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Season 14

Episode 9

(Because She Cant Be Together With You)

Lin Che interacted with Gu Jingyu on stage. To others, they looked very friendly.

Because they were genuinely close off stage, it was not at all a front that they were putting up. Thus, the two of them had quite a lot of chemistry no matter what they did and were very genuine too. The people down below felt comfortable just watching them.

Because in reality, the two of them behaved the same way after going off stage.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu and said, "After this ends, lets go have something to eat."

"No thanks. Im meeting someone."

"Meeting someone? When did you make an appointment with someone?"

While looking at Lin Ches suggestive gaze, Gu Jingyu scoffed and asked, "What are you thinking about? I just received an offer for a movie. Im planning to have a discussion with the director."

"Huh? Youve accepted a movie offer? So youre planning to make a proper comeback?"

"Theres nothing else to do anyway. Alright. Ill leave first."

"Alright then."

Gu Jingyu bid Lin Che farewell.

Meeting the director would only take a few minutes of greeting.

He did not have to behave like those small-time celebrities, who usually had to butter up to the director. He was not deliberately throwing his weight around. From the beginning, he was already used to greeting the director, saying that they would discuss all other matters on the set, and then leaving immediately.

Thus, he had always thought that everyone should do the same.

It was only later that he discovered that some actors even had to treat directors to meals, pull strings with them, and have an intimate conversation for very long, before finally leaving.

However, since he was already used to it, he did not change his behavior.

As a result, each time afterward, he always greeted the director as a gesture of goodwill before leaving.

Of course, the director didnt dare to make things difficult for Gu Jingyu. He absolutely wouldnt put Gu Jingyu in a difficult situation.

Ultimately, although Gu Jingyu had become so incredibly famous because he was a good actor, worked hard, and was professional, as a member of the Gu family, he had in fact received a lot of special care after entering the industry.

He had been given many shortcuts not because he wanted them, but as a matter of course.

After quitting her job at the pub, Su Wan started working the night shift at a nearby convenience store.

But Chen Jian immediately sought her out. Instead of living as the pampered son of a wealthy family, he started working part-time here.

Seeing that Chen Jian had come here, Su Wan instinctively thought of what Gu Jingyu had said that day. When she looked at Chen Jian again, she could not help but wonder if Gu Jingyu would really come looking for her again.

The two of them only got off work at the convenience store in the wee hours of the morning.

Su Wan looked at Chen Jian. "Actually, you have enough money. Why are you staying up so late with me?"

"Anyway, our class doesnt have many lessons. Its good for me to accompany you too."

"Isnt it better to go out and do something if you have no lessons?"

"Besides, I havent really gone out to work before. I can think of it as an experience."

Su Wan looked at him. After thinking about it, she took out from her pocket the money that she had prepared earlier. "I gathered together some money over the past few days. Here."

"Hey, whatre you doing?" Chen Jian immediately pushed the money away. "No need. I have enough money to spend. You can give me the money when youve earned enough. Keep it first. You can think of it as money that I put in your care. You can return the money to me when you have more than that amount."

"No way. I must return it to you." Su Wan immediately grabbed his hand and shoved the money to him.

"Su Wan."

"Chen Jian, take it if you still think of me as your friend. Otherwise, Ill be embarrassed to meet you again. I really may not meet you again."

Chen Jian sighed and looked at Su Wan helplessly. "How can you call yourself a friend? I cant possibly watch you suffer."

"But no matter what, I have to rely on myself. You cant possibly save me for the rest of my life," Su Wan said.

Chen Jian looked at her, wanting to say that he could do it for a lifetime too.

Slowly, he leaned slightly closer to her. "A lifetime is not impossible either."

Su Wans heart trembled.

She subconsciously wanted to reject him.

A lifetime. This was no longer a conversation between two ordinary friends.

She hastily backed away slightly and looked at Chen Jian. "Chen Jian Im truly grateful. But you think that you understand me very well. You think that Im a very good person. But Im not. Im not suitable for you. You dont understand me either."

Chen Jians expression darkened slightly.

His face was a little red. He was a little embarrassed and a little disappointed.

But ultimately, he had not given up all hope.

"Su Wan. How do I not know you? Of course, I know you. Youve been through a lot. I think that I can give you a home. I mean it. I can look after you. I can give you a safe haven where your family members wont be able to bully you again. Seriously. Im sincere about this. You can consider it."

"I know that youre sincere. But Im not good enough for you. Really."

"No. How can you not be good enough? Youre the cutest, kindest, and most beautiful girl Ive ever met."

"How silly." She smiled bitterly. "Im really not. Im very evil. Chen Jian, Im sorry. I really cant be together with you."

"Apart from me, no one else can help you get away from your family. The Su family is so overbearing. Theres no way they will let you off. Su Wan"

"No. No one can save me. Chen Jian. Furthermore, I cant drag you down any further. Goodbye." As she said this, she pushed Chen Jian away and ran inside directly.

Chen Jian stood behind her and looked on blankly. But he had not given up.

"Su Wan, I absolutely wont give up."

The next day.

Su Wan had just woken up when she heard someone playing the guitar downstairs.

The people in the dorm immediately started shouting.

"Wow, Young Master Chen."

"Su Wan, you have pretty good luck. Young Master Chen is confessing to you."

"Ha. What dumb luck. Where did you learn how to seduce men like that?"

Su Wans roommates looked at her and spoke in a strange manner.

Su Wan immediately sprang to her feet.

She stuck her head out and saw Chen Jian as expected.

There was even a sign downstairs stating "Su Wan, I love you".

He sat in the middle with a guitar, playing the song "Youre Marrying Me Tomorrow."

Su Wan felt a wave of distress and rushed downstairs.

"Oh, the female lead is here."

Everyone looked at Su Wan and yelled.

Su Wan blushed because she did not know how to best deal with this.

Chen Jian looked at Su Wan and walked towards her with flowers in his hands.

"Su Wan, I love you. I hope we can be together."

Around them, everyone shouted, "Get together, get together."

But Su Wan felt even more troubled.

She felt as if rejecting him here would embarrass him immensely. But if she did not reject him it would not be good either.

She could only say, "Chen Jian, lets go over there and talk."

"No, lets talk right here. Su Wan, I hope you can agree."

Su Wan glanced around them, stomped her foot, and said, "Come on, go with me over there."

She forcefully pulled Chen Jian away. The two of them went to the side amidst the rowdy jeering.

"Chen Jian, dont mess around. Ive already said what I had to say."

"What do you mean, dont mess around? Su Wan, Im not messing around. Why cant you just agree to it?"

"Because she really cant."

Just then, a voice suddenly came from behind them.

For some strange reason, Chen Jians first thought was that this voice sounded a little familiar.

He turned his head only to see

Who it was...

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