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Season 13

Episode 47

( I Beg You To Forgive Me)

Mu Feiran looked at the actor, whose face had turned pale from shock, and whose mouth hadnt closed since it opened from shock. She said to Black Eagle, "This is my workplace. Can you not create trouble and just leave?"

Black Eagle sat down, crossing his legs. "Dont worry. I wont disturb you. You just do your work. You can treat me as if I dont exist."


Him being here itself was already a form of disturbance.

There was nothing that Mu Feiran could do. She looked at Black Eagle. "What on earth do you want?"

Black Eagle said, "I told you that I only want to come and accompany you, staying by your side at all times, so that you can know my love for you."


Mu Feiran gritted her teeth, but Black Eagle just took a seat at the side calmly, instructing his men, "Those who must leave can go. Just leave my things here."

Afterward, Mu Feiran saw people putting down a reclining chair, clothes, books, and a drink cup.

Mu Feiran was stunned.

He had brought things along with him.

He he really seemed as if he was planning to stay here for very long.

Mu Feiran shook her head. Although she felt angry about this, no one could do anything with him having made the decision to stay.

Moreover, Mu Feiran couldnt be bothered to be in a tussle with him.

Forget it. He could do whatever he wanted.

Mu Feiran thought that and then got up to walk out. She couldnt be bothered with him.

The other members of the production team continued to look at Black Eagle.

They saw him leaning back on his chair, and started reading a book.

"This is Black Eagle?"

"Thats right, thats right. He had been wooing Feiran previously. He stopped coming for quite a while later on and we thought that he gave up on chasing her."

"Wow, hes so devoted to chasing her for so long."

"What is Sister Feiran thinking? He is so handsome and charming. A man like this oh my god, I feel that Im going to be wet just from looking at him."

"Are you sure you arent just deprived?"

"Of course not. Look at how masculine he is. He is a walking pheromone."

"Yes, he is really handsome. I have no idea why Sister Feiran doesnt agree to be with him. Even I want to say yes on her behalf."

"Sister Feiran has principles, unlike you."

"Shoo shoo shoo. Thats Black Eagle were talking about"

There was nothing that was absolute secrets in the production team.

It didnt take long for this piece of news to spread to everyone.

In order to win Mu Feirans heart, Black Eagle had come to the filming site, planning to camp here.

Mu Feiran felt that no matter where she went, she could hear other people discussing at the side, commenting about Black Eagle.

Saying how handsome Black Eagle was.

Saying how devoted Black Eagle was.

She really felt very speechless. However, looking at Black Eagle from afar, there was nothing she could do.

Black Eagle was still there, reading his book quietly.

However, not long later, Black Eagle saw that Mu Feiran was busy with the shooting, and wasnt paying any heed to him. He walked over to stand next to her.

Mu Feiran was rehearsing the script with someone.

The actor was dumbstruck as he looked up and saw Black Eagle standing there.

Mu Feiran also looked up and threw a glance at him before saying, "Its alright. Theres no need to care about him. Lets continue."

"Oh oh, alright" The actor also wanted to rehearse the script properly, but Black Eagles gaze was too sharp. Black Eagle was staring at him, making his hair stand, and he felt a cold chill running down his spine.

The actor quickly said, "Sister Feiran, I feel a little unwell. Ill ask to take leave for today"

"Hey, you"

The actor got up and ran out.

Mu Feiran felt like cursing.

She turned and looked at Black Eagle, who was still standing there.

"What on earth do you want!"

Black Eagle said, "You ignored me even though I came."

Mu Feiran closed up her script and wore a cold expression, "Why do I have to bother about you?"

"Even if you ignore me, you cant always be flirting with a male actor. I wont feel good when I see that."


Mu Feiran looked at him, "When did I"

"Just now"

"We were rehearsing!"

"That wont do either. He has been staring at you and I dont feel happy about that."


Black Eagle looked at her. "I hope that Im the only one who stares at you like that."


This man was simply unbelievable.

"I still have to work! This is my work."

"I know, but its fine if I didnt see it. But if I see it, I wont be able to stand it."


Mu Feiran gritted her teeth. "If you cant stand it, then just leave!"

Black Eagle said, "That wont do. You havent seen my sincerity. I cant leave."

"You Are you intentionally here to try to force me?"


"Then what were you doing earlier? What you did made me be unable to do my work." Despite Mu Feirans good temperament, she couldnt help but want to flare up at him.

Black Eagle looked at her. "I didnt really do anything just now."

"You didnt do anything? Then why did my colleague leave?"

Black Eagle said, "I found it strange also. I was only standing here and looking. Why did he leave just like that? Maybe he felt guilty?"


He was definitely doing this on purpose.

With Black Eagle standing here, who wouldnt be so frightened that theyd walk away?

Just his gaze alone could make one feel that he was going to kill someone.

How could he possibly not know that his reputation itself had a great killing prowess, to begin with?

Who would believe that he was doing this on purpose?

However, Black Eagle wore a calm expression, looking at her very sincerely, causing her to be unable to say anything.

Mu Feiran glared at him for a while before getting up and heading out.

As she was too angry, she accidentally bumped into someone.

When the person outside saw Mu Feiran, also pouring herself a cup of water, she smiled and asked, "Sister Feiran, did you have any contradictions with Black Eagle?"

Mu Feiran paused before looking up and asked, "Whats the matter?"

"Its nothing. I just feel that Black Eagle is very pitiful. He is standing there, looking at you as if he is begging for your forgiveness."

Mu Feiran pursed her lips. "Pitiful people have reasons for being hated."

"Oh, then there must really have been a contradiction between the two of you. Just forgive him."

"" Mu Feiran looked up and said, "Youre helping him despite not knowing what had happened?"

"Thats right. Although we dont know what he has done But to speak the truth, he is Black Eagle. He is so rich, so influential, so scary Now the tiger has become a kitten for your sake. On the account that he has put aside his reputation and stayed close to you, you should forgive him no matter what it is he has done."


Mu Feiran looked at her with a strange expression. "Is it because he has money or he is handsome that you guys are siding with him like that?"

"The fact that he is rich is already a reason for us to side with him. Being handsome can also be a reason. The most important thing is not only is he rich, but he is handsome as well. Sister Feiran, if you dont want such a good man there are many younger sisters in the crew whod pounce on him with great desire. You dont know how jealous they are of you right now."


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