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Season 14

Episode 10

(She Didnt Tell You About Our Relationship?)

Gu Jingyu.

Su Wan was still in a daze.

Why was Gu Jingyu here? Why would he appear right here?

Even Chen Jian was shocked. He stared as Gu Jingyu walked calmly towards them.

Gu Jingyus gaze was calm like cool abysses. As Gu Jiingze was looking straight into Chen Jians eyes, it made Chen Jian freeze up.

Chen Jian stood there. "You"

Gu Jingze came right in front of Su Wan. In one movement, he grabbed hold of Su Wans body and made her gasp.

She looked up at Gu Jingyu and struggled to get away from him.

"What are you doing, Gu Jingyu? Let go of me. Let go."

However, Su Wans strength still could not match up to Gu Jingyus.

After all, there were differences between men and women.

Chen Jian looked at them. "You guys Su Wan, he is Gu Jingyu?"

He could not quite believe it.

Of course, he recognized Gu Jingyu. Who in this country would not know him, much less as an aspiring director?

However, he had really not met Gu Jingyu in person before.

He had not met Gu Jingyu in person before, so he did not dare to acknowledge it. Even more so when he knew Su Wan

Su Wan pursed her lips. Hatred filled her petite flushed face. Her eyes were like bronze bells, staring right into his eyes. She looked like she wanted to stab him a thousand times.

But Gu Jingyu did not care at all.

Gu Jingyu tugged Su Wan and looked at Chen Jian. "Thats right, its me."

Chen Jian looked at Su Wan in disbelief. "How do you know him?"

Su Wan usually told him about everything, but Chen Jian really had no idea when she got to know Gu Jingyu. She actually never told him before.

Su Wan frowned. Her heart and mind were already in knots.

What did Gu Jingyu want?

Gu Jingyu smirked silently. It was an insinuating smile, but his eyes were cool as he stared back at her.

There was a slight irony, like a powerful hook hooking her heart until it hurt.

"Oh, youve never told your good friend about me?"

Su Wan was in a spot.

"You Gu Jingyu, there is nothing between you and me!"

"Nothing?" The curve on his lips seemed to turn cold.

"Of course!" At least now Now there was nothing. She had cut off their relationship a long time ago.

"Hmph." There was mockery in the voice that came from his throat.

"Youre that afraid?" His unfathomable eyes immediately filled with darkness.

He grabbed her waist once again and asked, "Are you afraid of him knowing?"

Chen Jian was already going crazy. "Why Why are you guys so" His eyes turned red from anger. Why could Gu Jingyus hand get so close?

"How can you treat Su Wan this way?" He exclaimed.

Gu Jingyu scoffed. "Whats wrong? Weve been even closer than this. Didnt she tell you what kind of relationship we had? Didnt she tell you how she begged to climb into my bed?"

Chen Jians face looked as if he was attacked by a bomb. He was completely stunned.


Climbed into his bed?

Su Wan shook her head. Her eyes were already filled with tears.

She looked at Chen Jians stunned demeanor and bit her lip tightly. "Its not what you think. Its not Chen Jian"

Chen Jian looked at Gu Jingyu, as if trying to see if there was any hint of denial on his face.

But there was none.

Chen Jian grunted and looked at Su Wan. "No wonder you rejected me. Its because you already have a rich guy supporting you from behind."


She did not reject him because of this.

It was because they were friends.

Chen Jians eyes were filled with disappointment. "Yeah, I really dont understand you. I actually didnt know you were like this, Su Wan!"

Chen Jian clenched his fists tightly and wanted to lunge forward. However, he saw that Gu Jingyu was in the way, narrowing his eyes at him.

Chen Jian buried his fingernails into his palms and contained his anger. Then, he turned around without a word and ran off.

Who would have thought that she would actually sell herself out to be somebody elses lover? How could she be like this?

He knew deep down that given Gu Jingyus status, he couldnt possibly have any real feelings for Su Wan. She was just a toy.

But she was willing too.

Because Gu Jingyu had money and power. He could give her everything she wanted.

Chen Jian was simply too disappointed in her.

"Chen Jian!" Su Wan wanted to go after him.

But Gu Jingyu held her arm and stopped her.

Su Wan turned around and slapped Gu Jingyu on his face.

The impact made Gu Jingyus head turn slightly.

Catching her breath, Su Wan never thought that she would hit somebody with her own hands.

And this was Gu Jingyu.

However, she really could not take it anymore.

Gu Jingyus eyes slowly filled the air with coolness.

Like a voluptuous mist, coldly lingering around her.

Then, Gu Jingyu suddenly pressed her against the tree at the side.

"You hit me? Su Wan, youve got some nerve!"

Su Wan bit her lip. "Why do you have to do this?!"

Gu Jingyu scoffed. "Do you know why? Its because I like it."

"You Can you act arbitrarily just because you like it?!"

"Youre right. I can because I like it."


"Otherwise, you can call Chen Jian back and let him take revenge on me. Let him try to take you back from me. Lets see if he has the ability and guts to!"

Ha. So, so arrogant.

But Su Wan really could not do anything.

Because he indeed had the grounds to be this arrogant.

Su Wan scoffed and said, "I hate you."

Then, she turned around and ran off too.

I hate you?

This was his first time hearing such words.

Su Wan went back to the dorm.

Everyone looked at her.

"Oh my, did you get together with Young Master Chen? Not bad, not bad."

"Were waiting for your treat. Youre going to be a Young Madam in the future."

Su Wan ignored them completely. She took out her phone and called Chen Jian.

However, he rejected her call. He did not want to talk.

After that, she saw Chen Jian post something online, visible to his friends.

"Some people are really too low. Youll never really know a persons true colors. Yes, I misjudged you. You broke my heart. Ill wait and see how far you can go! Ill see how high you can go."

She had never seen Chen Jian so angry before.

Yes, she really broke his heart, but she really did not want to lie to him. But how could she talk about her arrangement with Gu Jingyu?

What was more unexpected was that despite the arrangement being so long ago, Gu Jingyu still did not let her go.

Lin Che sent Gu Jingze off in the morning.

Gu Jingze stood there and looked at her.

She pursed her lips and did not look happy.

Gu Jingze asked, "Cant bear to see me leave?"

"You need to go. Its not that I cant bear to. Its work, I know." Lin Che replied.

Gu Jingze lowered himself and wanted to kiss her.

But Lin Che moved away and grunted. "No kisses for you. Off you go."

Gu Jingze frowned. Why was she so angry?

He believed that it wasnt like this yesterday.

At this point, Lin Che ushered him again. "Go on, quick. What time is it already? Youre going to be late."


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