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Season 13

Episode 57

(This Is My Brother)

Mu Feiran called the service staff over to make her order after going through the menu quickly. Not daring to look at anyone, the service staff wished he could find a place to hide when Black Eagle stared at him.

It was the first time that Mu Feiran was out in such a public place for a meal, and she could order her food in peace without anyone asking if she was Mu Feiran.

It was not long until another customer saw both Lin Che and Mu Feiran.

He went over immediately and smiled. "Oh, Mu Feiran, Lin Che."

It was not a restaurant for cheap food and those who patronized had some level of wealth. Looking at the Mercedes and BMWs parked outside, it was clear they earned tens of millions. Seeing both Lin Che and Mu Feiran did not make him feel any smaller and so he went over to say hi.

Mu Feiran turned back and smiled. Just as she was about to speak

Black Eagle stared coldly once again.

Not only did the customer not notice Black Eagles stare, but continued making his way over, "Oh my, it really is you girls. I like you very much now. I like how you act as Ni Shang. May I have a picture with you?"

He stretched out his hands as he was speaking.

Even though it was only a gesture, Black Eagle unknowingly took action and twisted the mans hand.

"Ouch! That hurts a lot."

Before he could even react, the pain had already caused him to cry out.

After all, Black Eagle was no ordinary man. How could the common folk withstand a move from him?

The man howled in pain and fell to the ground, as though he was dying.

Shocked, Mu Feiran hurriedly went over. "Mo Jingyan, what did you do?"

Lin Che stood up as well.

The man got up slowly and said angrily, "You Who are you? How dare you hurt me? I will."

Black Eagle clapped his hands, grunted and stood up mighty and tall, well towering over the man.

His grandeur surpassed any common man.

The man was scared.

Mu Feiran quickly said, "Im so sorry, Mister."

He immediately asked, "Whats wrong with you all? The audacity to hit me."

Mu Feiran said, "Apologies, take it as he is crazy"

Black Eagle replied, "Who says Im crazy? He wanted to touch you."

Mu Feiran looked at him. "When did he touch me? He did not at all. Even if he did, it has nothing to do with you. Why did you hit him? Youre really harassing me!"

Black Eagle looked at her. "Im protecting you."

Mu Feiran laughed coldly. "For someone who hurt me in the past, you want to protect me now?"

Black Eagle paused. "Yes."

Mu Feiran replied, "Thanks, but I dont need this protection of yours. Im annoyed."

Black Eagle said, "Even if youre annoyed, Ill still protect you."


Lin Che really thought that Black Eagle had a problem with his emotional intelligence.

There was no way he could pacify a woman when he was so overbearing.

She pulled Black Eagle. "Alright, Black Eagle, thats enough. Come with me. Youre not doing this right."

She used her strength to pull Black Eagle along.

Black Eagle was unwilling, but still allowed himself to be pulled away.


Lin Che looked at Black Eagle. "Who courts girls like the way you do?"

Black Eagle replied, "What else should I do?"

Lin Che said, "If you want to pacify someone, you cant do it so outrageously and unreasonably."

Black Eagle frowned and looked at her.

"I wont." He turned to head back in.

Lin Che quickly stopped him. "Hey, come back here. Why are you going back?"

"Ill explain it to her. Ill tell her, this is me, whether you like it or not. If you still want to be upset, thats up to you, but this is how I am."

"Hey hey hey, dont be like this. Think about" Lin Che looked at Black Eagle. "How do you usually manage so many people? Why do you lose it when it comes to Feiran?"

Black Eagle looked at her. "But this is indeed me. Ill still be like this in the future. I dont wish to be Mr. Perfect and then she finds out Im not that person like before. I was like that. I led her to think I was perfect and then she found out I was the one who hurt her. I dont want this to happen again"

"You." Lin Che sighed as she looked at him, but also felt that what he said made some sense.

She could only reply, "Alright, I understand."


An Lan walked in and saw Lin Che with Black Eagle at once.

She did not have a clear view of the man and thought it was Gu Jingze with Lin Che at first.

However, his height and build were not the same. She pondered and was excited at the thought of catching Lin Che having a moment with some other guy.

Lin Che already had Gu Jingze but was still brazenly having a dubious relationship with some other guy.

And this man, of good build and looks, even with a sullen expression, still looked rather handsome.

Its no wonder Lin Che would be attracted.

However, it was still unthinkable. She already had Gu Jingze. How could she still be close to other guys? If Gu Jingze knew, it would drive him mad.

An Lans eyes brightened and she walked over.

"Lin Che."

Of all times to meet, they had to meet here.

Lin Che turned around and saw An Lan.

She smiled and said, "Miss An, foes truly meet at undesired times."

An Lan looked in the direction of the man and said to Lin Che, "With all the flirting around, alright, perhaps I shouldnt be here. Im sorry that I witnessed this. But dont worry. I wont mention a word to Gu Jingze."

Lin Che was confused, looked at Black Eagle, and saw that she was still holding onto his arm. She then understood and was afraid of a misunderstanding.

Lin Che laughed, not wanting to explain further but only replied coldly, "Mention what to Gu Jingze?"

An Lan replied, "Are you pretending to be dumb? You and this man. Oh, I get it. You probably feel empty and lonely after your wedding, especially with Gu Jingze being so busy. But you still shouldnt be out here in public letting him down."

Lin Che laughed, "Miss An, youre supposed to be engaged to Jingyu but here you are, very concerned about the already married Gu Jingze. I suppose this isnt right as well."

An Lan replied, "Are you saying Im being nosy? Im not. I just dont agree with your antics."

Lin Che replied, "Why not just say that youre too concerned about Gu Jingze? What do you really want?"

An Lan was taken aback but since their conversation had led to how it was, and seeing Lin Che with this man, she felt she had the upper hand and replied defiantly, "What do I want? You feel threatened now, eh? Thats right. I want Gu Jingze. My family and the Gu family should be tied by marriage. But you stood in between us. So now that you know, are you going to tell Gu Jingze? Im not afraid of you letting him know. Anyway, I was planning to do so. But you better be careful, because if you let your mouth run, I will let everyone know about you going with other men."

"Oh, so you admit it now. You are interested in Gu Jingze?"

"So what if I am?"

"Oh, Im not so sure. Is it a crime to hold my brothers arm?" Lin Che replied while looking at Black Eagle.




  1. Waoh! This is getting more interesting

  2. Yeah brother.
    Chai as in I want gu jingze to recollect his memory nd deal with An lan stupid girl😏😏😏

    1. Are we even sure he lost his memory,I think he is just pretending to achieve some things

    2. Exactly my thought...I have a feeling he is pretending

  3. I don't think President GU lost his memory, but let wait and see.

  4. I think GU jingze is pretending.., I want our old jingze back.. The story is getting boring without his vibes

  5. Author abeg now, bring back Gu Jingze #BBGJ



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