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Season 13

Episode 48

(Going To Be Driven Crazy By Him)

Other people thought so well of him

That was right. She had thought the same in the past.

However, thinking back on those things, she was still unable to not care about them.

She said, "You guys have no idea. He isnt as good as he seems to be."

"How can that be? Does he has some hidden illness?" Someone asked curiously.

What on earth were they thinking?

"Thats not what I mean!" Anyway hes just not that good." Mu Feiran didnt know how to put things into words.

"Sister Feiran, everyone has their flaws. We feel that Black Eagles flaws are relatively lesser compared to the flaws of others. Hes already so outstanding. If he doesnt have any flaws, then how are other people going to live?"


Mu Feiran shook her head.

When she turned, she saw that Black Eagle had walked over again. She could only stomp her feet and quickly leave.

The young lady wore a yearning expression when she saw Black Eagle walking over. However, he didnt look at other people at all and just walked past her.

Mu Feiran left the filming site in the afternoon, heading straight to a mall for an event.

Even a big shot like her had to do similar events. It wasnt for the mall, but for the brands she endorsed. If the brands were having some events, she would have to make appearances occasionally.

Black Eagle followed behind her all the way to the mall.

Her manager said to her, "Sister Feiran, is it really a good idea to let Black Eagle follow around like this?"

Mu Feiran said, "Let him do whatever he wishes. I dont care anymore."

"Sigh, but"

He was Black Eagle.

He was Mr. Mo, someone who everyone had to show some respect. Was it a good idea to leave him aside for the entire day?

The event at the mall was very boring and just required her to stand there. When she arrived, the boss of the brand came over to welcome her.

"Miss Mu, youre here. Come, come, come, this way please."

"Hello, Mr. Li."

"My child likes your show a lot. Its really our honor to be able to have Miss Mu for our brands spokesperson."

"It should be my honor that your brand has selected me for this."

Mu Feiran and Mr. Li exchanged polite greetings.

This was a cosmetic brand in the country that was commonly seen in malls. They also spent a lot on advertising as well. The fees they paid to hire her as a spokesperson was also very high, and her company held this job in high regard.

Therefore, her manager was also very polite toward them, saying, "Thank you for taking care of our Feiran. The advertisement shot had been done so beautifully. Our Sister Feiran is really suitable for this brand. Its really such a great affinity."

Mr. Li looked at Mu Feiran and pulled out the chair for her.

By right, with her being the spokesperson and him having such a high position, it was very normal for them to be seated together.

However, at this moment

A black shadow suddenly pulled out the chair beside her and sat down.

Mr. Li was shocked. He saw the man dressed in a black leather jacket taking away his chair without saying anything, sitting next to Mu Feiran. Mr. Lis gaze turned from a blank stare to a surprised one before he began feeling enraged.

"This Is this Miss Mus bodyguard?"

This man was tall and looked very strong.

However, his clothing sense was a little undignified. It gave him the feeling that this man should be a bodyguard.

Otherwise, why was he sticking so close to Mu Feiran?

Mu Feiran looked over

Black Eagle.

She frowned and secretly cursed in her heart. She pulled Black Eagle and asked furiously, "What are you doing?"

Black Eagle asked, "Why is he so close to you?"

"I This is considered close?"

"You dont consider this close?"


How was this considered close?

They were just seated in the same row.

Mr. Li was so angry that his face had turned red.

"Miss Mu, your companys bodyguard seems to have a problem with his intellect."

Mu Feirans face turned red. "Leave for now!"

How could Black Eagle leave?

Not only did he not leave, he even looked at Mr. Li and said, "You should be the one to leave."

"Heh" Mr. Li was so angry that his face had turned grim.

Black Eagle said, "Who told you to get so close. Move? Back off a little."


Mr. Li really felt that this companys bodyguard really lacked consideration.

Although he was here to protect Mu Feiran, this shouldnt be the way to do it.

Did he know what was the difference between protecting and creating trouble?

Mu Feirans manager was about to be driven crazy.

What should she do?

Seeing that Mr. Li was so angry that his face had flushed up, she wanted to calm him down, but wasnt able to.

But wouldnt it be taking her life to ask her to chase Black Eagle away?

She could only look at Mu Feiran pleadingly, thinking, Sister, quickly speak up. Otherwise, Im going to go crazy.

Mu Feiran didnt have the time to be bothered by her managers hinting.

"You, you come over here." She pulled Black Eagles arm.

Black Eagle was unwilling. "No way, hes too close to you. Its a definite no."


Mu Feiran was anxious. "The more you do this, the more I wont forgive you."

Black Eagle looked at her. "Then, if I leave now, youd be willing to forgive me?"

This wasnt what Mu Feiran intended

She was at a loss of words from Black Eagles actions. "You Well talk after you go to the side."

"No. You must first say if youll forgive me."

"Why are you so stubborn?!"

"Toward you, I must be stubborn."


Everyone watching at the side was dumbstruck. What were the two of them talking about?

And why did it seem as if something was amiss with this bodyguard?

Mr. Li was left hanging by the side. When he saw the two of them talking to each other and ignoring him, his face turned green.

"Miss Mu, what on earth are you pulling?" He shouted. "And this person, get this person out of here. What is this"

"You," At this moment, Black Eagle turned and pointed at Mr. Lis face.

He was wearing a threatening expression. "Shut up."

This noisy person was really annoying.


Mr. Li was stunned.

To think that this guy dared to point at him?

The manager knew that things were bad.

She quickly ran over, pulled Mr. Li, and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Li this person isnt our bodyguard."


"This, this, this person is Black Eagle"

"I dont care what eagle. Get him out! What is wrong with your company?"

The manager was about to burst into tears."He isnt from our company Black Eagle, Black Eagle Mo Jingyan"


At this moment, Black Eagles subordinate came in, pulled out a chair, and handed Mu Feiran something to soothe her throat.

"Sis-in-law, youve been tired for the whole day. Boss asked for this throat-soothing tea to be prepared for you. Have some."


They saw Black Eagles subordinate coming in with throat-soothing tea. He also brought in fruits and desserts, placing them in front of her, taking good care of her.

But, they were in the midst of an event

Mr. Li was about to be driven crazy.

"What, what the hell is this?"

The manager put her hand to her head.

This was impossible

She was out of ideas.

Right now, she really wanted to tell Mu Feiran, Sister Mu, I beg of you, please forgive Boss Black Eagle. Otherwise, all of us will be driven crazy

Mr. Lis words had just ended when Black Eagles subordinate ran in again. "Hey, old man, can you guys not hold events so frequently? See how tired youve made our sis-in-law."


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  1. Lol... I love this episode. It made me laugh so hard



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