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Season 14

Episode 4

(Cant Really Giver Herself To Him)

There were people watching with strange expressions.

It was because they had jumped off the car and was kicking up a fuss on the road.

Mu Feiran was still saying repeatedly for him to let go of her.

Passersby were immediately attracted.

Black Eagle looked at the people around, then pulled her face towards him, hiding her in his embrace.

"Alright. If others find out that its you, you can forget about leaving. Youll be stopped, isnt that right?" He said.

Mu Feiran was stunned for a moment, but then glanced to see that it was true that other people were looking over.

She could only lean there, not daring to move for now.

It was just that his scent really gave her the feeling that it smelled very nice. She was intoxicated but couldnt let herself be like this. It was very conflicted.

Black Eagle hugged her, looked at the passersby, and smiled. He said, "Haha, its fine. My girlfriend is just throwing a tantrum."

Everyone looked at them, smiled, and then turned away.

Black Eagle was still patting Mu Feirans back. "Alright, alright, its my bad. Dont be angry. When we go back, Ill kneel on the washboard, alright? No matter what, its all my fault. My heart will ache if you fall sick from anger. Dont be angry, dont be angry. You can get me to do anything, just dont be angry. Its not good for girls to be angry. Youll become old and no longer be beautiful. Dont get angry in the slightest."

The passersby who heard this really felt very envious.

"Look hat her boyfriend. Hes so handsome, is so good at coaxing his girlfriend, and treats her so well. Look at you."

"Young miss, since theres a guy who thinks so much for you, just marry him. Dont get angry."

"Thats right, get together, get together."

What was this

These passersby really liked to join in the fun.

They only saw that Black Eagle was very handsome and tall. He was protecting his girlfriend and seemed to dote on her a lot. This attracted their attention and thus they thought of joining in.

However, Mu Feiran didnt know whether to laugh or cry after hearing this. Why were these people so superficial? Who was his girlfriend?

Black Eagle smiled and said, "Thank you, everyone."

He then carried Mu Feiran up.

Mu Feiran frowned, pinching him hard at the chest.

"Hsss." Black Eagle hissed, but still carried her and put her into the car.

He then entered the car as well.

He then quickly told the driver, "Go."

The driver quickly started the car.

Black Eagle flipped up his clothes a little. "Look, look, its red now. You used too much force just now."

He then exposed his other scars.

Mu Feiran took a look and her eyes couldnt help but twitch.

Even when she looked at them now, she still felt painful.

She felt pain on his behalf.

How much pain did he had to go through when he was injured back then with him having so many scars?

If he didnt feel pain from those, then how could he possibly say that it was painful from her pinch?

He was just trying to act spoiled in front of her.


To think that the Black Eagle would act spoiled with her.

This was too much for her to take.

She looked at him. Seeing that the car had already moved on, it was probably impossible for her to refuse now.

Then there was no other way out. She was still thinking of going to Hollywood.

It was impossible for her to stop him from creating a racket over there.

Mu Feirans eyes were still on him. "Youre acting as if youre so delicate. Were you also like this when you were injured?"

Black Eagle said, "Thats different. Firearms and ammunition cant do anything to me. Youre much more amazing than them. You would make me hurt every time."

Mu Feirans heart skipped a beat.

He had no idea that he was always able to use a casual word to strike right into her heart.

He looked at her. "Lets go. Well go fishing and Ill catch a lot of fish for you."

Mu Feiran snorted. "Im an expert at fishing. You better watch out."

"Ha Is that true?"

She asked, "Why? Are you going to win against me?"

At this moment, the driver interjected, "Dont, Boss. You cant win. If you win against a woman, you wont be able to get a girlfriend."


Mu Feiran thought, *Their chauffeur is such a busybody as well!

Black Eagle gave it some thought and agreed, nodding his head before saying, "Alright, you can fish later."

Mu Feiran was speechless.

He was really so docile.

Gu Jingze was having a meal together with Lin Che.

The two of them found a restaurant and entered.

Lin Che stared at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze was just eating without a care.

Lin Che said, "Gu Jingze."


"I realized that you dont really have anything that you especially liked."

"There is."

"Ah, really? What is it? What is it?" Lin Che felt that Gu Jingze was really capable of anything. It was because hed only take a little time to learn something to master it. Other than work, it didnt seem as if there was anything he especially wanted to do either. This made her felt a little perplex and curious about what he especially liked.

Gu Jingze said, "You."


Lin Ches expression fell.

Did she really have to do as Yu Minmin said and give him that great surprise


At this moment, the production team suddenly contacted her to say that Su Fen had created trouble over there, and was kicking up a big fuss.

Gu Jingze asked, "Why? They kicked up a big fuss?"

"Thats right. They couldnt even let me have a meal in peace. This is really"

"Its fine. Have your meal first. Ill send you over later."

Su Fen had brought Liulian to the audition.

There was an assistant director having an audition near the filming site for some roles that werent very important.

Liulian went straight for the audition. When she saw that many people were waiting for it, she thought that it was for some important role. After going one round, she realized that there were too many beautiful ladies around of different types, and there were quite a lot of handsome guys around too. Of course, there were also many people who clearly had spent money on cosmetic surgeries.

She suddenly felt a little lacking in confidence. She looked at herself, realizing that she was dressed unfashionably.

However, she then thought of how she had never done cosmetic surgeries before. She was all-natural.

Therefore, she raised up her chest and walked confidently.

She then thought of how she had been referred here by Lin Che. These people wouldnt dare to take her lightly.

However, after entering, the director took a look at her before saying, "You can go back and wait for news."

She said, "Hey, what? I havent even started my act."

"Um, there arent much lines for this role, so theres no need for you to act anything."

"No lines?"

"Why? Didnt you see it? Its written there. This is just an audition for an extra. Theres just one line, and the person will be standing behind the main character."

Her face turned black.

To think that Lin Che would introduce her to such a role.

Was Lin Che intentionally making a fool of her or was she trying to humiliate her?

Or could it be that these people didnt know?

She said, "I was referred by Lin Che. Im her relative."

"Haha, thats right, I know. But we will still go by the books no matter who the person is."

"Hey, isnt this Lin Ches film? Shes the boss, so what she says would be the rules."

"Im sorry. We dont have any of those here. This is how we do things here. Were very fair."

"Thats impossible. Im going to tell Lin Che about this. Im telling you, Lin Che is my cousin. My mom is Lin Ches second aunt."

She started creating a racket here, and other people who were trying out for the audition looked over.

To think that this person said that she was Lin Ches relative?

Lin Che had such vulgar relatives?

They started to assess Liulian, feeling that her image was really poor. She didnt even show any disposition of a celebrity.

They looked at her with despise gazes, looking down on her. There were even people who started mumbling, "These days, there are really all sorts of people who dream of becoming a star."


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