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Season 13

Episode 55

(Gu Industries Isnt That Scary)

KG and Crooked Neck waited at the back while Lin Che stood there. She said to Chen Hui, "These are our companys lawyers and the ones behind are here to arrest you for your unlawful deeds. What else do you have to say?"

Chen Hui was heavy in guilt when he saw the detectives.

Looking worriedly at Crooked Neck and KG, he said, "KG, you cant do this to me. Weve been classmates for so many years and weve gone through so much together."

KG had very much wanted to say something but Lin Che turned back to say, "KG, so many years of hardship and yet he could still betray you. What are you hesitating about? There will be many more instances like this. Do you want to keep forgiving people? Hell never be grateful to you. Not only that, whatever benefits youve given him will be his foundation for seeking revenge on you the moment he has the chance to. Just because youve seen the lowest point of him, youll always be his enemy. Do you understand?"

KG stood there and looked at Chen Hui.

Chen Hui was still begging for mercy, but KG gritted his teeth and turned away.

Lin Che said, "Chen Hui, now that youve betrayed us, you have to know that this is the punishment you deserve. Everyone needs to be responsible for his actions. Youre not that young either. You should know that your choice has resulted in this day."

Chen Hui looked at her in a grimace, as though he was suppressing his emotions and replied, "Just wait and see, you just wait and see Lin Che, dont put in such nice words. You just cant bear to part with this small sum of money. You just wish that I dont get it. Ha, you make it sound like youre so righteous. Isnt it just an excuse to not give me my money? Ha, its alright. Ill see how long you can stay arrogant. Do you think you can mess with the Gu Family? They are the Gu Family. Once they have their eyes set on you, even you, Lin Che, have no way out."

Chen Hui was indeed filled with so much resentment that he did not even feel a tinge of regret, only resentment. He would only be happy when he sees this game being ruined by Xue Mengqi.

Chen Hui looked at Lin Che. "I look forward to the day you get destroyed!"

Lin Che retorted, "Why? Is Gu Industries that scary?"

"Haha, what do you think?" Chen Hui glared at Lin Che as he made his way out.

Lin Che crossed her arms as she looked at him.

The detectives followed behind.

Crooked Neck said, "That was seriously disgusting. He had the cheek to curse us, not feeling any bit sorry for his mistake in the first place."

Lin Che replied, "Doesnt matter. No matter what you do, hell still hate you. So, its best not to give him a future chance."

Crooked Neck looked at Lin Che with more admiration. "Sister Che, youre really brilliant."

"Alright, stop licking my boots."

"Its true, from now on, I am your fanboy!"

Lin Che rolled her eyes and went out.

While being held for investigations, Chen Hui quickly made a call to Xue Mengqi and said, "Im warning you, if you dont come and save me, Im going to expose you."

They knew, of course, that they had to get him out. After all, he was considered one of their most important witnesses. If he decided to flip and spill everything out, then their plan would be exposed.

Chen Hui was rescued and he immediately said to the one who came for him, "You guys must make it up to me. Now that they wont give me any money, you guys have to compensate."

"You better just take whats given. Were mutually tied in this. However, you need to understand the power of the Gu family. If we dont wish to have this game anymore, then we wont. Its just a life or death. If you think you can get anything from me, thats impossible."

Having said her piece, she went off arrogantly in her high heels and car.

"You" Chen Hui was mad beyond words. But thinking about it, he knew that he didnt dare to fight with the Gu family.

After all, they were of such a big clan. It was very different from dealing with KG and his gang.

He had to decide if he wanted to get more money or to look for Lin Che.

She was only a small-time celebrity. Surely, she couldnt be that confident.

Thus, he appeared at Kaisheng in the afternoon.

Crooked Neck looked at Chen Hui and asked, "How do you still have the cheek to come here?"

Chen Hui replied, "I want to see Lin Che."

"Do you think you can just look for Sister Che as and when you like?"

"Yeah, I can do that at the Gu family."


Lin Che was indeed around at the company.

So she walked over the moment she heard his voice.

"What more do you want?"

Chen Hui glared at Crooked Neck and spoke directly to Lin Che, "I can testify and prove that the Gu Familys game was a plagiarised copy of yours. I can also prove that they intentionally stole the business secret and caused malicious competition."

Crooked Neck asked, "Since when were you get this kind?"

Lin Che smiled. "Just cut to the chase and say what you want."

Crooked Neck suddenly realized. "Oh, you are here to make your conditions."

Chen Hui said, "If I dont help you now, youll never defeat the Gu family. When that happens, dont even think about developing your game. Give me ten million yuan and Ill be your witness right away."

Upon hearing that, Crooked Neck shouted, "Why not rob a bank?! Ten million yuan?! You say it with such ease!"

Lin Che laughed coldly, "Ten million yuan? We dont have it."

Chen Hui replied in contempt, "Seriously, you guys are so bent on the game. What are you going to use to fight the Gu family? Ive already told you, theyre generous, passing with style. Then look at you all, so miserly. Ugh."

He said, "Truth be told, if not because Ive seen it, I would think this company has made its mark. But you have never seen how the big company handles their money. Just look at how they do their businesses. You wont even give ten million yuan. What are you going to use to fight with them? Ha."

Lin Che replied, "Money to be spent depends on location, design, investment. We are willing to spend, but on someone like you. Sorry, I wont let you take a single cent."


Chen Hui laughed. "Alright, these are your words. Ill see if youre still so adamant when the time comes."

Watching Chen Hui leave, Crooked Neck asked, "So what now, Sister Che?"

"Ive said it. The Gu family isnt that scary. Trust me."

"Yes, whatever Sister Che says, Ill believe it."

Soon, Gu Jingze came to pick her up.

Lin Che said, "That Xue Mengqi. Her bad influence lingers."

Gu Jingze replied, "What happened?"

Lin Che told him what happened. Gu Jingze said, "Oh, that guy is Chen Hui?"

"Yes, he keeps insisting that the Gu family is scary. I would like to know, how much does he really know about the Gu family to say that."

Gu Jingze replied, "Thats right."

Lin Che looked at him. "How are you today? Is Chen Yushengs remedy working?"

"Not yet."

Lin Che touched his hair. "Its okay. Itll work slowly."

"But, someone named Black Eagle went over," he said.

Lin Che replied, "Oh, that is my brother. You hated him in the past."

"Really? Why did I hate your family?"

"Because he is very unlikeable. What did he say?"

"He said hell come over in the afternoon."


"And he also said that he helped you to get Mu Feiran."



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