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Season 14

Episode 2

( I Want To Try Being An Actress)

The next day, Lin Che did not have time to deal with their family. They went around B City and exclaimed at how much the city flourished. It was truly different from their city in every way. Furthermore, Lin Che had sent a car to bring them around. Wherever the car drove them, the people looking at them were all very polite. It was the first time Su Fen felt confident walking on the streets. Even her chest was much more puffed up than usual.

That afternoon, Wu Liulian pleaded with Su Fen to give Lin Che a call and ask if they could visit the location where Lin Che and the crew were filming.

Su Fen was especially doting on her daughter. She had given birth to her much later and she was younger than her two elder brothers by more than ten years. Wu Liulian, who was only sixteen years old now, was particularly delicate and rebellious. But there was nothing Su Fen could do about it either since she had but one precious daughter.

Although Su Fen felt slightly uncomfortable, she nevertheless gave Lin Che a call.

Lin Che was currently at the office. When she heard Su Fens words, she agrees despite being a little unhappy.

Yu Minmin listened from beside her and found it strange. "Youre so respectful towards them."

Lin Che said, "Im trying to look for a chance to send them back."

"What chance?"

"I reckon they wont dare to stay on any longer if they cause some sort of trouble."

"Thats true. And they also wouldnt go around criticizing you after they return."

Lin Che was prepared to allow them to come over. Then, she would set up a small accident. It would be best if they left of their own accord.

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che with a sinister smile. "I really think that youve turned evil."


Lin Che was defiant. "How have I turned evil?"

"Youve become two-faced. You must have learned it from Gu Jingze."

Lin Che blinked dumbly. Really? But she didnt think so.

Lin Che said, "By the way, I was thinking of giving Gu Jingze a surprise soon. What do you think I should prepare for him?"

"Wear sexy lingerie and let him unlock new positions."


Lin Che glared fiercely at Yu Minmin. "Can you take this more seriously? I meant what I said!"

"I meant what I said too."

"Youre terrible."

"Hahaha. Alright, I was joking. I think hell be very happy no matter what surprise you give him. You can cook for him or something"

"Hehe. That would only scare him. Furthermore, he wont even eat it."

"Is it that scary?"

"Youll know when you try it next time"

Asking her to cook? People would actually die from that.

Chinese Valentines day was coming soon. Lin Che wanted to use this chance to give him a proper surprise.

Most importantly, it had to be a surprise that he did not find out about.

Su Fen went to the set with her daughter. Lin Che would be going over too.

"Raiment of Rainbows", which was being filmed during the course of its broadcast, was already in its third season of the broadcast. Its viewer ratings had consistently been very good, so they were still busy with filming at the moment.

Su Fen arrived with Liulian. They saw many people and a lot of equipment. They had to weave through all of them.

At a glance, Liulian saw Mu Feiran across the room.

"Oh wow, its Mu Feiran, Mu Feiran. I see her."

"Tsk, tsk. Look at that girl. How beautiful she is."

Liulian watched from afar, similarly thinking that she was very beautiful. However, she felt that she herself was not bad either.

Lin Che was not here yet. She watched Mu Feiran finish filming her scene in one take, with the people below applauding and cheering for her. Afterward, she had to go and fix her makeup.

Liulian sighed in awe from across the room. "Look at her. She can go and rest after making a few expressions and making a few movements but she gets so much money for one television series."

"Thats because shes capable."

"I think I may be able to do it too. It looks very easy."

Sensing the situation, Su Fen said, "You"

"Whats wrong with me? Mother, are you looking down on your own daughter?" Wu Liulian asked.

"No, no. Thats not what I meant. What Im saying is"

"What are you saying? Anyway, I want to give it a try."

She pleaded with her mother. "Look at how amazing Lin Che is. She was the one who got everyone to film this. Ask her to give me a role too. If I become famous immediately, we can also buy a big house in B City and drive a good car. Dont you want that?"

Who wouldnt want that? Everyone wanted to live a wealthy life.

But was she good enough?

Just when Liulian started talking again, Lin Che arrived.

Lin Che walked in while greeting the staff and saying, "Its been tough on all of you. Im here to add an extra meal for all of you. Ill treat the entire cast and crew to Japanese food today, alright?"

Having Japanese food in summer was extremely refreshing. When they heard this, a wave of excitement swept over everyone.

Japanese cuisine was so expensive now. It cost a few hundred dollars per person.

There were so many people here. Lin Che would have to spend quite a lot of money.

But Lin Che had always been generous towards her staff, so everyone really liked working together with Lin Che too.

When Lin Che came in, everyone greeted Lin Che very respectfully.

Even if their arms were busy moving things, the people who passed by would all bow to Lin Che and greet her.

Her presence was truly extremely awe-inspiring.

Su Fen felt even more envious. Judging from the fact that an actress could be so respected and feared by so many people, it seemed that they were really quite impressive.

She did not understand these things, so naturally, she assumed that it was all because she was a celebrity. But in reality, apart from the fact that she was a top celebrity, another reason for it was that she was also the boss of a company now.

It was natural for everyone to treat her this way.

When Su Fen saw Lin Che, she quickly went over to her.

"Little Che, were here."

Lin Che smiled and said, "Oh, you guys are here. Go around and take a look. There are many people here and its very chaotic. Just dont get lost and dont bump into anyone."

"Yes, yes. Were very careful. Wow, so many people are needed to film a television series. Little Che, all of them seem very scared of you. Youre truly capable now. Youve succeeded. If your dead grandmother knew, she would definitely feel very relieved."

"Of course not. This doesnt require many capabilities."

"Eh. It seems that its really quite lucrative to be an actress. Look at how your life is now. We cant even hope for such a life."

"Im just earning a living," she said patronizingly.

"Look at how powerful you are now. If you could help us our family out, just help out a little. Look at Liulian. Honestly, shes not too bad-looking. Do you think she can be a celebrity or something?"

Lin Che raised her eyebrows and looked at Liulian beside her.

Liulian was indeed not bad-looking.

But it was true that she did not have much character.

She was the kind of beauty that you would see on the streets. Although she looked quite good at a glance, the more you looked at her, the more you would feel that her posture was a bit loose. Her facial features did not look well-matched and were not very distinct too.

As for her face, it would probably look like a large flatbread on screen.

It was not structured enough.

After making an assessment, Lin Che said to her, "Well, celebrities are merely what the outside world calls us. In this line of work, were artists singers, actors, hosts. Do whichever one you can do."

"An actress. I think I can be an actress," she immediately said loudly.

Lin Che smiled and looked at her. She was quite confident in herself.

"This is a pretty specialized field too. If you want to do it, you can try going for a screen test."


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