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Season 13

Episode 60

(To Think That She Was Related To The Gu Family)

The other people still didnt understand what was going on and just quietly watched on.

When Mr. Wu saw him, he was taken by surprise. "What are you doing? Why are you here?"

Mr. Zheng, the lawyer who came with Chen Hu, quickly said, "Miss Xue had asked me to come."

Mr. Wu was stunned.

It was a fight between their own people?

Was Miss Xue aware of who she was fighting the case against?

That shouldnt be. If she knew, she wouldnt have sent Old Zheng here.

A thought struck him. He had been working in this trade for many years, so he knew about some things.

"Old Zheng, dont take this case."


"Listen to me. Look for an excuse and reject it." He wouldnt get involved with the matters within the Gu Industries, but he still divulged some things, throwing a sidewards glance toward Lin Che, who was behind him.

Mr. Zheng seemed to realize something when he saw that.

The reason Mr. Wu was here was because of Lin Che.

They didnt know much about the entertainment industry, nor did they knew that Lin Che was a big star. They only heard of her name before.

Mr. Zhengs level wasnt as high and hadnt come into contact with the people who had more power in the Gu family, unlike how things were for Mr. Wu. This person was definitely someone who was of a higher status in the Gu family.

Therefore, Mr. Zheng immediately said, "Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Wu. I understand."

After staying that, he gave his greetings and quickly turned to leave.

Chen Hui was a little dumbstruck when he saw this. The two lawyers had been mumbling to each other for a while, but why was Mr. Zheng leaving now?

What was he doing?

"Mr. Zheng, hey, wait for me. Arent we here for negotiations today? Why are you"

"I dont feel well. My heart is going to act up. Ill be taking my leave first"

"Hey, you"

Crooked Neck and the few of them were also stunned when they saw Chen Hui about to leave just like that. They asked, "Whats going on?"

Mr. Wu said, "It seems that there isnt a need to fight this case anymore."

This Old Zheng was really To think that he didnt even check out who this person was. She was Gu Jingzes wife.

What was Miss Xue?

Putting aside other things, all the matters in the Gu Industries were still being handled by this madam.

Chen Hui looked at Mr. Zheng. "Hey, you cant leave just like that. Whats going on?" Chen Hui wanted to see the other side get destroyed. They had already come for the negotiations, and the other side didnt hold any evidence to prove that they didnt copy. However, to think that Mr. Zheng wanted to leave.

Mr. Zheng said, "Thats enough. Who would be able to win against Mr. Wu in a case? Moreover, I dont dare to fight against him either."

"Huh? That person is very amazing?" Chen Hui found this strange. How did they manage to find that amazing lawyer? To think that it was someone that even Mr. Zheng didnt dare to fight against.

"Putting aside other things, we serve the same company, to begin with."

"What do you mean?"

"He is also a lawyer working for the Gu Industries."


Chen Hui was stunned.

That was impossible. How could that be? How did Lin Che manage to find a lawyer working for the Gu Industries?

"Moreover, he is a lawyer who specializes in dealing with business matters for Gu Jingze. He is President Gus lawyer. How can he be placed on the same level as lawyers like us who cant reach the core in the Gu Industries?"

"Huh? Gu Jingze is"

"Thats the head of the Gu family. Even I havent seen him in person."

"Then how did they manage to get this lawyer?"

"Thats right. I find that strange as well. Ever since Mr. Wu went to the top floor, he no longer takes on any external cases. From what he says, that lady seems to have connections with the Gu family, and thats why he is here."

"What? Lin Che has connections with the Gu family? Thats impossible. She is a celebrity. If she really has connections with the Gu family, why would she work with Kaisheng? She could just get the Gu family to fork out fundings directly"

"I dont know about this. But in terms of seniority, connections with the management, and his brutality when fighting cases, Mr. Wu is a lot more amazing than I am. He didnt lose any cases for the past three years. Id be courting death if I fought against him in a court case."

After saying that, Mr. Zheng shook his head, took the document file, and left.

"Hey, you"

Chen Hui was still at the back, not unable to figure out what was going on.

He couldnt understand how Lin Che could have any connections to the Gu family.

When everyone was inside, they looked at Lin Che. "This case" Crooked Neck asked.

Lin Che said, "Didnt they withdraw? I think that this case wont be able to continue."


Lin Che said, "Alright, everyone can just get back to work on their own stuff. Dont bother about these things."

"Wow That cant be. Things ended just like that?"

In fact, Lin Che hadnt really been worried much. It was because the reason Xue Mengqi would target their game was mainly that she had no idea of her own involvement in this. Once Xue Mengqi found out, she would stay away from the game in order to avoid arousing suspicion.

Therefore, she could just reveal her identity.

Things hadnt reached that stage yet. but calling Mr. Wu to help out in the case would already be sufficient to let the other partys imagination run wild.

On the other side.

Xue Mengqi immediately got hold of this piece of news.

"What do you mean? This, this game, was done by Lin Che?"

That was impossible

Her subordinate said, "They said that it wasnt developed by Lin Che, but that Lin Che mingled around with them"

"How could it be her"

Xue Mengqi was a little surprised. She felt very unhappy that they clashed again.

"It might not be her. She doesnt have such capabilities. It might be because of that television drama."

"Thats right. Thats true too. Didnt they work together for that television drama? They might be in collaboration."

"Hmph, to think that she dares to ask the Gu Industries for help. Isnt she intentionally going against us?"

"Thats enough. We dont have any other way out of this either. Since the Gu Industries has gotten involved, then we cant do anything."

"How can that be"

Xue Mengqi also clenched her fists tightly, feeling very enraged.

Their crisis had been resolved.

Crooked Neck was very happy as he yelled, "I knew that with Sister Che around, theres nothing that cant be done. Sister Che, lets go out for a celebration tonight."

Lin Che also felt bad for these companions of hers. In the beginning, she felt that she didnt want to divulge too much, and thus didnt tell them about her connection with the Gu Industries. During this period of time, they didnt show it on their faces, but they were definitely very worried.

Now that they could relax, she said, "Alright, lets go out for a meal."

Crooked Neck took the opportunity to say to KG. "What a good woman. KG, make good of this opportunity tonight. The atmosphere is good. If you put in a little effort, things might just work out."

KG looked at Lin Che and gave a retort to Crooked Neck.

They arrived at the location fort he dinner.

Everyone drank alcohol happily. Lin Che said, "Its been hard on everyone during this period of time."

The few of them raised their cups. Seeing this, KG picked up Lin Ches wine glass and said, "Let me."

Lin Che asked, "Hey, KG, what are you doing?"

KG said, "Girls shouldnt drink so much."

Lin Che said, "Its fine. Everyone is in a good mood today. Dont worry. Its fine to drink a little once in a while."

Crooked Neck tried to hint to KG as well, telling Lin Che, "Drink up, drink up."

He tugged KG over. "Wait to make a move after she is a little tipsy, and confess to her. Itll definitely work."

"Shoo, go away."

However, they hadnt drunk with Lin Che before and didnt know that her tolerance level was a little shocking.

It didnt take long for Lin Che to become tipsy.

"This time around, Im really very happy to be able to be with everyone."

"KG, is there a girl in our company that you like? You arent young anymore and can get in a relationship. Dont be writing programming codes everyday. If theres someone you like, Ill go talk to her for you. It isnt easy for a programmer to find a partner."


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