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Season 14

Episode 13

( Do You See Yourself As A Gift?)

Gu Jingze was stunned but a smile was forming on his face.

It was a different smile from before. This was relaxed and of utmost joy.

It was the first time that the Third Prince had seen him smile like that.

He waved his hands and everyone left quickly.

It was only Lin Che and Gu Jingze in the room.

Gu Jingze hugged Lin Che and looked up at her.

She was seated on him, with both legs around his waist and hands holding onto his cheeks.

She smiled and looked at him, smiling even wider when she saw the surprise in his eyes.

She was like a fairy coming out from the mist. Her beauty left one breathless.

He tightened his grip and looked at her. "Did you want me dead?"

Lin Che was all smiles. "I thought you said you didnt like me."

Gu Jingze paused for a moment. He had not known that it was her.

So this lass liked playing games like this.

He got closer to her and felt her bare body under her clothes. It was obvious.

She was probably not wearing anything underneath.

He deepened his gaze at her.

He played along and said, "I didnt see clearly just now and thought the prince was lying to me. Oh, I didnt think that there would be someone so beautiful in this world that I cant resist. How? How much for one night?"

She lifted her head haughtily. "Oh, that depends on your power. Im priceless if youre bad. If youre nice Id be even willing for no money."

His power

He pressed onto her body. "You should know how powerful I am."

"Idiot. I just got to know you, of course, I dont know." She flipped her hair playfully.

Alright, this lass was really playing it real.

He pinned her down in an instant.

The wooden seat was very comfortable, it did not feel hard being on it.

She laid there and looked at him looking back at her, with piercing eyes that could set her clothes on fire.

"Well, arent my clothes pretty?" She did not know what to say and asked shyly.

"Yes, its nice." He smiled and replied, "But its better when youre not wearing anything."


He started to fiddle with her clothes and indeed, she was not wearing anything under.

He held her arms tightly.

"What shall we do now?"

He could not control the heat in his body.

So overbearing and dominant.

It was too difficult to withstand.

Lin Che felt that he was burning her up with passion.

The outcome of that passion was

A body ache from head to toe.

She complained, "Ah, youre too brutal."

Gu Jingze felt a little upset as well when he looked.

"Its your fault for dressing up like this." He frowned and replied.

How could he have controlled himself? He had lost all rationale early on at that moment.

Although he had tried to be careful, it was still uncontrollable.

She stayed where she was while he washed up. The place was perfectly done up. Even the bathroom was of a classical theme. The bathtub was wooden and decorated with colorful floral petals in the interior.

Hearing Lin Ches complaint, he stood up from the bathtub immediately. With a splash, the flower petals flew up and she looked at the petals on his skin, making him look like a celestial being.

Embodying strong masculinity, he walked over full of heat and raging hormones.

He lifted her up in an instant.

Startled, she made a sound.

He asked, "Why? Is it painful?"

She shook her head. "Im fine."

"Do you still want to pretend in front of me?" He frowned and carried her to the bathtub, carefully letting her into the water.

She winced a little. He thought it might not have been comfortable for her to sit in there. The bathtub was too deep. Worrying that it would be uncomfortable, he sat into the bathtub and allowed her to sit on his body.

Oh, it was very, very comfortable.

She leaned on him, heaving a sigh of relief as she started to close her eyes.

Just then, she felt something gradually

Of course, she knew what it was. She just felt surprised.

She looked at him shyly. "What are you doing?"

There was no need to ask what he was doing.

The one who leaned into him was her, wasnt it?

"Ha, this is for being dishonest." He lowered his head and slowly bit her lips in the water.

God knew how long it was until he let her go.

Her eyes gazed like a lingering mist.

"Let me go Ugh, its so hot. I cant take it anymore. I want to get out."

Gu Jingze scoffed. "This is your punishment and you only know now that you cant take it? When you came over here secretly, how could you not know there would be a consequence like this?"


Gu Jingze lowered her forehead. "Arent you a gift for me?"


Her face turned red in a moment.

He said, "Just that now, youre a complete package, eh?"


Lin Che said, "So, do you like it?"

He deepened his gaze and wrapped himself around her. Touching her forehead, he got closer to her face. "I do."

He liked it beyond words.

She felt fulfilled and her heart was full.

"Just that." He started to speak again. "Qin Hao had better have a good explanation for me."


Qin Hao would obviously know about this. There was no way he had no part in it.

It didnt take long for Gu Jingze to guess it.

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