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Season 14

Episode 3

(Two Lovers)

"Huh? Whats an audition?" Liulian felt a little displeased.

Lin Che said, "The director will take a look at how you perform in front of the camera to see if youre suitable to play certain roles."

Liulian asked, "Then With Sister Che around, I should be able to pass for any role, right?"

What wishful thinking.

Lin Che smiled. "This isnt something I can decide on. The director has the greatest authority in the production team, and its still up to the director to access if someone is suitable or not."

Liulians countenance turned grim.

Lin Che didnt give her any other chances and instructed, "Theres someone there who will give you the address for the audition. If youre free, you can go take a look. Alright, I still have work to do. You guys have fun."

Lin Che shook her head and thought, Do you think its that easy to become an actor or actress? Back then, she had played the roles of extras for many years before things got better.

Moreover, even though Lin Che was willing to help others, it was apparent that Liulian wasnt serious about wanting to become an actress. She only wanted to take shortcuts. Lin Che had seen many people like her in the circle.

She liked to help others, but she did that by giving them a chance. The rest would be up to the individuals efforts.

It was because she felt that it was better to teach a person to fish rather than to give them a fish.

Therefore, whether it was for Xue Yang or Cheng Yuantu, what she had done for them was to give them a chance. Their status and money that they had achieved now were all that they had worked hard to gain for themselves.

It no longer had anything to do with her.

Lin Che left just like that. Liulian couldnt accept this outcome and said to Su Fen, "Mom, she could get me in by just saying a word, yet she insists on making me go through the audition. Isnt she purposely making things hard on me?"

Su Fen said, "Forget it, forget it. You can still go for the audition, right? Go and try it out first. Well see how things go if it doesnt work out."

"Hmph. We havent asked her for anything over so many years, yet shes treating us like this now."

"Youre still too young. This is how it is when you ask others fo rfavors." Su Fen said. "Who would help you out without having any benefits?"

"Isnt she our relative?"

"Even amongst relatives, there are those who are close and who arent. She hasnt returned there for so many years, so how could she possibly be close to us? We cant help it if she doesnt wish to help us. Well still have to rely on you. You never know. You might just be selected since our Liulian looks so beautiful. Arent I right?"

Liulian felt upset about this. She didnt want to compete with other people and just wanted to get her way easily. The thought of having to fight for the role with other people, and putting in effort to do something, naturally made her feel very unhappy.

Hmph, its fine even if you dont help me. Ill go for the audition. I dont believe that I wont be selected.

As there were many people at the filming site, no one noticed Liulian and her mother.

Mu Feiran was focused on filming and didnt care about these things.

It was only when she saw Lin Che that she smiled and asked, "You arent busy anymore? Arent you busy with publicity?"

Lin Che replied, "There arent any events today. If there were more, Id die."

"Haha, isnt this how things are during the publicity period? Ours is probably at the final phase now. Im considering to act in a movie for my next job."

"Ahh, is that right? What movie? Do you need me to help you choose one?"

"Of course thatd be great. Id like to explore Hollywood."

Lin Che was stunned and she looked at Mu Feiran.

Mu Feiran noticed the hint of doubt in Lin Ches gaze. It seemed that Lin Che didnt feel that she really wanted to go to Hollywood.

Mu Feiran smiled and said, "Why are you looking at me like that? Every actor or actress has a Hollywood dream. I never attempted it before in the past, so I decided to take one on to give it a try."

Lin Che didnt believe her. "Are you sure that you arent trying to avoid Black Eagle?"

A hint of anxiety flashed in Mu Feirans beautiful eyes. "I dont know either Im just feeling a little messed up and want to go out and take a breather."

"Even so, you dont have to do it in such a manner. If you want to star in a Hollywood movie, I can help you to liaise with one. Otherwise, things will be more troublesome if you do it in your own name. However, if what you want is to go overseas, and you want to go to the United States, then my advice would just be for you to go out and take a walk, not using work as a pretext for this. Otherwise, how will your body be able to hold up?"

Mu Feiran felt a little relaxed and scared. Thus, she was thinking of escaping.

However, Lin Che dealt her a blow.

"Moreover, do you think that Black Eagle will just let you off just after you run off to the United States?" Lin Che poked her. "Do you think that he wont insist on following after you? Things will blow up even more then, and he might even create havoc in Hollywood. Dont regret it later on."


That man

If it was someone else, Mu Feiran wouldnt believe that they would do this. The waters in Hollywood was very deep, and no one would go create trouble there recklessly.

However, things were different for Black Eagle. She had yet to find anything in this world that Black Eagle was scared of.

Mu Feiran held onto her head, feeling a slight headache.

The most important thing was that Yunyun was so reliant on him right now and liked him so much. She would keep making a ruckus, insisting on looking for Black Eagle. Mu Feiran was out of options.

On this day, Mu Feiran had very few scenes and she had just stepped out when Black Eagle came to pick her up.

Mu Feiran looked at him with a stiff expression, but he seemed as if he hadnt seen that.

"Was it tough today?"

"What do you want to eat? I cam send someone to pick up Yunyun. How about we go to the river to fish and then Ill roast some fish for the two of you?"


Mu Feiran looked at Black Eagle. "You even went to pick up Yunyun?"

Mu Feiran felt troubled. Yunyun was already making a racket of wanting to look for him every day. With him picking her up, it was really

Black Eagle said, "I havent seen her for a few days. I miss her."

"Then bring her out by yourself. Im not going." Mu Feiran sat down, feeling moody.

Black Eagle said, "That wont work."

His strong arm wrapped around her shoulder. "I want to date both my lovers."


Mu Feiran asked, "Whos your lover?!"

"My daughter is my lover from my previous life, and youre my current lover. So both of you are."

"Hey, you"

He was too shameless. How did Yunyun suddenly became his daughter?

Black Eagle looked at her with an innocent look. "Why? Did I say something wrong?"

"Of course its wrong! Who is your daughter?"


"I havent admitted that!"

"Our blood ties are right there. Do I still need for you to admit it?"


"Alright," Black Eagle looked at her. "Just enjoy the fish later. Be good. Youll know how amazing I am after you see how good I am at fishing."

Black Eagle said this and then bent over to give her a light peck on the lips.

Although it was just a light touch, Mu Feiran still erupted.

What on earth was this Black Eagle doing? What was he doing?

How could he kiss her just like that?

"Black Eagle, I dont want to go!"

"Dont be kicking up trouble. It wont be good if others see that." Black Eagle tried to appease the porcupine-like woman.

"No. I want to get out of the car. Move away."

Mu Feiran ignored his objections, opened the car door, and jumped off the car.

Black Eagle immediately followed after her. "Hey, dont jump off the car. Come here." He held onto her hand, not letting go, attracting many curious gazes.


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