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Season 13

Episode 59

(We Shall See)

An Lan looked at how cowardly her men were, and was overcome by fury to the extent that she almost fainted on the spot.

They were too embarrassing!

How could her men be so useless?

At this moment, more and more onlookers had gathered.

Meanwhile inside.

Lin Che was still finding it strange why Black Eagle hadnt come back. She overheard a staff member say, "A fight seems to have broken out outside. Its too exciting. That guy is so handsome."

"Isnt he bullying a woman? How can that be called handsome?"

"Hes still handsome. Its obvious that the woman isnt a good person."

"Youre just a person who looked at appearances. He is handsome, so whatever he does is right."

Lin Che stood up. "That cant be. What did Black Eagle do?"

They had a bad feeling about this and quickly followed after her.

They saw An Lan standing outside, her hair messed up and her face flushed red. Many people were looking at her with ridicule.

Black Eagle just leaned at one side, his arms crossed in front of his chest as he looked at her. It was as if all these had nothing to do with her. He was still smiling with great ridicule.

An Lan saw Gu Jingze and Lin Che standing together.

To think that Gu Jingze was around as well

She felt so angry and embarrassed. She stomped her foot and glared fiercely at Lin Ch before kicking away the useless attendant next to her and running out.

Oh my god, what was going on

Lin Che looked at Black Eagle. "You what were you doing?"

Black Eagle said, "Its nothing. I was just watching the fun."

This was watching the fun?

Lin Che was speechless. She tugged at Black Eagle and said, "Thats enough. Come in quickly. There are so many people watching. Sigh, just now An Lan"

"Its fine. She was just finding trouble for herself."


Black Eagle pressed down on her shoulder. "Dont worry, Im not a member of the Gu family. If she were to look for your trouble, then shed be the one in the wrong. If that were to happen, Ill make sure she dies."

So he was helping her take revenge.

Lin Che felt a warm current in her heart.

She looked at Black Eagle, feeling both helpless and speechless.

Mu Feiran just watched on and then took Lin Ches hand to head back in first. There were too many people outside, and it wasnt good for them.

Lin Che shook her head and said to Mu Feiran, "Feiran, I think this is how he is going to be. Sigh, he is my brother so I cant really say anything. Youre my good sister, so I cant say much either. Youre better off making the decision for yourself. If you still feel something for him, then treasure him. Youve seen how he is. He wants to treat someone well but doesnt know the limits of what he should be doing. However, hed definitely not let the person he likes feel aggrieved. Back then, he didnt know you and thus, did that to you. But now that the two of you have gotten to know each other, do you still think of him as the person who brings you nightmares when you look at him now?"

Mu Feiran pursed her lips. "I know that he is very good but"

She still couldnt get past the hurdle in her heart.

Lin Che patted her on the shoulder, not having any expectations that Mu Feiran would forgive Black Eagle right away.

However, by the looks of things, it seemed like she did have some feelings for Black Eagle.

Very soon, it was about time for the court to be held.

Chen Hui saw that Lin Che hadnt contacted him, so he could only go to look for Xue Mengqis subordinate.

He also agreed to testify for them. This time around, he only asked for a small portion of benefits.

When the other party saw that he knew what was good for him and agreed to testify for them, they were naturally glad to see that. Therefore, they agreed to his request.

On this day, Chen Hui drove his Maserati to come with his lawyer to give his testimony. His clothes were also brand new as if he was here to prove to them that he was still leading a good life after leaving this place.

Xue Mengqi had paid him a lot. To ordinary people, the money would be enough to spend lavishly for a very long time.

Chen Hui entered with the lawyer, saying with a snort, "The court is going to be held soon. Are you guys alright?"

Seeing Chen Hui walk in arrogantly, Crooked Neck said, "Hmph, does it feel good to buy things with the money you got from betraying others?"

Chen Hui asked, "What money from betraying others? Lets get things straight. These are all that I deserve to get!"

"Hmph, youll get your retribution one day."

"Alright, I shall see. Didnt you guys say that youve gotten evidence? Why is it that the results from my investigation is that till now, you guys still dont have a way to handle things? Haha, I dont mind divulging some things to you. This great lawyer here is a top-notch lawyer working for the Gu Industries. Can the lawyer you hire compare against him?"

The few of them exchanged glances, and really felt angry to see how proud Chen Hui was acting.

At this moment, KG came over from the back and said, "Alright, go do whatever youre supposed to do. If theres anything, well talk in court."

However, how could they be in the mood to continue with what they were doing? They were already infuriated after seeing Chen Hui.

Chen Hui tossed his head, "Thats right, thats right. Go and do something about this matter. This game might cease to exist very soon. You guys are better off hurrying to enjoy it. Sigh, but I still want to ask why dont I see your lawyer? Where is he?"

Lin Che had always been the one to deal with such matters, so they still had no idea about it. Therefore, they didnt know how they should reply to Chen Hui.

"Sister Che has everything prepared. You just wait." Crooked Neck said.

Chen Hui laughed. "Do you really think Lin Che is omnipotent? Hmph."

Crooked Neck pursed his lips. He had the strong urge to punch Chen Hui.

"Yes, Chen Hui, youre amazing. You managed to get connections with the Gu family and feel very proud now. But this will be the only time you get to feel proud. I dont believe that the Gu family will continue to use you. You left us. The Gu family wouldnt want a traitor like you either."

Chen Hui said, "So what? Ive already gotten the money anyway. Its different for you guys. Without the game, you guys will need to give compensation until you dont have a single cent left. Hahahaha."

Chen Hui said, "And how do you know that the Gu Industries wont hire me? In business, they need people like me who is flexible."

At this moment.

"No, what the Gu Industries need are people who knows how to be flexible, not people who shows flexibility when things dont call for it."

Lin Che came.

The few people who were following behind her didnt seem to be whom they had seen before.

When Crooked Neck saw that Lin Che was finally here, his eyes lit up.

Chen Hui laughed. "Who do you think you are? You think that you know everything just because youve set up a company."

Lin Che said, "I heard someone shooting off loudly earlier, asking why we dont have a lawyer. Arent I here with one now?"

It turned out that the person behind her was a lawyer.

Chen Hui looked over as well.

However, at this moment.

The lawyer who had came along with Chen Hui was stunned when he saw the person behind Lin Che.

"Mr. Wu, why are you"

Chen Huis lawyer immediately walked over with an inferior stance, lowering his head and offering a handshake.

Chen Hui froze.

They knew each other?

However, it was understandable for good lawyers to know each other.

But why did he appear so inferior?

It was as if he didnt dare to raise his head to be higher than Mr. Wu.

"Mr. Wu, why is it that Arent you a lawyer working exclusively for the Gu Industries? But why is it that you still"

You still accepted this case for another company?


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