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Season 14

Episode 6

(You Didnt Say That He Was This Good Looking)

A man walked off the steps. His eyes were brilliant like starlight, breathtaking and unforgettable. It was hard to turn ones gaze away from him.

The man was restrained and domineering. One could feel his sense of composure with his every step.

Wu Liulians eyes were glued onto him.

When they went back previously, she was at school and hadnt met Gu Jingze. she couldnt be bothered to attend the funeral either, and also missed out on the chance to see him then.

Now, seeing him smiling as he walked over and carrying a dominating air with him, it gave off the feeling that this wasnt an ordinary character.

He looked at Lin Che, smiling as he asked, "Is everything settled?"

Su Fen was also thinking how handsome he was.

Although she had met him before, she was still stunned by how good-looking he was.

Su Fen said, "Hello, nephew-in-law. Youre here to pick Little Che up? When we came, Little Che said that you were too busy so we didnt go and visit you."

Gu Jingze looked at her. "Its alright, as long as you guys have a good time here."

"Mhm. Were enjoying ourselves, of course, we are. Little Che treats us so well, so how can we not be enjoying ourselves?"

Liulian looked on at the back, tugging at her mother and asked, "This is Brother-in-law?"

"Thats right, thats right. This is the first time youre meeting him. Come over here."

Liulian felt very envious as she stood there, looked at him, and said, "Hello, brother-in-law."

Gu Jingze threw an indifferent glance at her. "Lets go. Lets go home if youre done."

Lin Che said, "Alright, Ill take them to the company to take a look later."

Gu Jingze said, "Get on the car first then."

Lin Che and Gu Jingze took the same car while the mother and daughter took another.

In the car, Wu Liulian tugged at her mother and said, "You didnt say that he was so good-looking."

"What good-looking?"

"Lin Ches guy."

"Youre referring to your brother-in-law?"

"Hes so handsome."

"When I told you to come back for the funeral, you said that you couldnt get up. He was there."

"I had no idea he was this handsome."

Su Fen said, "Look at her. Why is her life so good? She can earn money, and her husband is so good as well. When her grandmother passed away at home, he had been busying running about, not complaining at all."

"Its good to be a big celebrity. They get all the best things." Liulian exclaimed.

"You must first become one first. Didnt you hear what Lin Che said? Its not easy to become a celebrity."

"Hmph, she just doesnt want to help me."

"Why doesnt she want to help? Lin Che doesnt look like that kind of person."

"She is. Look at her. Shes just saying that I wont be able to become a celebrity and only she can be one. Of course, if I become a celebrity, wont I be stealing her job? No one would want to have more competitors. Moreover, she is a great celebrity now and has a strong sense of superiority in front of us."

"That cant be" When Su Fen heard what her daughter said, she felt that it made some sense.

No one wanted trouble for themselves. She would also find it too troublesome to be helping Liulian.

They soon arrived at Lin Ches work studio.

The location of Lin Ches work studio had changed long ago to a bigger office. Right now, it was a small building with a few levels and they took over it entirely. It included the hostels for the artists they signed contracts with as well as for the trainees. There was also the canteen, training studios, conference rooms, and offices.

Lin Che brought the two of them in and headed straight for the trainees training studio.

They could watch the training from outside.

Some trainees were practicing their dancing, perspiring profusely as they had exchanges with each other. They were all very serious.

After training for a while, they then worked on their deportment, smiling as they looked in the mirror. They looked very silly, but it wasnt something easy.

Liulian naturally could tell that these trainees all had outstanding looks. From one look, they showed the disposition of a star.

These were trainees that Lin Ches work studio had carefully selected for their company. They werent simple characters.

Their work studio didnt take in people without careful thought, and most of the people they had selected were those who would be able to debut.

It was unlike how some other companies would take in people easily, with lesser chances of debuting.

Therefore, other people would definitely believe it if they said that these people were already stars.

Liulian took a look from the back and asked, "Are all these your companys celebrities?"

Lin Che said, "They havent debuted yet."


"Our company first sign them as trainees and then put them through a period of training. Concepts they needed to learn included their deportment, the attitude they should have when facing reporters, the way they speak, talents, how they should perform on variety shows, as well as their character development. Itll only be successful if they each gain their own unique traits and can debut to be pushed up through monetary investments. Therefore, it wont work with you heading straight for the audition like you did today. If you want to become a celebrity, you must start from the beginning."

How could Liulian possibly have such patience

She had seen the many advantages that Lin Che enjoyed as a star, and wanted to shoot to fame immediately.

Liulian said, "But Im now 16 years old. Isnt this the best time for me to debut? Isnt being young the best phase of a celebritys life? How long will it take for you to nurture them like this? Youll just be wasting the best moment of my life."

"That is inevitable. With such great competition, if you debut like this without any talent, any deportment, and not knowing anything, do you think that youll be able to compete against them? How far can you go?"

Liulian bit her lips, unwilling to accept this. But it was true that she didnt know anything and didnt know what to say.

She felt that it wasnt that complicated to become a celebrity. Didnt many people say that some celebrities shot up to fame through sleeping with others?

Although she still had her first time, if someone helped her get to fame, it wouldnt be impossible to get her to give up her first time.

She looked at these people, thinking that it wouldnt be impossible to become a celebrity by relying on something else other than these.

Lin Che looked at her and smiled coldly as she continued, "Alright, you guys can continue to take a look around. You can walk around freely, but dont touch anything recklessly. Ill go in and handle some matters first."

Su Fen sighed when she looked at these youngsters in the studio. "Look at how every one of them are beautiful like a flower. Little Lian, I think what Lin Che said might be right. Youre short of a little something when compared to them. Why not get Lin Che to nurture you as well?"

"Nurture what? Its such a waste of time. Hmph, she just doesnt want me to become a celebrity. Its fine. I dont have to rely on her. Ill see how they do it first and then do the same myself."

"Liulian, dont do reckless things."

"Mom, Im not. Anyway, after looking at all these things, I feel that I wont be able to go back anymore. Look at how great this place is. Theres nothing back where we live, so why should we go back?"

"But our home is there."

"What kind of home is that? Lin Che has so many houses that are vacant anyway. Why dont we just stay here? There are so many rich men around. If I hook onto one, itd still be better than to stay at our home and eating dirt. Isnt that right?"


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