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Season 13

Episode 49

(I Beg Of You Quickly Forgive Him)

Mr. Li wondered what the hell he had encountered today!

Mr. Li looked at Mu Feiran. "Miss Mu, you, you have to give me an explanation for this. Right now"

Black Eagle threw a cold glance at him.

Mr. Lis fury was extinguished. He instantly felt that Black Eagles gaze seemed to be able to kill.

Mu Feiran said, "Mr. Li, Ill take him away immediately. Dont worry, I"

Mu Feiran pulled Black Eagle.

Black Eagles subordinate said, "Hey hey, how can you be talking to our sis-in-law like this?"

Mu Feiran said angrily, "Mo Jingyan, can you get your subordinate under control?"

Black Eagle threw that person a glance.

That person immediately left docilely. "Sis-in-law, Sis-in-law, dont be angry. Im just feeling bad for you on our bosss behalf."

Mr. Li was about to say something when Mo Feirans manager tugged at him. "Mr. Li, Mr. Li, just let Feiran handle this for now."

"Heh, where did this gangster come from. He thinks this is his territory?"

Mo Feirans manager quickly tugged at him, "Sigh, Mr. Li, forget it. You wont be able to beat him"

"Wait, are there any laws? Why cant I beat him? I want to chase him out of here."

"Mr. Li, Mr. Li, please calm down. This really wont do"

The manager pulled Mr. Li out.

This was Mo Jingyan they were talking about. How could that do?

The manager pulled Mr. Li.

Mr. Li was still saying, "If you continue to act like this, Im going to withdraw the request to have you as a spokesperson. Hmph!"

The manager quickly said in a soft voice, "I cant do anything even if you withdraw it. That person is Mo Jingyan, Mo Jingyan."

Mr. Li frowned. "What did you say?"

"Dont you know Golden Brilliance Mo Jingyan Black Eagle!"

Mr. Li didnt know of him at the beginning.

With just a name mentioned, he didnt think of things in that direction. However, when the three were put together, things were different.

Golden Brilliance. That was a renowned night club in the entire B City.

That place wasnt chaotic at all and it was safe. If a group went there for a gathering, itd definitely be quiet, safe, and high class. Even if they discussed private or confidential matters, they wouldnt have to be afraid to be overheard by others. The wine there were all top-quality wine, shipped over directly from vineyards. The ingredients used for food preparation were also the best. The staff didnt wear revealing clothes, yet looked very dignified. It made the customers unknowingly felt that this wasnt a low-class place that attracted customers by tapping on their lust, but was instead a high class and dignified place.

The reason the place was safe was all because the boss there was Mo Jingyan, Black Eagle.

He was Black Eagle?

Mr. Li was immediately dumbfounded.

When Mu Feiran saw that her manager had gone through great difficulty to pull Mr. Li away, she pulled Black Eagle with force. "Leave."

Black Eagle said, "I wont. You can just continue with your work. I wont disturb you."

"To hell with not disturbing me! Leave!"

What did he mean by not disturbing her? He was just short of chasing everyone out.

Black Eagle followed her out.

He stood there, pouting. "I just felt that he was too close to you."

Mu Feiran said, "What on earth are you thinking? dD you think that Ill forgive you if you do this?"

Black Eagle said, "Its not that. Im just trying to fight for it"

"Youre just obstructing me!"

"Im just protecting you"

"You youre going to make me lose my job!"

"Its alright. If you lose your job, I can provide for you."


Mu Feiran said, "I dont need that!"

Black Eagle looked at her. "Feiran If I dont do this, I dont know what else I can do. But I want to let you see my determination. Ill continue to follow you around until the day comes when you forgive me. Ill let you see my patience and that Im not acting this way just because youre someones mother or who youve given birth to. If I wish, I can find a lot of other women who could be Yunyuns mother but I dont want that. I only want to be with you."

His words caused Mu Feiran to feel a tang in her heart.

She thought of Yunyun, how she finally had a father, but

At this moment, Black Eagles phone rang.

She saw him taking a look at the number, seeming as if he was going to take the call.

He looked up, not forgetting to explain things to Mu Feiran, "Its from Lin Che. I have to pick it up."

Mu Feiran said, "Ah, is it concerning Gu Jingze?"

"Thats a possibility. There are some issues with Gu Jingzes side, and I have to help."

"Then go quickly."

Black Eagle nodded, saying softly to her, "After Im done with these matters, Ill come and look for you."


Dont come.

She thought, and quickly went back.

However, she had just entered when

Mr. Li had already gotten people to prepared tea.

"Oh, why didnt Mr. Mo come?"


Mr. Li found out

Mu Feiran glared at her manager.

Her manager wore a helpless expression.

Mu Feiran said, "Something came up and he had to leave."

"Aiyoh, its all my fault for not playing a good host. Miss Mu, Mr. Mo really cares about you. See, he has prepared everything for you."

He was now acting more considerate?

Who was the one who was feeling annoyed earlier on?

He said, "Quickly have them. Dont waste Mr. Mos kind intentions. Thats right, Ill tell the publicity team to not let Miss Mu make a trip for such small events. Its really bad of them. Miss Mu is usually so tired"

When merchants engaged spokesperson, they would do whatever they could to make use of them. Therefore, it was usually the case where the managers would say that they didnt have any free time. Whenever the merchants had any activities, they would hope for their spokesperson to attend the events.

This was now completely different.

When Mu Feiran left, she told her manager, "Dont be shooting your mouth off next time!"

Her manager cupped her hands together, saying, "Sister, my dearest sister, please send Black Eagle away quickly. No matter what Brother Black Eagle has done, just forgive him. Otherwise, even Ill start to feel sorry for him."

"Are you sure that youre not saying this because you find him too annoying?"

"Haha, how would I dare to find Brother Black Eagle annoying?"

The manager said, "Anyway, I beg of you"

Mu Feiran glared at her then headed out.

This wasnt a case where she could forgive him easily.

Moreover, it wasnt just about forgiving him. Could they still be together even if she were to forgive him?

Gu Jingze came back from M Nation.

The group made different sets of preparations. To outsiders, they all appeared to be very happy.

However, things werent actually proceeding that smoothly.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze boarded the plane and heard Qin Hao saying, "The Gu family seems to be secretly contacting some people, saying that theyd hold a meeting to receive President Gu. They probably just want to see how President Gu is. To see if hes healthy or if he is the real President Gu. At the actual meeting, theyd definitely make things difficult for President Gu."

Lin Che said, "But, the meeting must go on, isnt that right?"

"If we insist on being excused"

"The more we do so, the more suspicious theyd be. Other than having lost his memories, everything else about Gu Jingze is fine. Then lets just call for the meeting. Well just avoid some of the past matters."

Qin Hao looked at Gu Jingze, wanting to seek his opinion.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. "Whatever wifey says. I wont embarrass wifey."


Alright, he forgot that the current President Gu was a complete slave to his wife.

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