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Season 13

Episode 52

( Who Is The Spy?)

Lin Che said, "Let me see what shes up to, first."

Crooked Neck said, "Sister Che, you really know everyone, even those from the Gu family."

Lin Che replied, "Gu Jingyu is also part of the Gu family, and dont I know him too?"

"Oh, yes yes. Look at my poor memory. But I think Im just too in awe of Sister Che."

"My goodness, whats there to be in awe of?"

"I just think that you, Sister Che, have nothing you cant accomplish."


"Its like a treasure. No matter how you dig, there is no end."

"Alright, alright. Stop licking my boots."

Crooked Neck laughed and saw that KG was still following them. He thought that KG probably has something to say, so he left first.

KG came forward.

"I think we have a spy from within."

"Why?" Lin Che asked surprisingly.

"The semblance is uncanny."

"So, its not like they could have seen our game and then copied it?"

"No, they must have seen our template."

"We have never publicized our template?"

"Never. Only a few within our department know."

"But we have a spy Kai Sheng companys employees, or" Lin Che looked at KG and also hoped that it wasnt someone within.

KG replied, "I think it should be someone from our side."

KG was very clear about this. He may not like to talk, but he was not an idiot either.

He was not one to take things to heart, absolutely had trust in his roommates, and he would not think his people were necessarily harmless.

KG said, "I know my people. Some can be trusted completely, some I honestly dont trust as much, especially now. I wont blindly protect them."

Lin Che sighed in her heart, looking at KG, "So, what do you intend to do?"

KG replied, "I will pass down some important messages, and not allow outsiders to know."

Lin Che replied, "Alright then, Ill get people to ask around regarding this copying of our game."


The two agreed to split tasks; one would investigate their internal department, another would do for the external.

Lin Che thought it was surprising that Xue Mengqi would take a liking to their game this time.

It looked like this game was indeed getting into the limelight, so it had come to Xue Mengqis attention.

She didnt know if she should feel proud.

However, if Xue Mengqi knew that she was colliding with Lin Che again, she definitely would not be that happy.

Xue Mengqi laughed as she looked at the game she developed.

Facing her employees in the morning, she had preached, "Ive said it before. As long as you have the heart, there is nothing you cant do. Even if its an impenetrable defense, there is bound to be some weakness."

"Yes yes, this is Miss Xues strength."

"Thats right. It looks like this years game will be ruined by Misss hands."

"Naturally, they only have a small studio. How can they fight with Miss?"

"Take a good look at our backgrounds."

Colors emerged on Xue Mengqis face.

"Whats going on over that side now?" She turned to ask.

"We already have full control over that person there. Moreover, he has already stolen and given us the template, There is no way of him escaping without getting linked. He is undoubtedly under our control from now. There are no updates for now, so they are still probably clueless about a spy within them. Theyve only held a meeting and discussed handling this plagiarism."

"Very good. Let us continue. Move forward the release of our program and sue them! By that time, it would be our people at court and I bet theres nothing they can do."

"Yes, Miss."

Not long after, the studio received a summon from the court.

After the game was released from the other side, and based on the first entrant being the master, everyone felt that the game was very much like Ray of Light. Gamers also made a list of similarities and concluded that there was indeed plagiarism. However, Kill You took the lead and sued Ray of Light. With court documents, game purchase agreements, changed agreements, and templates being submitted, everyone immediately thought that they seemed to have evidence and with some uncertainties, it wasnt clear who to believe anymore.

Hence, there was an uproar on the internet, debating between who was the originator, and who was the plagiarist.

Some thought that as long as the game was good, that was enough, and Ray of Light had a richer plot and structure.

Some argued that despite it being fun, it was still a plagiarised game. They would be playing Kill You. It was very fun and everyone should play.

Kill You received a lot of attention as soon as it got released due to Xue Mengqis work of promoting it.

On this side, with a few people in the meeting, Crooked Neck was very displeased.

"They are obviously rubbing it in our faces with their hype."

Lin Che said, "They are definitely hyping it a lot."

KG replied, "So, what should we do?"

Lin Che replied, "Even though it is Xue Mengqis doing, there is no doubt they have a large number of funds and professionals that backed all these. However, you all dont have to worry. We already have a secret strategy. We definitely wont let our game get attacked by their evil intentions."

Crooked Neck craned his neck, "You have a plan already? Really? Whats the plan?"

Lin Che smiled, "Ill let you know when its time. Just know there is a plan."

Crooked Neck relaxed after hearing Lin Ches words.

He had absolute trust in Lin Che.

Lin Che walked with KG after the meeting.

The truth was, what plans could she have? She had already sent someone to ask around and found out that Xue Mengqi had connections at the courthouse and wanted the court to rule in her favor.

It was not that Lin Che did not have connections, so this was not much to worry about.

It was just that they did not have a concrete plan; the only plan now was to let the traitor expose himself.

Thus, the words she said in the meeting was just a ruse for the traitor.

This was the plan she had with KG in secret.

Lin Che said, "Observe when you get back."

"I believe hell take the bait." KG nodded his head.

"Do you have a suspect?"

"I do. I accessed their computers these few days and something isnt right."


After entering something

Lin Che asked, "Whats wrong?"

"Someone has set a password against me, intentionally locking me out of the system. It looks like its specifically targeted at me. In the past, nobody would block me out of anything."



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