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Season 13

Episode 51

(To Think That She Dared To Headhunt Her Employees)

After the meeting, she looked at Gu Jingze. "The Gu familys assets are worth a lot of money. You dont mind? The shareholders wont be happy with you being so protective of me."

Gu Jingze said, "What are you trying to say?"

Lin Che said, "What I mean is that, after you regain your memories, youll know that What youve done today is wrong."

Gu Jingze held up her chin. "Why would you think like this? I know that even in the past, I wouldnt have cared about this."

"You" Lin Che said, "You were a workaholic in the past."

"I also like working now but my work isnt as important as you." He raised up her chin, pinching it gently, and then sealed up her lips.

"Mmmm" Lin Ches voice was muffled as she was intoxicated in his deep kiss.

She hadnt noticed that some uninvited guests had come.

An Lan.

When she came in, she saw Gu Jingze embracing Lin Che under the sunlight, quietly lowering his head and kissing her.

An Lan felt upset and jealous. It was because she recalled that when they were in M Nation, no matter how hard she tried to get Gu Jingze to touch her, he wasnt willing to. He had kept on speaking about his love for Lin Che. Right now, after seeing it for herself, she felt a strong blow dealt to her heart.

After standing for quite a while, Gu Jingze let Lin Che go and asked calmly, "Did you enjoying watching?"

Lin Che froze.

She saw Gu Jingze calmly turning his head and looking over.

He had already noticed that there was someone behind her.

Lin Che also saw An Lan by now.

To think that she still dared to come?

However, Gu Jingze stared at An Lan, not saying anything.

Lin Che got up first. Since Gu Jingze had lost his memories, she took the initiative to speak up, "Miss An, I didnt expect you to come."

An Lan smiled and looked at her, but didnt say anything. She stared at Gu Jingze. "Jingze, are you alright? I heard that you were in trouble and felt very anxious. Its good to see that youre well."

Gu Jingze continued from what Lin Che said earlier. "Thank you Miss An for your concern. Im fine."

An Lans heart skipped a beat.

It was true.

He had lost his memories.

As he had gotten into trouble in M Nation, she had sent people to check up on things. She was told that he had lost his memories.

That was why she had the courage to come over and give it a shot to see if he had really lost his memories.

After coming, things were really as expected.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be speaking so calmly to her.

Lin Che didnt know about the things that had happened in the An family, but how could he not know? He definitely wouldnt let her off so easily, and even calling her Miss An.

They had used such a vicious medicine on Gu Jingze, causing him to have no strength to put up resistance. When had Gu Jingze even felt so aggrieved?

However, things were different now. He had lost his memories. He didnt remember those things.

An Lan felt relaxed, smiling as she said, "Our families have had close ties for many years, to begin with, and and" She lowered her head, appearing embarrassed, and then said, "And my dad said that if you didnt get married back then, I should have been married to you by now."

Gu Jingze threw a glance at her and then hugged Lin Che. He said, "Is that so? I dont think thats possible."

An Lan asked, "Why?"

Gu Jingze said, "Its because youre clearly not as good-looking as my wife."


An Lans expression became twisted.

Lin Che was also stunned.

This Gu Jingze

It was true that An Lan wasnt as good-looking as Lin Che.

This was what everyone could tell.

An Lan just looked very tender, as she was still too young after all. She also liked to dress to appear younger.

However, in terms of appearance, she definitely didnt appear as exquisite as Lin Che.

Lin Che saw that An Lans face had turned grim and quickly said, "Erm, Miss An, why did you come?"

An Lan threw a harsh glare at her before saying, "I only came to take a look."

Lin Che said, "Then Miss An can slowly look around. Jingze and I still have other things on. Oh right, if you want to see Jingyu, he isnt here. He should be at the filming site."

An Lan only continued to glare at her.

By this time, Gu Jingze couldnt be bothered to continue looking at An Lan. He took Lin Ches hand and said, "Wifey, lets go."

Lin Che said, "En, en, lets go and have lunch. What do you want to eat?"

"What do you want to eat?"

The two of them interlocked their fingers, walking out without paying any heed to the people around them.

Everyone looked at An Lan and smirked in their hearts. She had really came to look to be angered.

However, it was the truth that she wasnt as good -looking as their Madam.

They were considered to have tide over this meeting, but it was still unknown when Gu Jingze will be able to truly recover his memories. Lin Che knew that they wouldnt be able to hide things for long. If Gu Jingze didnt remember his memories and other people realized that, they wont let things slide so easily.

As Gu Jingze was back for now, Lin Che was a lot more relaxed. She now had the energy to deal with other miscellaneous stuff as well.

At this moment, KG gave her a call.

"A company just came up with a new game. I took a look at their template. They have the same one as us, but"

"But what?"

"They claimed that they had purchased a games template from overseas to develop their own game."

"So?" Lin Che wasnt very familiar with this industry, so she was still listening to him sharing the details.

"So theres a problem now. They said that we had imitated that foreign countrys template to make our game. They were the ones who copied ours, but yet are now suing us for copying them."


Lin Che was speechless. "They are doing this on purpose, right?"

"Thats right."

Lin Che rushed to the company.

She saw that the other companys game template really bore a resemblance to Ray of Light, but the game template they bought was from a popular game in the United States, Kill You.

The current situation was that Kill You and Ray of Light were similar to each other, but only a tiny bit currently. However, the version of Kill You in C Nation bore a huge resemblance to Ray of Light. Even though they used the name Kill You, they had used the template for Ray of Light. They even fought back at Ray of Light.

Lin Che said, "They are targeting us, right?"

"Thats right." KG said. "If they arent doing this on purpose, they wouldnt have made things exactly the same as Ray of Light."

Lin Che frowned and thought for very long as she said there. She then instructed, "Go check what company that is."

KG said, "Ive already checked it."

"Huh?" Lin Che looked at him. How did he do that? The investigation team was with Lin Ches side.

Crooked Neck smiled. "Sister Che, KG entered the other partys company system in passing."


In passing He hacked their system, right?

That was really convenient.

However, since they were on the same side, why would it matter what means they used?

She said, "Alright, what did you find?"

"Its a company under the Gu Industries."


"Previously, this company had sought us out for a cooperation, but I rejected them." KG gave Lin Che the companys name.

Lin Che had been dealing with the internal matters within the Gu Industries recently and recognized who it immediately from the name.

It was Xue Mengqi.

"She came to headhunt you? Oh, right, she didnt know that this game was developed by me." Lin Che said coldly.

Hearing this, Crooked Neck asked, "Sister Che, you know her?"

"En, we have some ill-fated connections."

Crooked Neck asked, "Then what do we do now?"

Lin Che wondered how Xue Mengqi would feel if she were to find out that the people she tried to headhunt worked for her.


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