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Season 13

Episode 61

( Isnt That Gu Jingze?)

KG looked at her and drank up silently.

At the side, Crooked Neck couldnt stand it anymore.

"Sister Che, there isnt a need to look for other people. What do you think about our KG?"

"Huh?" Lin Che looked at Crooked Neck in surprise. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, our KG actually quite like you"


Lin Che was a little stunned for that instant, and took a while before she reacted to things. She smiled and said, "Haha, what are you joking about? I I will go out first. To pee."


Left with no other ways out, she could only use that as an excuse.

Lin Che went out, thinking, Oh my god, oh my god. This Crooked Neck is really Why is he shooting his mouth off?

But did KG really have such feelings for her?

She thought of how Li Mingyu had brought this up to her before back then, but Lin Che hadnt taken it seriously.

She felt a little worried as she thought about this.

Lin Che thought that if there was really no other way out, she should just tell them the truth.

Previously, she just felt that she didnt want to explain too much. But it seemed that that wasnt possible now.

Moreover, they were considered trustworthy people now. She wasnt worried that theyd shoot their mouths off to other people.

Lin Che picked up her phone and called Gu Jingze, saying, "Hubby Do you want to come over to pick me up later?"

Not long later, Lin Che entered the room once again.

KG still sat there, eating his food.

Crooked Neck looked at her with anticipation. He had clearly not forgotten about their conversation earlier.

Lin Che asked, "Why are you staring at me?"

Crooked Neck said, "What do you think, Sister Che? You cant possibly be feeling shy, right? Hehe, were all so close. If theres anything you want to say, just say it. Why do you feel the need to be shy?"

Lin Che said, "Im really sorry. Your sister is already taken."

Crooked Neck was stunned, not able to react to what she was saying.

KG paused in his actions and looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che said, "Im already married."

Crooked Neck was so shocked that it felt as if his jaws were going to drop off. "How is that possible? Why havent I heard of that before?"

"Why would you need to hear of that?"

Crooked Neck drew in closer, stuttering a little from agitation. "Sister Che, you cant be like this. You cant just say that youre already married just because you want to reject our KG. If you got married the whole world would know about it. Youre so famous there are so many paparazzi."

There were really many paparazzi, but they had no means of coming into contact with the Gu family.

Lin Che smiled, "Youre overthinking things. Paparazzi arent that omnipotent. Theyre still a long way off from being able to shadow me."

There had been people who had wanted to shadow her in the past, but they were hijacked on the way. Afterward, those people knew that Lin Ches bodyguards were different from other bodyguards. Everyone in the industry knew about this, even the paparazzi. It was probably impossible to get any information for them to publicize and thus, no one wasted the time to attempt anything.

At this moment.

Gu Jingze really came.

Lin Che saw her phone rang and quickly said, "Alright, my husband is here to pick me up."

Crooked Neck was stunned.

She really had a husband who came?

Crooked Neck said, "This cant do. I must go and take a look."

Lin Che didnt mind. She said to him, "Come then."

Crooked Neck followed her out and saw that a group of people was waiting outside for Lin Che.

He still didnt believe it, but saw Lin Che turning to smile before running over.

The car door was opened and Gu Jingze alighted.

Crooked Neck looked at this guy, stunned.

Hey, he looks a little familiar.

But he seemed to have forgotten who this person was.

After giving it some thought

"Hey, KG, why is it that this person looks so much like, like that head of the Gu family whom you show me the other time?"

KGs eyes narrowed. "Thats him."


Crooked Neck looked outside in disbelief.

KG said, "I invaded the Gu Industries system previously, but was pushed back. I only managed to have the chance to go in and take a look after I got the help of a few people to invade it together. However, I didnt get to go too deep inside. Ive ascertained that this man is the family head, Gu Jingze."

Crooked Neck had watched as KG invaded the Gu Industries system, and heard what Chen Hui had said about how powerful the Gu Industries was. Therefore, they wanted to go in and take a look. KG only managed to invade it for a short moment, but was stopped by many hurdles. It wasnt that easy to gain access. He only managed to take a screenshot of Gu Jingzes photo and showed it to Crooked Neck.

Afterward, KG went back by himself to take a look again, and also studied Gu Jingzes photo in greater detail.

Therefore, KG could recognize him immediately after seeing him.

Crooked Neck said, "That cant be"

He felt that this was too much of a surprise, but didnt feel any other emotions. He watched as Lin Che got on the car and left, and then saw the group of cars driving away orderly.

Crooked Necks mouth was still agape.

It was too saddening for their boss. It hadnt been easy for him to like someone, but that person turned out to be Gu Jingzes wife.

Even if it was someone slightly weaker, itd still be acceptable.

The next day, Lin Che arrived at the office early in the morning.

"Sister Che, you, you, you, youve been hiding it so thoroughly from us. Tell us quickly, is that person from yesterday Gu Jingze?" Crooked Neck heard that Lin Che would be coming today and specially came early to wait at the door for her.

Lin Che entered and asked, "You know Gu Jingze?"

"Do you think were blind?" Crooked Neck said, "Didnt we see him yesterday?"

Lin Che was a little surprised. "I know, but, Gu Jingzes appearance there doesnt seem to be many people who know that."

Crooked Neck said, "We didnt know. But we took a look when our boss invaded their system the other day."

"Invaded?" Lin Che was struck by a thought and she immediately reacted. "Youve invaded into the Gu Industries system before?"

"" Crooked Neck quickly covered his mouth. "I I didnt say anything"

Lin Che looked at him in surprise. "Oh my god, you guys dont want your life anymore? To think that youd dare to invade into the Gu Industries system."

"Ahh Is the Gu Industries that amazing? We must not invade it?" Crooked Neck asked.

Lin Che said, "Of course. Please feel free to invade them. If they get their hands on your address, the police might come knocking on the door straightaway."


Lin Che didnt know about this in the past. It was after she had gotten involved in the Gu Industries business this time around that she found out how powerful the Gu Industries system was.

She said, "They are directly connected to the police reporting system, and have very strong defenses. Its not the same as the defense systems that ordinary uses to fend off hackers. If you guys were able to get your hands on anything after entering, something would be wrong."

"KG was the one who invaded in. He didnt explore too many places, but only take a simple look."

"Is that so? Then KG is really quite amazing." Lin Che held admiration for him. Qin Hao had mentioned many times that their systems firewall could fend off 100% of the invaders. But seeing that KG could still enter, he was pretty amazing.

Crooked Neck said, "Thats of course. Hes our boss."

Lin Che said, "Moreover, putting other things aside, there are more capable talents in the Gu Industries than you can imagine. Even their assistant can stop KGs invasion attempt."

"You can continue boasting. Which assistant in the Gu Industries?"

"The presidents assistant. I wasnt able to find you guys the other time as you hid well. I had looked to Qin Hao for help to locate you."

"Ahhh alright, I know him. KG mentioned before that he should be an experienced and experienced character in this field. His techniques are very unique"

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