with silver stars on it.

He tilted his head towards Su Yu behind him. I want this. Help me get a pair of shoes with this as well as some accessories. Itd be great if you can make it quick.

As expected of your taste, you found my stores treasure so soon. Who are you giving it to?

Su Yu was really bewildered. She was someone who had sort of grown up together with Mu Yuchen, and she had never seen anything like this before Master Mu going around to shop for a woman personally?

I thought Su Chen told you guys.

Mu Yuchens words reminded Su Yu of something. Her eyes flew wide and she gaped at Mu Yuchen in shock. Are you for real? Is it for your woman? Are you really married? I didnt believe him when he told me about it!

You can believe it now. Quick, Im short on time, Mu Yuchen urged her as he walked towards a sofa nearby and sat down.

Su Yu shrugged before she started barking orders to her employees to take the outfit down and pack it up.

In just a brief moment, Su Yu had prepared the items and handed them to Mu Yuchen. Its done. Bring her over to our place some time. Dont keep her hidden. Also, please help us counsel Su Chen. He said he isnt going to get married. He makes my elders at home really worried.

Mu Yuchen took the package from her and then handed it to Ah Mo as he replied, With the elders around, he cant run away from marriage forever. Im leaving.

I mean it, Chen!

Su Yu was confounded. Before she could finish her sentence, Mu Yuchens figure was already nowhere to be found.

At the same time, inside a high-class spa center.

Huang Shanshan wore a long, bright red dress along with an expensive-looking ruby necklace on her neck. A makeup artist was doing her makeup in front of a mirror.

Xi Xinyi sat down beside her while her makeup artist worked on her hair at the moment.

Xinyi, I heard that Glory Worlds invited many guests to their launch. They even invited some of your rivals too. I also heard that their launch is nearly the scale of a movie festival! Glory World might be entering the showbiz industry, so they even invited many well-known directors this time along with some leaders within the entertainment industry. All of this sounds so exciting!

Huang Shanshan seemed really enthusiastic about it. This time, she was going to attend the event as her CEOs partner, so she had dressed up, hoping to attract some attention especially from

Xi Xinyi nodded. Mmm, I heard something along those lines too.

Thats why you have to give it your all. Step on those witches. Make sure you get the top ambassador role for Glory World. If you can keep on a collaborative relationship with Glory World, theyll surely promote their group of top celebrities if they actually get into the entertainment industry. Its a rare chance that youve got to take! Im rooting for you. People like Caitlin and Lin Ling are all a level lower than you! Huang Shanshan said.

Xi Xinyi gave her a smile. Alright, lets stop it there. They must have their own advantage for them to have so many fans. Im still a newbie sincereturning and I have a lot of things to learn from them. You dont have to be biased against them really. They take care of me sometimes. Sis Lin Ling even took on a role for me because I injured my foot back then, so Im really grateful for her.

Youre just too kind. I bet Lin Ling was laughing at you. You couldve taken the role on again after your foot healed, but she forced the project to hasten their progress. Obviously, she was aiming for your role from the beginning. Anyway, its all Xi Xiayes fault! If not for her, you wouldnt have injured your foot!

Huang Shanshan became really angry when she mentioned Xi Xiaye. She could not help but criticize her.

Xi Xinyi frowned almost immediately and she shot Huang Shanshan a warning stare. Huang Shanshan pouted. Alright, alright! I know youll defend your wicked sister. Youre so silly. She never cared about you at all, yet you always defend her! Whatever. Well not talk about her anymore! Wheres my cousin? Is he coming here to get you later?

Huang Shanshan changed the topic because she noticed Xi Xinyi becoming unhappy.

Mmm, hes coming over here later. Shanshan, dont say things like that again in the future, especially in front of your cousin. I believe that sister has a special spot in Yifengs heart and I dont want everyone to have such a negative perception of her, Xi Xinyi told her.

Alright, alright, I got it! I wont talk about it anymore. Everyone knows anyway. Moreover, now that youre my cousin-in-law, Im not really worried.

Shanshan, when will you find your special someone too? Youre not that young anymore. Yifeng and I have found each other. I hope you can find your happiness too. There are a lot of outstanding guys around you. Dont you like any of them? Xi Xinyi smiled, her eyes full of concern.

Huang Shanshan was startled when she heard Xi Xinyis words. Her smile froze and her mind went blank as a handsome face appeared in her mind

Xi Xinyi laughed and asked quietly, Are you thinking of someone? The look on your face

Huang Shanshan smiled embarrassedly. Im not telling you even if Im thinking of someone.

Tell me. Maybe Yifeng and I can help! A gentle light glowed in Xi Xinyis eyes as she laughed.

Okay, Ill definitely tell you if there is one in the future. Wish me good luck tonight! Huang Shanshan replied, but her eyes were already staring away somewhere blankly.

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