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Season 13

Episode 58

(Dare To Bully My Younger Sister)

Then he was Black Eagle?

An Lan hadnt expected him to be Black Eagle.

She had forgotten if they had met in the past. It was because every time she went to the Gu family, circumstances were much more chaotic. She hadnt taken a good look at Black Eagle.

Looking from it now, she didnt feel that the two of them bore any resemblance. It was because Black Eagles appearance looked too domineering, and Lin Che appeared very petite in front of him.

An Lans eyes moved. She knew that she had been rash.

She assessed Black Eagle, gritting her teeth, and said, "Lin Che, you better look out for yourself."

Lin Che rolled her eyes at her.

Black Eagle looked at her with his hands at his waist.

An Lan walked away proudly.

Black Eagle asked, "Who is she?"

"An Lan." Lin Che said.

Black Eagle said, "Oh, the one who wants to have a political marriage with the Gu family, right?"

"Thats right. I suspect that shes involved in Gu Jingzes problem this time around. However, Gu Jingze doesnt remember it and I have no evidence either, so I can only leave things be for now. Chen Yucheng is already helping me to find a way to help Gu Jingze recover. Well deal with things after Gu Jingze recovers his memories."

Black Eagles eyes narrowed. "Youre going to let her off just like that?"

"If not, what should I do? They do have long connections with the Gu family in the past." Lin Che pulled Black Eagle back in. "Lets go in."

Black Eagle looked at the other side.

She was part of the Gu family, but he wasnt.

His brows raised. "En, you go in first. Ill go and get a smoke."

"Dont smoke so much!"

"I got it. Such a nag."

Lin Che smiled.

She felt that she was increasingly daring in front of Black Eagle.

It could be because such daringness was a form of a sense of security that made her felt at ease.

Was she accepting him more and more as her older brother?

Lin Che had never experienced the feeling of being protected by an older brother. She suddenly felt very sweet inside.

An Lan had just stepped out when she sensed that she was bumped by two hooligans.

An Lan usually had a bunch of followers with her, yet with them behind her right now, the two of them still dared to bump into her.

An Lan glared at them angrily. "What are you guys doing?"

One of the hooligans hand slipped and splashed his tea all over her expensive dress.

Seeing that she was about to blow off her top, he immediately lowered his head to apologize. "Oh my god, Im really sorry. Let me help you to wipe it off. Dont be angry, itll be fine after its wiped off. Its just tea. Itll be fine after you wash it when you go back."

The hooligans lowered his head to help her wipe it off, but his hands seemed to have touched something else, leaving a blacker mark on her white dress.

A nice dress was spoiled just like that.

An Lan lowered her head and cried out angrily, "Scram! Dont touch me! Youre so dirty!"

The hooligans were still smiling. "Oh god, Im really sorry. My hands seemed to have touched something dirty earlier and I forgot about it out of panic."

An Lans face was red with fury. She said to the men behind her, "Throw these people out."

When the gangster saw this, he responded, "What? I only dirtied your dress accidentally and you want to raise your hands against me?"

An Lans face was flushed red. She pointed to the people in front of said, "Go chase these people away."

Her men immediately went over. However, just as her attendants were going over to chase the ordinarily-looking hooligans away, one of the hooligans immediately kicked them to the ground.

"F*ck, I helped you to wipe your dress out of goodwill, yet you dare to raise your hands against us. Do you think that were pushovers?"

An Lan was shocked. She looked at her attendants who had dashed over earlier, now all fallen to the ground and crying out in pain.

"Ouch, Young Miss, Young Miss quickly call the police."

An Lan backed off for a few consecutive steps. "You guys you guys"

The few hooligans no longer acted so sloppily like they did earlier. They drew in closer toward her.

Before An Lan could react, one of them grabbed a cup of water, and splashed it toward An Lans face.

"Ahhh" An Lan cried out, and her attendants also quickly came to put up a block for her.

"What are you guys doing? What are you guys doing? Dont you know who this is? We arent people to be trifled with!"

The hooligans didnt care about this. They continued to head toward An Lan. Realizing that her makeup was already messed up, An Lan quickly covered her face with her hair. Her hair were also draping down from being wet, and she appeared to be in a sorry state.

An Lan had never been so embarrassed before in her life. Moreover, it was a public place like this.

She was so angry that she broke out in tears.

"You guys Just you guys wait."

"Aiyo, Miss An, what happened to you?"

At this moment, a deep ridiculing voice rang out.

An Lan looked over and saw Black Eagle sluggishly leaning by the door, smiling as he looked over.

An Lan looked at the few hooligans and immediately understood what was going on.

Black Eagle had done this on purpose!

An Lan pushed away the attendant who was supporting her, and looked at Black Eagle. "You you purposely made a fool of me. How dare you treat me like this. Was it Lin Che who instructed you to do this? How dare you."

Black Eagle chuckled. "The person who can instruct me to do something probably hasnt been born yet."

"Haha, thats your youngster sister. Of course, you would help her."

"Since you know that shes my sister, then I dont have to say much." His ambiguous tone told others that he had admitted to this, but you couldnt really point out that he had done so.

It made others felt very helpless, having no evidence even if they wished to scold him.

The few hooligans who were still here earlier had suddenly gone missing without a trace. No one knew where they had gone.

An Lan was so furious that her face changed colors. She pointed out her trembling finger, and even her body was shaking. In addition to her sorry appearance, she looked like a lunatic, standing there for everyone to see. Right now, she couldnt care about the other onlookers and only pointed at Black Eagle. "How dare you treat me like this."

Black Eagle snorted. "What rubbish is Miss An talking about? What did I do to you?"

He was trying to feign ignorance now.

An Lans eyes turned red, and she had the urge to go over and kill him.

However, Black Eagle only looked at her with a questioning expression. "Aiyoh, did Miss An offend someone? Why have you been put into such a plight? You dont even look like a proper young lady now. You look just like a lunatic. Why dont you check yourself out in the mirror to see how horrible you look, but still stand here? If I were in your shoes, Id be so mad that Id jump off a building and commit suicide."

An Lans countenance turned grim and it was only now did she recall that she was definitely in a sorry plight.

She was overcome by grief and fury as she looked at him. "Black Eagle, I wont take things lying down!"

Black eagle snorted. "With the likes of you?"

An Lan said, "Dont be too arrogant, hmph."

"Heh, I, Black Eagle, have never been scared of anyone before. Do what you can. I shall see which person in the An family dares to have some fun with me."

Black Eagle said, "Or you can let the few behind you to give it a try."

When An Lans attendants heard that, they immediately shrank their necks back.

How could they possibly dare to go up

That was Black Eagle.

He would be able to crush all of them single-handedly.

Furthermore, this Black Eagle was very brutal. If they offended him now, itd be hard for them to survive in the future.


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