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Season 13

Episode 56

(The Frightening Black Eagle)

Black Eagle put in a lot of effort to have someone pose as Lin Che and invited Mu Feiran over.

Mu Feiran knew that Lin Che was busy and upset, so she didnt tell her about some stuff.

She accepted Lin Ches invite, thinking it would be good to have a look at Gu Jingzes condition and also to see how Lin Che was doing.

Mu Feiran arrived at the Gu Familys place in the afternoon. She was very familiar with their place. The servants were very courteous to her as soon as she entered. Knowing that she was Lin Ches guest, they were very meticulous in waiting on her.

Mu Feiran hardly came over as there were too many rules and hostility, but the servants remembered everyone very clearly.

Lin Che said, "You really came over. What happened between you and Black Eagle?"

Mu Feiran was confused, but understood very quickly.

"This is the doing of Black Eagle?"


Mu Feiran laughed and said, "So, he is Yunyuns father."

Lin Che took a while to react.

It turned out that she already knew.

Lin Che sighed. She shouldnt get involved in matters like this.

It was a relationship between two people, and the two people have to sort it out on their own.

Lin Che said, "I dont know how Black Eagle was in the past, but now, his feelings for you should be real."

Mu Feiran snorted, "That is your own brother. I wont listen to you."

"I okay, thats my brother. I shouldnt be saying anything about him."

Black Eagle entered at that moment.

The servants did not dare to fuss over him as he always seemed to be on a rampage.

Gu Jingze had given orders to leave him alone, on account that he was his wifes brother.

Black Eagle said, "Sister, Im here to see you."

Lin Che giggled. "Here to see me? Really?"

"Of course. Its been a few days and Ive missed you."

"Haha, then you can leave after having a look at me."


Black Eagle walked over. "How can that happen?"

Lin Che thought to herself that he was still pretending.

Mu Feiran wanted to leave as soon as she saw Black Eagle come.

Black Eagle hurried over. "Feiran, what are you doing?"

Mu Feiran said, "Arent you being childish, still pretending that it was Lin Che who looked for me?"

Black Eagle said, "Childish or not, all that matters is that it worked. Its the same in business. Do you think businessmen are childish? But such tactics work."

Mu Feiran sighed and Black Eagle followed. "Feiran, since youre already here, have a seat. Look, Gu Jingze is not of sound mind and Lin Che is still by his side. This shows how our family is. Its in our blood to be loyal and uphold relationships."


Lin Ches face turned cold.

The nerve of Black Eagle!

"Feiran, I think he indeed isnt suited for you. You better stop considering."

Upon hearing, Black Eagle quickly answered, "Are you even my sister?"

"Call yourself a brother! What did you say about Gu Jingze?"

Gu Jingze had already quietly walked over to Lin Ches side. "I may not be in the best of a mental state. I am aware of that. However, some people with a healthy state of mind cant even win over a fair maidens heart. Looks like he cant even beat hold a candle to me."


Gu Jingze may have lost his memories, but he was still as vicious with his words.

Black Eagles face turned gloomy.

He had wanted to say something but was beaten by Gu Jingze. "Since youre here, why not have a meal out together."

Black Eagle closed his mouth upon hearing this, looked at Mu Feiran, and was filled with anticipation.

He was willing to do anything, as long as he had a chance to be with Mu Feiran.

He was even willing to be poisoned to death, even if not stung by Gu Jingzes words.

Gu Jingze said, "I heard that it was because of Mr. Mo that I was able to return safely. I should thank you with a meal. Do join us, Miss Mu. Youve put in some effort as well."

Mu Feiran looked at Gu Jingze and seeing his state, felt that she should not reject his offer. Besides, Gu Jingze was Gu Jingze. She did not dare to reject as well.

There wasnt much interaction with Gu Jingze on most days, so you couldnt say she knew him well. Although he was Lin Ches husband and she was close to Lin Che, it was still better for men and women to keep their distance. Gu Jingze was not one to get along easily with and he did not like speaking much. Thus, many of Lin Ches good friends felt unenthusiastic towards him.

A relationship like this was difficult to reject. Although it felt like they knew each other, it still felt distant.

Mu Feiran could only look at him and agreed.

Gu Jingze got someone to make reservations at the restaurant. Lin Che walked in front with him and said, "Looks like Feiran is really angry. Oh, what evil is being done here."

Gu Jingze said, "A fair maiden is afraid of a persistent guy. Dont worry."

Lin Che asked, "Really?"

She looked back at both of them. Mu Feiran was still as reluctant while Black Eagle was standing by the side, without looking at her, only walking along in silence. It was as though he was thinking of how to prove his feelings for her.

Lin Che shook her head in silence. This Black Eagle was really a different person when he got serious.

They soon found a place for their meal.

A service staff came over with the menu and looked at Mu Feiran, "Mu Feiran? You must be Mu Feiran, oh you."

Before he could finish, Black Eagle was already staring coldly at him.

He got scared and shut his mouth.

Black Eagle said coldly, "Enough with the nonsense. Bring the menu here."

"Yes, yes, yes."

If it was anybody else who said as such, the service staff might have muttered a curse under his breath. Black Eagles glare was exceptionally deadly and it gave people the chills down their spines. Thus, he definitely closed his mouth, not doing it for show and then cursing about it silently. The service staff quickly put the menu down and left.

It was only when he went out that he told the people, "My oh my, I saw Mu Feiran! I dont know who it is, but the guy beside her was very scary."

"Look, is that Lin Che across Mu Feiran?"

"I think so, arent they best friends?"

"Oh, I feel like going over to get their autographs. Two movie stars."

"But that guy is really scary."

As they looked, Black Eagle was seated there expressionless and they could not see who was the man seated opposite him. If they saw it was Gu Jingze, they would definitely be more shocked. But they only had the view of his back, so they felt more strongly towards Black Eagle, thinking that he could kill with just his glare. They did not dare to go near.

Mu Feiran noticed that the service staff were looking over as if they had seen a ghost, and rolled her eyes in her head.

But having him, a Hell King around by her side was really

Something that made her feel unafraid about getting harassed.

In the past, she would be surrounded by people asking for her autographs whenever she headed out. Now, everyone stayed far away from her, not daring to even look.

It amused her just thinking about it. Black Eagle was just sitting over here, scaring people

Feeling depressed, she turned and saw that Lin Che was looking at her from the opposite side. She pretended nothing had happened and looked down the menu.


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