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Season 13

Episode 45

(Im The Man From That Night)

What was going on?

Mo Huilings mother started thinking as she looked around.

How could she have known that Black Eagles men had absolute loyalty towards him? This meant that regardless of the situation, Black Eagles men were one of them. Whoever Black Eagle wanted to treat well, they would treat the person well. There would be no dissent. Black Eagles choice was their choice. They wouldnt raise any objections at all.

Black Eagle let out a snort and looked at Mo Huilings mother. "Have you said enough?"

Black Eagle went up to her.

"No matter what happens to Feiran, its no longer any of your concern."

Mo Huilings mother asked, "You dont care about it at all? Haha, she has a b*stard child with her."

Black Eagle grabbed Mo Huilings mother by her clothes. His lips curled up into a cold contemptuous smile.

"Ive said it a long time ago. The child is mine."

Mo Huilings mother was stunned. "What did you say?"

Black Eagle said, "Didnt your son tell you? The child is mine. Mu Feirans child is my flesh and blood."

Mo Huilings mother hadnt expected this. She stood there looking at him doubtfully, wanting to tell from his expression to see if he was speaking the truth.

"You cant be willing to say such lies just to protect her, right?"

Black Eagle turned and looked at Mu Feiran.

Mu Feiran felt very touched that he would choose to protect her like this. This made her felt very warm inside.

However, Black Eagle wasnt planning on hiding things anymore.

He couldnt tolerate having his child get called a b*stard child.

And Mu Feiran should also know about this. Now, this was the only problem between the two of them, connecting their futures.

He took a deep look at Mu Feiran, then turned, and said, "The child is mine. If you dont believe it, you can go and have a DNA test. So, its impossible for you to snatch the child. I wont let my child take your familys surname. From today onward, the child will take on my surname, and you guys"

He glared fiercely at Mo Huilings mother. "If I hear the words b*stard child from your mouth again, Ill immediately let your son become a b*stard child without any parents!"

Mo Huilings mother felt a tremendous pressure pressing down on her.

Looking at Black Eagles gaze, she suddenly felt as if she was going to die.

But, but.

Was what he said the truth?

Mu Feirans b*stard child was this mans child?

"Impossible, impossible" Mo Huilings mother still felt that he must be saying this on purpose!

Mo Huilings mother asked, "How did you get to know her back then? She didnt know many people at that time."

That was why all of them were very surprised to know that she had another man outside.

Mo Ding had been so strict with her, not giving her any chance for her to meet up with friends.

They guessed that the childs father might be one of the few security guards around her who were still quite good-looking.

Or a certain actor from one of her production teams.

However, Mo Jingyan was now saying that it was him.

Black Eagle let out a cold snort. "I secretly came to C Nation back then, and happened to stay in the hotel that your Mo family was having a banquet at. I spent that night with her due to a misunderstanding. Ive made things clear now. The child is mine and Feiran is mine as well. If the Mo family still wishes to create trouble, be careful of your heads!

After saying that, Black Eagle let go of Mo Huilings mother, who had turned limp.

The scene was completely quiet.

Behind them.

Mu Feiran was stunned.

She stood there, looking at Black Eagle. Suddenly, her brain felt as if it had turned into a lump of glue.

What did he say just now?

What did he say about the child being his

What did he say that the two of them had been together that night because of a misunderstanding

What on earth was he saying?

Mu Feiran looked at him in surprise. "You you"

Black Eagle stood there quietly and nodded.

"Feiran, the child is mine."

Mu Feiran shook her head vigorously. Impossible, impossible.

"You hadnt come to C Nation then. You didnt know me"

"How could you have been here back then"

"You must have come up with this story to lie to them because youve heard me mentioning this story previously."

"You were lying on purpose for my sake, wanting to protect me and Yunyun, right"

Mu Feiran looked at his face in a daze, wanting to get the answer she wanted from his eyes.

However, he looked at her calmly, not showing any hints of denial in his eyes.

Mu Feiran immediately turned and headed out.

Black Eagle chased her.

After reaching outside and heading down the steps, Black Eagle grabbed her wrist.


"Let go of me." Mu Feiran tried to get out of his grip.

"Alright, Feiran." Black Eagle looked at her. "Im sorry for only telling you now."

Mu Feirans eyes moistened up and she turned her head. "Its true?"

Black Eagle took a long look at her and quietly nodded. "Its the truth. Feiran, that night, I sneaked into C Nation secretly to wait for an opportunity to deal with Gu Jingze. When I saw you that night, I thought you were a woman who came to find me on your own accord, so"

Mu Feirans heart kept on sinking.

Black Eagle said, "Gu Jingze told me about you at a later time, and when I saw Yunyun, I knew that she was my child."

Tears had rolled down Mu Feirans face.

"How can that be how can that be"

Black Eagle said, "Im sorry. I didnt have the courage to tell you."

Mu Feiran pushed Black Eagle away.

Black Eagle looked at her. "I just didnt want you to be angry. I didnt want you to know that I was the one who had caused you to suffer"

That was right. He had caused her to suffer.

He had caused her to fall apart with Mo Ding, being pregnant with a child whose father was unknown. She had withstood so much by herself overseas.

Mo Jingyan smiled coldly. "Its no wonder that you treat me so well, and treat Yunyun so well. So this is the reason Mo Jingyan You think that youre Yunyuns father, so you can win her back and play the role of a good father?"

"Its not"

"You think that because youre willing to admit this daughter, Ill be willing to be with you?"


"The reason youre so good to me is only because Im the woman who gave birth to your child, right?"

"Thats not true."

"Thats enough, Mo Jingyan. I dont want to see you anymore. Stay away from me."

Mu Feiran pushed Black Eagle away with force and then ran off.

She felt very upset.

After the initial panic, what she felt more was pain.

She had thought that she had met a man who was so good to her and loved her so much. What she hadnt expected was that love to be false. The reason he got together with her wasnt because of her, but only because she had given birth to his child

Mu Feiran cried and ran out as she shook her head.

Black Eagle stood there, knowing that she probably hated him greatly at this moment, and thus didnt give chase. He merely turned and said to his men, "Follow her."

No matter what, nothing must happen to her.

He shook his head, and someone came over and asked him, "What shall we do with that woman inside?"

Black Eagle said, "Throw her out."

Mo Huilings mother was dragged up and pulled outside.

"Hey hey, what are you guys doing? You cant treat me like this."

She had thought that she could let Mu Feiran be humiliated this time around.

What she hadnt expected was this man to actually be that b*stard childs father.

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