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Season 13

Episode 54

(You Cant Surpass Gu Industries)

He looked up. "What do you guys want?"

Crooked Neck mocked in disbelief. "What do we want?" Chen Hui, youre being ridiculous. Weve known each other for so many years. Dont you feel ashamed of your betrayal? Have you forgotten all the efforts weve put into this game, the meals weve skipped to write the codes, the constant tests, and all the nights we worked through for over a month before we got our template? To think you would give it to someone else just like that. How much did they offer, for you to not hesitate to sell us out?"

Chen Huis face turned red in embarrassment. But what else could he do when things have already taken this turn?

He said, "I really am regretful. I didnt want this, but you guys dont know who youre facing."

Crooked Neck asked, "How could we not? Anyone could just think and know its the Gu Industries, isnt it? Why not just say it? Is it the Gu Industries or not?"

Yes, it was Gu Industries.

Chen Hui looked down. "Arent you afraid? Gu Industries is so powerful that theres no way we can defeat them, not even Sister Che. Her collaboration with Kaisheng Group is nothing but just a collaboration. As soon as they do not see any value in us, will they still care about us? This game is only a small venture of theirs. They wouldnt even bat an eyelid should a problem arise. We have no way of fighting back, alright."

Crooked Neck grunted, "How do you know that we cant win? Its because of a rat like you that were in this lawsuit! If they didnt get the template, we wouldnt be having a case to fight!"

Chen Hui stared at him. "How would we win? Even if they didnt use this, they would find some other ways against us. You think this game is the best, so it means you have the power? Do you think Sister Che has the power? Didnt you see that woman that day? She is the real deal. All she has to do is to wave her hand and many clamored to do things for her. This isnt something Sister Che can resolve easily. Its not me. If they want to destroy you guys, all it takes is just a flick of the hand."

KG replied, "Apart from this, what else do they know?"

"Nothing else" Chen Hui replied.

Crooked Neck said, "Theres no way its nothing more. Look at you, youve become their lap dog, kneeling and begging at their command. How can there be nothing else?"

Chen Hui replied, "Yes, I knelt and begged, Ive become their dog. Yes, theyve given me a lot of money. Do you know what theyve given me? A ten million dollar house, a Maserati, and each time I give any sort of information, no matter how minute, theyll give me a few million, just like that! Thats why you guys can never beat them. Its not because of anything but plainly because they have the affluence and the money. Do you guys even have either? Who has this kind of affluence? Do you guys still want to go against the Gu family? Just a few of you against them?"

"Ha Ha." Crooked Neck was boiling with rage. "A 10-million yuan house, a car that costs a few million yuan, plus a few million yuan cash, and you immediately jumped ship. I see thats what our friendship is worth. You also think that our game is only worth as such."

KG said, "Enough, Crooked Neck. Everyone has different thoughts. Since he feels that were only worth so much, then lets just give him his share of the dividends and let him leave."

Upon hearing that he would still get his dividends, Chen Hui looked up at once.

Crooked Neck replied, "Fine, give it to him. Give everything to him. We dont need a person like him as our partner."

KG replied, "In the future, this game will earn more, and we are the creators. Everything will have nothing to do with you, Chen Hui. You have betrayed your future. I hope all that money and the house would suffice in your road to come. Then again, that would have nothing to do with us."

Crooked Neck looked angrily at Chen Hui. "Sign that you will leave our group and sell your shares. You can leave immediately."

Chen Hui was very agreeable and said, "You guys said it. I will sign it soon. But, dont think Im stupid. I know you can never defeat Gu Industries. Do you really think this game can go far? Mark my words. Dont regret when theres an impossible future."

Crooked Neck looked in disdain as Chen Hui left. He asked KG, "KG, what do we do now? All those things you mentioned were they fake?"

KG nodded. "Yes, I didnt leave any evidence that proves our innocence."

Crooked Neck was disappointed. "Oh man, to see this kind of rat having his way out, I really hate it."

Chen Hui made a call as soon as he walked out.

He mentioned that he got busted and that they had mentioned an imprint in the program.

He said, "Initially, I thought there might be. But now that I think about it, its likely they dont have any evidence. It was just a bid to catch me with something they made up, leading me to believe that the evidence exists and I would go looking for it. Im certain there isnt, so you guys dont have to worry."

"Alright. You were too careless, so you actually got caught."

"You guys said that Ill get a huge payout in the end."

"Sorry, what we said was, you would get a huge payout if we won. But now that you got caught, you cant complete the task."

"You youre saying theres no payout anymore?"

"Its your own fault. You cant blame others."

"You you"

Chen Hui was outraged.

On the bright side, they had already given quite a lot.

There was still a payout to be taken from KG the next day. It would probably be a sum he would never see in his life.

KG updated Lin Che about the matter.

Lin Che could only mutter, "Who would have thought?"

KG said, "He thinks we cant defeat Gu Industries."

"Oh, then he would be disappointed." Lin Che replied, "Dont worry, we dont need to fight with them."

"Is that so? Do you have a plan?"

"Thats right. Is he going to the office tomorrow?"


"Alright, Ill go too."

The next day, Chen Hui arrived at the office.

After signing the agreement, he would be leaving Genesis and leaving their game.

At this point, Chen Hui had come to a realization after an entire night of mulling things over. He deemed that this arrangement was just and fair, and so walked into the office with stride.

Crooked Neck said, "Youre here, traitor. You can sit your ass here."

Chen Hui replied haughtily, "Dont think you guys can smile for long. Enjoy your last few days here as rich people and continue living in your dreams. Anyway, it wont last for long, since you will be knocked out by Gu Industries."

As he spoke before putting his signature down, he heard Lin Che coming from behind. "Hold on."

Chen Hui looked up.

Lin Che said, "Apologies, but you cant sign this agreement."

Chen Hui looked at her. "What do you mean by that?"

Lin Che replied, "This is considered a business fraud. Youre a criminal now. We will not give you your dividends and you have been automatically removed from the companys registry. Also, you will have to be taken in for questioning."

Chen Hui turned white. "You What do you mean by this?!"

Lin Che replied, "Didnt they teach you in school? Did you think its easy to be a traitor? That the money came without conditions? Sorry, but earning money has its risks."

KG and the rest may not have known, but Lin Che would never let anyone take money just like that.


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