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Season 13

Episode 46

(Prove To You That I Love You)

How could Mu Feiran be so lucky just from giving birth to a child?

Just as Mo Huilings mother was standing there and thinking about it, she had already been pulled by a few men and thrown outside.

As for Mu Feiran.

She cried as she left the place, her mind in a complete mess as she wondered why did it have to be him.

Why did it have to be him?

She had almost forgotten about the man from that night. No, most of the time, it was that she intentionally didnt think about him. She had been trying hard to let herself forget about him.

However, when she gave it some serious thought now

That mans figure

That feeling

That voice

They all bore a great resemblance to Black Eagle.


Just as she thought that she had gotten so lucky and gotten a man who loved her, she was told such a brutal truth. To think that he had been lying to her the entire time. Did he only be with her and treat her so well because of the child?

It was no wonder that he liked Yunyun so much, showering her with so much care.

On the other hand, she was just someone unimportant. She was just his childs mother, right?

Back at home.

She leaned against the door, allowing her tears to flow freely.

Not long later, she heard sounds coming from outside.

This was her own residence, and she hadnt been here for very long. However, the place was still kept very clean. It only appeared a little cold.

Black Eagle, who was at the door, clearly knew that she had returned here. Therefore, he followed her straight here.

He still had a certain degree of understanding toward her.

After all, they had been living together for such a long period of time.

She thought that it was no wonder he wasnt interested in her body. It might be because he wasnt that interested in her, but had just been with her because she was Yunyuns mother.

She kept close to the door and heard Black Eagles deep voice outside.

He said, "Feiran, open the door."

Mu Feiran shook her head vigorously. "No. Can you let me be by myself?

Black Eagle could tell that her voice was hoarse and weak from all the crying. He sighed and leaned on the door as well. "Feiran, listen, I know that I made you suffer a lot."

"Since you know, why arent you leaving?"

"I want you to know that Im very sorry for my actions toward you back then. I was drunk and didnt know who you were."

"En, alright. Youve apologized. I dont wish to say much about this matter anymore either. You can leave now."

"Feiran, I can understand that youre angry. But, I hope that you can give me a chance. I dont wish to break up with you."

"Hah, youre really lowering your stand just because Im Yunyuns mother. To think that the great Mr. Mo has such strong persistence toward me. Should I be thankful that I had gotten pregnant with Yunyun the other time?" Mu Feiran smirked, feeling dejected.

"What rubbish are you talking about?" Black Eagle immediately said coldly. "Feiran, do you think that I only got together with you because of Yunyun? Thats right. When I came into contact with you in the beginning, its because I want to spend more time with Yunyun."

Black Eagle said sincerely, "But later on, as I spent more time with you, I increasingly felt that youre very good. Ive never spent time with a woman so seriously before, nor have I tried to understand one. Youre the first woman that Im willing to understand. I admit that its because of Yunyun that I took the initiative to want to understand you. But, after knowing you, thats when I when I want to be together with you."

Mu Feirans eyes moved. She leaned on the door, looking outside, but not saying a word.

Was that true?

No, she didnt believe that.

She didnt dare to believe that.

She felt that she seemed to not dare to believe in anything anymore.

"Mr. Mo, I always felt like I understood you in the past. Seeing how well you treated me, and how much effort you had put in toward me, I was wondering why they found you so terrifying. I felt that youre very good and not terrifying at all. I felt that they didnt understand you, and I felt very happy to be able to understand the real you. However, right now, I feel that Im very laughable. No, I dont understand you at all."

Black Eagle stood outside with his hand on the door. "Feiran"

"Alright, please leave. I want to reflect on myself. I need to see what is wrong with me. Why is it that I always get betrayed each time I place my trust in someone. Its not just once. It was like this with Mo Ding, and its the same with you now. It might not be you guys who are in the wrong. I might be the one in the wrong. I trust people too easily."

Black Eagle knew that at this moment, probably nothing he said would be of any use.

He wasnt someone who was used to saying what was on his mind. He leaned there and said calmly, "Alright. I only want to tell you that youre not in the wrong. My feelings toward you are true. Ill slowly prove it to you, no matter how long it takes. I only want to tell you that what I want is you. It has nothing to do with who you are."

Mu Feiran could hear Black Eagle leaving.

She leaned against the door for very long, not moving.

The next day, nothing was reported on the news at all. After those reporters went back and checked who Black Eagle was, none of them dared to take his words as simple arrogance.

And although Mu Feiran wasnt in the mood, she still went to work.

She consoled herself by saying that getting busy with her work might allow her to forget about these feelings of sadness. Therefore, she made herself get increasingly busy.

However, in the afternoon, while the production team had just started work, someone walked in.

Mu Feiran was rehearsing the script with another person when she heard a commotion breaking out. She then saw a group of people entering.

"Hey, hey, hey, were filming here. You cant enter."

The production assistant went up to stop them, but the people who came were very forceful.

"Were here to visit. Hey, let us in."

"Hey, we dont allow visitors."

"Alright, alright. Were exceptions."

"You guys How did you enter the filming studio? Where are the security guards here? What are they doing? Hey"

The production manager had still wanted to stop them but realized that it was impossible to do so. There were over ten of them, and each of them looked tall and strong. They didnt look like nice people. How would he dare to stop them?

Moreover, the moment the last person came in, it was as if he had an automated screen that would make the people who saw him shut up immediately.

Black Eagle

"Who who are you looking for"

Everyone had a vague impression that this person seemed to have some connections with Sister Feiran.

As expected, he didnt say a word but looked toward Mu Feirans direction, walking over.

"Feiran." Black Eagle walked over and called her.

Mu Feiran took a glance at him and then lowered her head, wearing a cold expression. "What are you doing? Why are you here"

"Im here to accompany you for your filming." Saying that, he sat down.

The actor who had been rehearsing the script with her was immediately so scared that his face turned green.

Mu Feiran looked at him, feeling perplexed. "What are you doing? If youre here if youre here, how am I going to go ahead with my filming? Leave. I dont want to see you."

Black Eagle said, "I said it yesterday."

"" What did he say?

He said, "I said that Id prove to you that my feelings for you are true. So, from today onward, Im going to be by your side."


Could she refuse?


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